A Sputnik V moment (part two)


They make their plans and weave their strategies. But also God does it. God is the Lord of strategies.

A few days ago, but important news: Russia reopens everything. Gradually, but it reopens: no more distance learning, no more smart working, no more restrictions on bars, restaurants, theatres, even the hateful masks that here, in this poor Italy, are now the lifesaving fetish from which many do not want more come off. The deluded of fabric salvation cannot live without their extreme useless protection from the great world of the infected, which exists out there and could overwhelm them with the disease.

Instead, they should detach themselves from it and understand that things are different, but fear dominates them by keeping them prisoners [1].

The homegrown snowflakes of the politically correct; the guerrillas of identity politics; the lovers of electric scooters; the defenders of wheeled benches in order not to close the schools (then closed anyway); all of them remained silent in front of the powerful reality that in Russia there epidemic is under control, that there are effective drugs and that there is the Sputnik V vaccine without side effects and sold worldwide.

On closer inspection, in our Europe of Banks, there had already been Sweden that did not follow the common course, insisting on not imposing forced closures, masks and absurd rules on social distance. Western newspapers and in particular the Italian ones, have harshly attacked the Swedish government claiming that it lied about the statistics and that the infected and the dead would have risen so much that it forced it to more severe measures. None of this has happened and Sweden is still there: it has not disappeared as a State, it still exists as a Nation. Frustrating isn’t it, snowflakes?

Viktor Orban’s Hungary has seen its president, legally elected by the people, ask for and obtain special powers, then return them to Parliament after a few months, once the most acute phase of the health emergency was over. Orban's Hungary is now buying the Russian vaccine, not caring the beginning about Berlin diktats.

Also the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, whom no citizen has ever elected to his office but who instead is the result of agreements between some parties of our Parliament after the 2018 general elections (agreements in any case provided for by our Constitution), ruled with special powers, for almost a year. His government fell a few weeks ago due to a political crisis triggered by a small party of his own former government majority, but all health decisions remain. However, the proceedings opened by famous Italian lawyers also remain, lawyers who have asked the Italian judiciary to verify the responsibilities of some of the most painful events of these months of COVIDiot delirium [2].

And the Brazil of Jair Bolsonaro, which the Italian left-wing press has so much accused of being a fascist? The president who loves to ride a horse and not wear masks… [3]. Bolsonaro had two impudences: recovering from COVID with hydroxychloroquine and saying “... let's stop being sissies” [4]. Enough to send in crisis every snowflakes needing of a safe place to survive the stress of the adult world.

What about Africa? Are there still African countries? Yes: they are still there. Especially those where chloroquine is a common drug to treat malaria. As is known, or should be known, chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine, if taken in time, effectively counteract the inflammation that makes useless to intubate COVID patients and thus they can save many lives.

Russia gave its best during the epidemic and the results have been seen: the number of deaths has been lower than that of Western countries in the grip of hysteria and, despite the economic difficulties that the country has had to face, the Russian society remained standing, organizing to move forward.

This extraordinary attitude has its roots in the Russian super ethnos and in the fact that the Russians have the not negligible luck of having a virile leader with nerves of steel. Like Jair Bolsonaro's Brazil, like Donald Trump's America.

This incredible resilience of Russia should dissuade foreign powers from cultivating futile dreams of invasion and should instead prompt them to imitate without hesitation an attitude that on more than one occasion has saved the Russian people.

Instead, the opposite happens: a nutritive society [5] produces a weak people with weak leaders who do not know how to manage problems. Western societies (unfortunately also the Italian one) fall into this category and cultivate in the adult age the impossible dreams of young children.

In the Europe of Banks, people have preferred to agree to lock themselves in their homes like rats in a sewer, dominated by fear, addicted by Netflix and Pornhub, stunned by cheap Big Pharma payroll “experts”:

“And so, we found ourselves heartbroken and abandoned, dispensing caresses to a pet, with a degree of sadness in the blood that pushed us straight into the resuscitation rooms - were it not that these are already full.

COVID’s effects - the real effects - will probably be felt for decades, but they have their roots well before the pandemic, in a world that they had told us as summarized in a one-room apartment, with all the affections well sorted in a social list available on the your Mac, or even your iPhone. But it wasn't true..” [6]

After rejecting well-known drugs that could have saved many of the lives that have been lost [7], after having listened to the advice of “scientists” apprentice sorcerers, ideologized and reduced to paper passers of their financiers [8], at the end Westerners also forgot about Thucydides and his teaching now thousands of years old.

However, the Russian decision to gradually remove the health restrictions has the deep meaning of turning the page, of not giving in to absurdity. To look to the future.

If instead we look at our poor Italy, at the chronic weakness that attacks it, at the shameless fear that drowns its heart, at the destruction of the economy with -10% of GDP; if we look at all this, we are reminded of the severe words of Augusto Sinagra, distinguished jurist, who in a recent post on Facebook concludes [9]:

They will pay for everything: for what they did and for what they didn't do. We swear it to the Dead and we promise it to the living.

Let’s hope that Professor Sinagra is right. Let's hope Justice is done.


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