The State Means Cash Flow


Hyper-real fun fact of the day: the post of the president of the USA is one of the most unimportant functions within USA’s establishment. It is now more than obvious how much the post of the USA president is not important for USA’s operating and ‘behaviour’.

USA government and institutions do not function as a synchronized state apparatus – its various sectors function as companies with big financial interest projected toward taking part in state affairs, in the same manner as in any other business affairs. At the same time, they do not mind to gather into the single camp when collecting taxes. Usually, every sector has its particular interests, approaches and goals, which are not aligned as state policy.

That is why it is impossible to establish any consistent relations with the USA as a country. Because it does not ‘behave’ as a country. It (whatever ‘it’ is) uses skeleton of a state, covers it up with some (changeable) policy and simulates state affairs in accordance with interests of its certain sectors. The interests of those who pay taxes are of secondary importance to the interests of those heading or working for those sectors – from State Department to the one of Defense, Trade or Homeland Security, to Congress or Senate, IRS, etc. Being them parts of some bigger conglomerates, it is of no significance – their existence and ‘behaviour’ gets meaning only if considered companies, not state institutions.

The language of those USA state sectors (which behave and work as private companies) used in communication with real countries follows the rules of temporary convenient political language or slang. It is just that those political slangs do not go in line one with another, if observed as parts of the same state apparatus. There are many cacophonous voices and opposed attitudes and not common goals within a single USA administration, most of the time. Yet, when using the term ‘national’ (besides ‘tax collecting’), all very different voices become harmonious and all the attitudes are united in an attempt to proclaim entire planet USA’s ‘national interests’. That means from oil and gas, to gold and lithium, to fertile soil and clean water, to infrastructure, production facilities and ‘human resources’, all around the world.

But, what do national interests of a real country really mean when USA finds its own national interests within the borders of that real country? How to protect them, if conventional war is out of question? USA would always find its invisible (sometimes, even imaginary) friend - FIAT money - to overtake some country’s resources or infrastructure, or both and much more. Money is based on bunch of senseless calculations and mathematical operations and are hidden behind nicely packed political, economics, cultural, IR phrases – it does not matter is it real, or not. It is ‘part of the deal’. Then, country is obliged to give away its real wealth for (probably) fake USA dollars. This is like social game, monopoly. From USA’s perspective, it is out of mind if the country would not accept to play monopoly with USA and its several players, who would sometimes play alone, sometimes together, with special kind of rules for them. If a country would reject any possibility to play under some odd circumstances, it would be immediately proclaimed adversary, if not an enemy, and certain destructive mechanisms toward that country would be switched on. If a country accepts to be a network of channels for the flows of USA’s questionable businesses and finances, which misuse that country’s resources, institutions and people, it is, again, destructed. It is important to outline the entire network of so-called ‘international institutions’ which are being misused on behalf of one certain member among many.

And, what is left for the real country to do? Make nuclear weapons? It appears that even having nuclear weapons is not always enough. Train its security and defense sectors into non-armed means of aggression and school them from the beginning to recognize hybrid, net, net centric or psychological wars? Improve ground, air and naval forces and severely close all the borders? Improve cyber warfare and forbid Western based networks? Proclaim ‘persona non grata’ every single Western diplomat (or globalists’ int’l institutions representatives and ‘business persons’) on own soil? Activate military in every day’s social life? Deprive from citizenship all those own citizens who are acting against the state, or at least for the interest of foreign factors? Freeze all foreign or shady assets, whether private or NGO sector? ... While country debates what to do and how to ‘behave’, it would be for the best to realize it has to do everything, simultaneously, to mobilize all the resources and to defend itself in all manners required as if the real war was going on, only no one is shooting or dropping bombs. At least not yet literally everywhere, but the list of USA organized or supported local wars or coloured revolutions is not so short. The things in Belarus showed that coloured revolutions are on the brink to become armed revolutions. Not to specially mention mega cities’ gangs and urban clashes which simply imply the use of wide range of weapons.

