So disgusting (an answer to EUvsDiSiNFO)

Image from euvsdisinfo
Image from euvsdisinfo

They make their plans and weave their strategies. But also God does it. God is the Lord of strategies

I love this sentence. It belongs to the wisdom of Islam, some imam I don't remember but who speaks to us from the folds of time. I carry it with me, I repeat it in my heart, to remind me how men's projects can turn out to be so fleeting that they last less than the blink of an eye, certainly not the breath of eternity.

A friend pointed out to me an article that appeared on a site apparently linked to the European Union, one of many paid with our tax money, including those of our Italians. Here it is:

The authors want to make a real debunking of the entire Italian version of, the political information website founded and managed by Professor Alexandr Dugin and other people close to him, such as the talented Leonid Savin.

The result of the analysis work done by the guys of EUvsDiSiNFO is obvious: the entire Italian site (and I assume therefore also the versions in other foreign languages) is nothing more than a mystifying work to project and defend, on the democratic but hapless Europe, the interests of the Kremlin and its evil occupier, the cruel dictator Vladimir Putin.

Snowflakes banality, someone might say.

If they are really people in flesh and blood who wrote the mentioned article (and others in the same tone) and not a (pseudo) Artificial Intelligence that “writes” pieces based on data received from some underpaid technician, why these people do not put their name and surname as do all those who write on our site? Isn't it you who say that transparency is the basis of democracy? Or are we facing a new variant of NATO's old Stay Behind? Undoubtedly, it's more convenient to point your finger behind a comfortable curtain of anonymity.

Let’s come to the proposed analysis.

Demonising the West

Dear guys, we don't need to “demonize the West” as you accuse us of doing. The West demonizes itself enough by itself with the whole series of activities that have already led it to decadence and will lead it to the inevitable final ruin. Making a list of everything that went wrong with your idea of freedom would mean repeating things said and laughed over and over again but… hey! A little more and there will be temples of Satan also in Europe, as in the United States [1]. If you work a little harder with the Overton window, paedophilia will finally be within everyone's legal reach. You have already succeeded with euthanasia, the rented uterus, the artificial uterus. Priceless Sweden has its own (small?) Pro-incest lobby. Already some speak shyly of cannibalism “to save the environment”. I say, what could possibly go wrong in your earthly paradise?

Liberalism kills

Yes, it is. Liberalism kills you. You can die alone, on a subway bench, your heart stops for the inhuman fatigue to which you have been forced, in order to bring home some money for your family. Isabella Viola [2] dies in this way, on December 5, 2012: she was not a lesbian, she was not a transsexual, she was not a nigger. She was just mother of a family. Thus, no stylish feminist spoke of her to defend her, no candid soul of politically correct stood up to denounce, outraged, the enormous offense against humanity that Isabella's death was and always will be. And poor Isabella wasn't the only one.

Where were you, EUvsDiSiNFO experts, when I worked ten hours a day as a slave and couldn't buy myself a steak for weeks? When I had fever attacks and still had to go to work and always say yes because I had a “flexible” job? Where were you when I saw my friends in distress and I cried because I couldn't help them?

What distinguishes poor Isabella from me is that her huge and generous heart was a little weaker than mine, small and mean as it is. But we weren't the only ones to pay for your disgusting idea of ​​the modern economy: entire peoples have also suffered to follow the follies of liberalism.

So, keep your damn liberalism. Your economy based on flexible jobs. On underpaid jobs. On the absence of rights but on the absolute presence of every possible duty to which a poor Christ who must work to live must submit. Keep your open society and above all keep your “migratory flows”, which are all but natural. They destroy the peoples who leave their homelands and harm the countries where migrants come.

You criticize the idea of sovereignty, but it seems to me that the opposite is stated in many documents of the European Union.

Here, for example:

And here:

Not to say here:

Dear guys, aren't you by chance following a… double standard strategy? I ask for a friend.

A Society of weak men

Uhm… how much hurt you the interview [3] with Roberto Giacomelli?

You felt it deep inside you, right? A precise straight stab at your poor smart-guy in smart-working heart. Such an unselfish, sensitive, generous heart… Oh! How much generous is your heart! Only your iPhone-coloured sky can know how much.


No, sorry. I exaggerate. I beg your pardon. Not “pussies”. It is not fair to you that I am so coarse. I addition, I also apologize to the readers and to the kind editorial staff of So let's say rather…. scooter warriors? Well, yes: maybe scooter warriors could be better but I don't want to pronounce myself.

You see, the impact on the Italian landscape of the Italian page of is absolutely negligible: some articles even reach a thousand views but the average number drops to two or three hundred views. That is, nothing.

Italy has been under narcosis for decades, otherwise we would not have reached the collapse in which we are now. And yet, despite such low numbers and the obvious numbness of the Italian people as a whole, you are so scared that you have to team up an entire debunking site, ugly recursive and poorly done, just to criticize us. What scares you so much? Ideas that cannot be killed with lead bullets? Or maybe the little voice inside you that tells you that Reality is different from the fake paradise you want to believe in at all costs?

For my part, I can only say to you that I don't like what I see and I am terrified of the horrible future that you want to impose on us. I therefore undertake to reject it. And I won't waste time answering you anymore.