The specter of Trumpism over America; Biden is not the president of all Americans

From the United States to the Isolated States

The 2020 U.S. presidential election was not actually a rejection of Trumpism, but a non-white attempt to reject the use of racist tools to win votes. This is while Biden's coming will not necessarily solve anything inside and in this white conflict with immigrant Americans, but rather lead to temporary ignorance of the pain that this wound will do in every election and occasion in the future.

The American Bleaching Project theoretically is what Huntington theorized in his book titled “Who We Are”. This project is the same as WASP: A good American is a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant American. In addition to ingesting to accept an Anglo-Protestant American culture, he must accept English as his primary language and, on the other hand, believe in radical individualism. Trumpism was the code name for American whitening and the emergence of a national identity crisis in America. The same crisis that sought to eradicate any belief in a non-U.S. that was not similar to that of the original Americans in WASP. Coming to the fore of the Flags of the Southern Union, the path of this other group of people who are hostile to U.S. policy with Trump's Trojan Horse, and the attack on Congress as a manifestation of U.S. federal sovereignty, demonstrates multiple social and identity crises that will never make America comfortable. Obviously, America needs to return to a kind of identity policy to protect the rights and identities of Muslims, immigrants, women, blacks and other racial minorities to stand up to the neo-Ku Klux Klownist domination of the Trumpists. I can't breathe!  The same sentence has been used more than 70 times by blacks who were killed in police custody. But how has the way of breathing been closed to blacks and minorities? There are more than 2.3 million men and women in U.S. prisons, most of them people of color.

It is fundamentally wrong to claim that the U.S. identity crisis and the bleaching process have been destroyed by the end of the Trump presidency. The election of Barack Obama was not a serious game with a racist card, but again fueled white racism in dealing with black police victims, suggesting that white social phenomena in the face of black crises are looking for a representative to present themselves. In other words, Trump goes, but Trumpism lives on and is more alive than ever before.

E.A. Work; The famous historian in his famous analogy compares historians to a fishmonger who has a fish on a board. The historian collects the facts and cooks and serves them in any way he likes. The historian naturally adds spices and other ingredients to get the exact flavor needed to prepare a pleasant meal. But the problem is that there is always a danger, and that is that these pleasant spices and aromas are just an attempt to cover up the fact that the fish has been rotten for a long time!

The Trump socialist base will continue to face an identity crisis with Biden's arrival, even if he says I am the president of the American people. The interpretation of this identity crisis in the case of Trump's supporters is nothing but the loss of white domination, which will be based on the loss of the same Anglo-Saxon culture of white Protestantism. Trumpism is bringing race back to the forefront of American domestic politics. By equating their identities with the identities of a phenomenon called America, whites see any sense of self-threat from non-whites. For many whites, the problem is the conspiracy theory of "whites" to destroy their identities through immigration, intercourse, abortion, and the like. The process also refers to the mixing of non-whites within Anglo-Americans and white Europeans to change their nature.

This movement is under the umbrella of nationalist patriotism to cover up its other militant nature. For Trumpists, America is Anglo-Saxon Protestant white America in the general sense, and any change in it will create a sense of existential threat to them. For Trump-white racists, the main owners of the United States are Anglo-Europeans, and any presence of people of color or black is seen as a stigma on America's white forehead. This may be the key to understanding the future of American society.

America today has the largest prison population. With 4% of the world's population, it accounts for 22% of the total number of prisoners in the world, and the point is that 70% of these prisoners are people of color. These statistics are a manifestation of the institutionalization of racism in the United States and the emergence of a surveillance and police government that monitors all aspects of the color of people to arrest them whenever the opportunity arises.

Trump's departure and Biden's coming to power is the spice for the rotten fish of America's neo-Ku Klux Klownist racism. The new racism in the United States, which began with the radicalization of domestic politics, showed in the election that it had managed to divide the country. Biden's victory in the presidential election with a number of votes that was not far from his rival Trump showed that Trump is not a minority. The Trump phenomenon represents about half of the people living in a divided country bordering on racial borders. So white apartheid is the gears of America's future extremism. Millions of white Americans, despite their full support for the systematic political structure of the United States, believe they have fallen victim to a left-wing coup.

The issue of right-wing extremism, on the other hand, has been something beyond class boundaries. Another issue addressed in the research of Vanessa Williamson of the Brookings Institution and Theda Skocpol of Harvard University is that the focus of American white racist ideology goes back to the direct relationship between generational and racial dissatisfaction.

The riots after Trump's defeat in the 2020 election are nothing but a sense of bewilderment and helplessness in a situation where they think that the official American political system, even with the arrival of Biden, has no party, tribune or means of communication to express their views, and will not give up. In other words, the official policy of the Biden administration is not able to represent this huge gap in American society, and this could lead to a new wave of non-structural and new structural violence in various political, social, cultural and economic spheres of America. Be whitewashed by racists.

Ignoring this racial divide under the ideology of Trumpism can radicalize the demands of this spectrum and lead to underground armed movements or blind or organized or person-centered blind violence. So, America today is not the United States of America, but the various states of the United States from within. What Trumpism showed the world was the failure of the nation-building model from above, just as neither in Iraq nor in Afghanistan where they are able to form a single phenomenon called the "nation." Trump is the code name for the decline of the idea of the nation and the federal government of America, or the return to the history of civil wars and the confrontation of the North with the separatists of the South! This time, however, the North and the South have flowed not in a distinct geography but within each of the American states and in the minds of the American people. Is the current US crisis the same as the question of identity? Now that Biden has been elected, the world is waiting to know how the White House and future developments in the United States will answer that question.