At the same time, globalist machinery also continues with its other usual means: sanctions, posing with troops (more and more often with infamous ‘contractors’, private military troops), assassinating other countries officials, misusing international law, treaties and organizations. At the same time, its front runners, USA and EU, act destructively toward nations and states as much as they can – in order to rearrange global life toward the needs of its various sectors, disguised as USA government sectors or EU bodies, and making room for ‘Global Britain’, another stronghold of globalist agenda (being in EU or not). 

Globalist machinery has been using so-called ‘private-public partnerships’ in order to deprive countries from public ownership, but slowly and completely legally, by transitioning the ownership via legal contract between private legal body and state institutions. (S)electing Donald Trump for the post of USA president was also a sign of non-importance of the post of USA president, of political ideals, of religious beliefs, but of importance of business, first and foremost and the means to maintain it. And, sometimes, political ideals and religious beliefs are means to maintain the business. And, sometimes it goes vice versa and business person becomes a tool in political life.

Donald Trump might be seen as someone working on behalf of military industrial complex - weapon producers, contractors, part of military industrial complex for performing conventional wars - because, at the end of the day, Agent Orange misinformed the world about withdrawing US troops from many places. Joe Biden may be seen in the same way, only working on behalf of another military industrial complex branch - cyber war branch, as Google (Alphabet), Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc., are parts of DARPA. The same goes for the shady, silent clerks, officers and commissionaires whom no one ever elected, who rip off tax payers in EU countries on behalf of certain sectors and interlaced Trans-atlantic institutions, commissions, treaties, civilian and military. Although EU sometimes charges global and USA based big tech companies, it actually never posed a question about many ‘terms and conditions’ of those companies – i.e., where their commercial role ends and where their socio-political role starts from? Or, what about their technical settings which might violate countries’ own Internet standards and legislation?

The neo-liberal mantra that everything should be subjugated to interest and profit and ‘business as usual’ became some kind of axiom of neo-liberal, Nazi-like torture meant to spread all over the Globe. That is why big tech companies owners, especially those from digital infrastructure sector are now being transformed into some kind of cyber-heroes, kind of substitution for Hollywood superheroes. They become new subspecies of globalist money fashion models and new ones keep appearing during corona ‘pandemic’ – namely among those from Silicon Valley, Seattle... There are also new globalist money fashion models among vaccine producers. Their amounts of worthless dollars now count in trillions and these numbers are really senseless.

While spreading worthless $ and € (and £), Western camp confiscates other peoples’ and countries’ assets, gold, art pieces, other properties and resources or, simply occupy territories, helped by some local quislings. But, there are also some innovative approaches to social and governmental  engineering within USA. While pressuring European peoples and nations to be ‘migrants’-friendly, mix up and wonder around ‘borderless’ United States of Europe, so-called EU, US’ state simulating apparatus creates or helps in creating or simply allows establishing kind of US’ Andorra or San Marino. First idea was to make Washington D.C. a state (which Democrats pursue), but while that is still not solved, big tech turned to federal states where they got support from Senator among Democrats. Although there is no substantial difference between Democratic and Republican Party.

AP News from February 4th reports that there is a new bill in Nevada which will allow tech companies to create governments. It informs that “planned legislation to establish new business areas in Nevada would allow technology companies to effectively form separate local governments … The proposed zones would permit companies with large areas of land to form governments carrying the same authority as counties, including ability to impose taxes, form school districts and courts and provide government services.”

Donald Trump now fits in even better into ‘a wider image’. He was only a bankruptcy manager of USA state simulating apparatus, also in charge of reshaping ‘state apparatus’ even more toward operating model of a big, ‘federal company’. He also set ground for the next phase of USA exceptionalism and exceptional right to any kind of ‘behaviour’ before the rest of the world. He also dissolved US’ conservativism, if there was any genuine of a kind there. The announced bill allows big tech businesses to establish private counties within State of Nevada.

AP further says, quoting Democratic Senator, Steve Sisolak, who launched the plan: “The plan would bring new businesses at the forefront of ‘groundbreaking technologies’ without the use of tax abatement or other publicly funded incentive packages that previously helped Nevada attract companies like Tesla Inc.”

