Dedicated to Mateusz Piskorski, Pan-Slavist, Freedom Fighter. May you be blessed with freedom soon! From a Bohemian colleague.

I. Marxism and Liberalism – A Double Headed Hydra

There is no significant difference between Marx and John Stuart Mill, both were the defenders and the purveyors of a chauvinistic mentality.

Marx hated Islam, calling it backward, and hoped British Imperialism could radically alter the social fabric of India.

Both were the adepts of a profoundly linear account of history.

Both represented the positivist bourgeois Zeitgeist of the modern West at its apex before modernity decayed into postmodernity.

As such, they must be necessarily identified with being the root of the profound imperialistic evil we should fight against.

Post-modernity, on the other hand, must have as its starting point the age, and the thought of Martin Heidegger and Friedrich Nietzsche. It was with them, broadly, that the edifice of Western metaphysics began to crumble upon itself.

The Western bourgeois mentality despises Islam, despises Russia, misunderstands and dislikes India in particular, as the perpetual other, a continuum of fundamentally different civilizations that search for and find their own truths conditioned only by their own specific cosmological and cosmogonic foundations.

These foundations have always denied the linear eschatology and chronology of Western philosophy, conditioned first and foremost by its Christian mentality.

The Western metaphysics of subjectivity is grounded upon the essentially unreal and ever-changing perspective of the thinking subject. Therefore, and this was first brilliantly noticed by Nietzsche, the truths expressed by Western philosophy are essentially a phantom, a purely subjective projection of the ego, and thus their own character is strictly subjective, very much the byproduct of particular, relative and contingent historical and environmental factors. They are as numerous, and as opaque, small and insignificant, as the sands in the shore, and to get lost and submerged in them, is akin to burying oneself in the sands of the shore. 

II. Considerations Into the Broad Modern Progressive Mentality

The cosmology of the West is thus the onto theology of the man who had thought, in his profound but hybristic innocence, to have emancipated himself from all religiosity, and perhaps had gone far in this direction, but who has not so far emancipated himself from his own character as Western man.

It stands thus, that being fundamentally different from the character of subjectivity in the Western frame, the so-called proponents of Enlightenment have always been hostile to, and have always sought to actively distort, efface and change these different civilizations. Because the history of Islam, of India, and even the fundamental character of Russia, are different and exist as a living refutation of Marx’s and Mill’s vision of linear progress and redemption through a strictly secular, moralistic and immanent praxis.

The linear cosmology of Christianity cannot comprehend this. And we should understand Modernity, as bearing a fundamental perversion of this cosmology.

The traditional man had always understood time in a very cyclical fashion. The ancient Germanic politeia, half-civilized and half-”barbaric”, during the time of Tacitus had a completely cyclical view of time. And so were the Celts, and even the Ancient Roman calendar is not enframed upon linearity. The immanent linear telos is missing. It was up to Christianity to implement the Anno Domini classification upon the existing Julian standard, as such, imprinting the Christian view of time as linearity, as well as serving as the fundamental root for all historicist philosophies of a later age.

Today we must necessarily understand that with the advent of nihilism in postmodernity and the shift of the center of Romano-German civilization away from the boundaries of the Carolingian Empire, including here France, Italy, and Germany, towards North America, the Western global supremacy has entered its last definite stage.

American civilization constitutes the reductio ad absurdum, of the many aspects that have corroded the traditional Latin and Christian character of the primordial Western civilization, whose spirit began to bear a sickness that contaminated the whole world.  

America then represents, truly, the pole of the Far West; insofar as the brilliant insights of Rene Guenon and the Nouvelle Droite have told us.

III. The Role of America in the Current Geopolitical Era & the Essence of American Civilization

The American stage of Western history embodies its final decomposition into a formless degraded entity which by now has been emptied of its cultural significance. It has also no deeper ontological meaning. It is purely and simply a machine, and as such, it possesses no animating spirit beyond the need to move its constituent parts towards a vortex of production and consumption.

The only value that America recognizes is money, and greed, systematized into a philosophy of unrestrained plutocratic dominance, of an unhinged and bestial consumerism, defined here as the philosophy and ethos of Liberalism: so-called “free” trade, “free” markets, “free” individuals who only become the slaves of ever more extravagant patterns of production and consumption.

This gigantic Babylon, no doubt much worse than the Babylon of old and Bible lore, has recently turned into a haven for the fulfillment of the Western global imperialistic dream. No other country in the West has still, the strength, the self-confidence, or the fundamental belief – allied to economic, cultural and political muscle – to carry the Western world forward. In this we see, that the present Western world resembles a lot the dispute, during late Hellenistic times, of Greece between the Romans – who alone still had the strength and the force, the self-confidence to carry forward their civilization – and Mithridates, who represented something Hellenized, but at the same time, Persianized and thus foreign to the fundamental nucleus of Greco-Roman civilization. For the Greeks, an effeminate spent force of aesthetes who had lost all their prominence and all their confidence, it was a matter of letting their new masters fight it out, until one of them prevailed, to rule over the booty of the core and heartland of Hellenic civilization.  

Europe today resembles this scenario of Ancient Greece more than ever. And under the aegis of its deformed Liberal Messianism, and a misguided, imbecile sense of humanitarianism, America threatens to swallow the globe whole, and thus fulfill the misguided hopes of these messianic economic writers of the late Enlightenment: one economy to rule them all, one pathos, one (pseudo) culture, to which all shall be fundamentally enslaved and chained, fulfilling thus the dominance of the Romano-German intellect, even as it currently consumes and destroys itself under the auspices of its nihilistic late-stage dementia. Even then, it still longs for this profound dominance of the entire human civilization under the aegis of its deformed greed and its all-encompassing Will to Power.

IV. Final Considerations on The Necessary Goal Ahead of Us

And the task of the Neo-Eurasian Camp is to stop this. We must prevent this deformed Titan from ever fulfilling its natural wish of hegemony, and let it finally rot until it dies, lest in its corruption, in Western Europe as in America – and this corruption is evident in the nihilism and the banality of the prevailing Zeitgeist – lest we finally realize that the corruption of America will bring down everything that is holy, original and organic in the cultures that have always been outside of the West, and who have suffered deeply from its spiritual, political and economic voraciousness.

Every conscious man must understand that the fall of the North American imperialist machine is the fall of a deformed and Promethean Hegemon, and the final chapter in which the struggle against Western civilization will meet its consummation, allowing us to finally steer away from the rotten social and cultural framework of Western supremacy, and giving us finally the possibility to steer ourselves towards a fundamental return to the root of traditional civilization, this very same civilization that the West has always tried to destroy, to hide, to discredit and to dominate for centuries.