By the way, a silly question occurs – who Kremlin should talk to from now on? To Joe Biden, Bill Gates or to Elon Musk? Musk’s invitation to President of Russian Federation, Mr Vladimir Putin, to chat with him in some “more and more popular social network” fits in into his switch from business to socio-political dimension, but maintaining business operating modes. It has emerged recently that, as Elon Musk praises some tech company, its stocks rise at stock exchange. It is not much more different with the “more and more popular social network” that Elon Musk praised while addressing to Kremlin. He only does some ‘business as usual’ while trying to self-legitimize as political figure of the highest rank by twitting to Kremlin. It is easy to be whoever in social networks, especially having in mind resources on that certain person’s disposal. As he already presents well known business figure, he uses his business popularity to also gain political goals. Cooperation of his company Tesla Inc. with Nevada State authorities serves now as a kind of pattern for public sector how it should help private tech companies to create own, separate governments at the expense of public sector, tax payers in other words.

Las Vegas Review Journal reported that the plan announced by Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak is “to launch so-called Innovation Zones in Nevada to jump start the state’s economy by attracting technology firms.” Those firms should develop ‘smart cities’ - maybe something like Neom in the Saudi desert.

Innovation Zones are due to the “inadequacy of traditional local government model alone to provide the resources to make Nevada a leader in attracting and retaining businesses and fostering economic development in emerging technologies and industries”, writes AP.

“Zone requirements would include applicants owning at least 78 sq miles (202 sq km) of undeveloped, uninhabited land within a single county, but separate from the city, town or tax increment area. Companies would have at least $ 250 million and plans to invest an additional $ 1 billion in their zones over 10 years.” (quotes: AP)

Another news from various sources says that Bill Gates is buying zillions of sq miles of land all over USA.

The zones would initially operate with the oversight of their local counties, but eventually take over county duties and become independent governmental bodies … The zones would have three-members supervisor boards with the same powers as county commissionaires. The businesses would maintain significant control over board membership.” (quotes AP)

But, who will work there, apart of the geeks? Who may perform simple, manufacturing or producing jobs or services, necessary for any kind of every day’s life, even if it robotized, as much as it is possible?

While being Senator, Joe Biden, introduced Crime Bill in 1994. In short about the bill: more incarceration, more prisons, longer sentencing, escalating war on drugs, targeting Blacks (‘African-Americans’ as they say now, but this is stupid as censoring Mark Twain is stupid). Anyway, Joe Biden made sure to make it harder for the Black people, but BLM praised him anyway. All Biden’s crime bills date from 1984, 1986, 1988 and 1994. Those bills contributed a lot to the development of public prison industrial complex, which includes more and more private prisons now. With 5% of world population, USA contributes with 25% to world prison population. Apart of prisoners, there are millions of jobless, homeless, abandoned USA’s endless war veterans who would try their luck in new private counties, if big tech companies would hire them at the first place. If not, Las Vegas is not far.

The Governor’s office of Economic Development would oversee applications for zones, which would be limited to companies working in specific business areas including blockchain, autonomous technology, the Internet of Things, robotics, artificial intelligence, wireless, biometrics and renewable resource technology.” (quotes: AP)

And, all of these should happen in the Nevada desert’s “undeveloped, uninhabited land” ?! If tech companies are going to make own counties now, would it be them governing USA, from above Nevada desert? Military is already bellow, especially bellow “undeveloped, uninhabited land” in the counties on the territory of the State of Nevada. Mafia and organized crime of various kinds are both above and bellow, even in the desert - one of the top ranking US intelligence officials said long ago that mafia could not be eradicated in the USA, because it was mafia (among some others) who founded USA. In its short so-called history, so-called USA fulfills all the requirements to be treated as shady Frankenstein entity, not as a sovereign country.

But, it is not about USA at all, it is about Davos Economic Forum conclusions and assigned tasks, which are getting shaped in the field as private governments of big tech companies within so-called USA.