Steps to «Bremanism»...


First of all, let me say that it was a real pleasure to meet you and to discover that it seems we are on the same golflength.

For the facility of further diffusion, the internal working language is what I could name Simplyfied English. No name will be mentionned and we respect the privacy of people.

A first difference between our mind is that you are an super-active woman searching for action while what I promote is « Long Term Intellectual Soft Power ». Let’s remember that the Spanish Reconquista took 700 years while a Modern Intelligent Neo-Conservatism for Europe started only in the seventies with the French « Nouvelle Droite » leaded by the Thinker Alain de Benoist...

Nevertheless, our positions are on the other hand very complementary and I suggest we go ahead in our meetings as we have agreed, somewhere after the Belgian Vote of 14 OCT. Up to us to find a common date that fits with our respective agendas.

What I promote, while based on Boreal Values & Traditions, is not a closed Nordism. It is also not - certainly not - to go in the steps of the murderous EU, at the contrary ! It goes more in the direction of what is named an Europe of the Nations collaborating with the mutual respect of our differences... It is to bring in practice what the EU promissed but never really implemented : to put together the best results of our respective social & economical experiences with a wide open mind. While I am attached to my Northern-European Identity, I also refer to successful experiences as far than in Japan and  Baskenland that are very from « Nordlandia », my referential basic area...

It is not Nationalism, not Socialism, not Communism, not the actual Wild Liberalism and certainly not the Open Borders One Worldism that is now coming with its Massive Invasion ordered by UNO and practiced by EU and our Governments with the help of Leftist Human Traffickers NGO’s.

Finally, in order to « Give the Baby a Name », i named it BREMANISM meaning something as the Theory of the Man coming from Bremen.


The first step is to forget completely the old opposition LEFT-RIGHT.  The actual Left has nothing more in common with the original struggle of their Founding Fathers while the Right became more than ever Speculative !

This wild Speculative Right brings us by itself to the fundamental difference with the Constructive Capitalism that has been prophetically described by a French man in 1991 in his book Capitalism Against Capitalism that I gave you.

This is really THE main keystone of BREMANISM.

Written originally in French, this book “Capitalism contre Capitalism” has been translated in several european languages, including Russian... Michel ALBERT said clearly - it was then 1991 ! - the Communism has imploded (failing from inside, not from an enemy) because it is a bad economic system... BUT, don’t think one second that Speculating Capitalism will bring you the happyness : they gamble on short term and have no social dimension while, at the contrary, the Constructive Capitalism that M. ALBERT supports, works at long term and have a social dimension...

M. ALBERT observed that this Constructive Capitalism was already naturally practiced in Speaking-German countries + Benelux + Scandinavia... the reason why he gave the name of « Rhineland Model » to this approach, by reference to the long river Rhine...

This is the « Layer 1 » from which I’ll speak in detail later.

A good actual illustration of the Capitalist dualism is today’s struggle of Wall Street + Mainstream Media + Soros/Rothschild against the Trump successful leadership : Speculating on Business or Creating Business... that is the question !

2° LAYER 2 : Anthropology of Europe

As Flemish educated in French with have developped a sort of Double Vue : wee see and feel what happend in the German-Dutch-Scandinavian area while we are also sensitive to what happend in the Latin area that has deeply influenced the creation of our artifical country named Belgium. It is not rare in Europe, for the example, this feeling can also be traced in the relation Scotland-England and even more by the people of South-Tirol that are openly claiming not being Italians...

Frankly said, the Layer is originally based on a personal feeling : the feeling that North-Europeans are as much different from South-Europeans than North-Africans are differents from Black Africans...

A first hint is to find in the language : at the end of the week, most North-European countries are referring to the Sun with Sunday, Zondag, Sondag... meaning a reference to the local Pre-Christian Solar tradition while South-Europeans are main speaking about Domine, Domenico, Domingue... referering directly to the Middle-East born religion leaded by a so-called Son of God named Jesus.

I must say that - by coincidence - the parents of the 3 cousins of my Mother (living in Antwerp in Flanders) gave to their 3 sons the names of Achilles, Virgile & Ulysse by reference to the Ancient Greek philosophy, in order to mark (as Socialists) their difference with the Catholic Conservatism...

Of course, a feeling and a familial tradition are not a strong base for a scientific construction and this is the reason why I purchased a book about Anthropology within Europe.

This book of Anthropology within Europe gave me a clear confirmation of my « Feeling » : there are definitely 2 different folks in Europe and not West-East as politic has brainwashed us since WWII but well North-South as this map is showing :

By the way, as observed here very clearly the Flemish Bernadette J. Reyntjens, active on Social Media, the Belgian vote of October 2018 is a clear confirmation of this North-South difference !

We understand better the Bismarckian Kulturkampf with its « Los von Rome » when we discover the geographical spreading of cities having « Saint » in their name !

Cerrtainly today, when you know the position of Rome in front of Massive Migration... Personally, I officially resigned from « Roman Catholic Church » by sending a resignation letter to the Archi-Bisschop House of Malines, their Headquarter in Belgium.

Even the small Flanders reflected clearly this North-South spliting in their recent vote of October 2018 !

This Intra-European North-South splitsing observation of the reality on the field, and not only in Belgium but also in Scotland and Sud-Tirol as I mentionned earlier was for me a basic step to next discoveries : you can observe that in the middle of the North-European zone, there is a little Island...

You must keep in mind that it is important for any belief to have a referring central point to focus the attention of their followers, as Rome for Catholics, Mecca for Islam or Jerusalem for Jews.

In my case, I started some search about this little island in the middle of my referential area and I discovered 3 very interesting positive points :

1° The name : this Island is named The Island of Gotland.... an interesting symbolic name for the marketing of a belief...

2° Life if present on this Island since 7000 years and it corresponds to the description that  Appolo - with clear eyes and golden hair - was giving about its travels to Hyperborean area !

3° And last but not least : The Island of Gotland has been the founding place of a sort of pre-EU confederal association named under the name of The Hanseatic League, active during several centuries... and this brings me to the Layer 3 that again confirms this area as an Identitarian area that, by the way, I named NORDLANDIA...


Discovering that the Island of Gotland has been the founding place of The Hanseatic League was for me super-interesting. Indeed, while re-discovering my Flemish « Roots », I was also searching for a wider reference to avoid to close myself on a too small Micro-Nationalism as well I have absolutely no trust in the un-human EU that is on the orders of UNO & EMEA Marketing that is working on making of Europe + Middle-East + Africa ONE unique big commercial market with the help of Leftist so-called NGO Not Gouvernemental Organisations...

The Spirit of the Hanseatic League fitted pefectly with my personal Flemsih « Back to the Roots » for 2 reasons :

1° Out of the Main Office of Lubbeck, the Old Hanseatic League had 4 international Branches ( named Kontor ). It was London in England, Bergen in Norway, Brugge in Flanders and Veliky Novgorod in Russia... this last one binding us with Russia, this right part of NORDLANDIA from which we have been divided with Communism and Cold War.

2° The second reason is more actual : in 1980, a group of ancient Hanseatic cities of Holland, grouped in the Dutch city of Zwolle, decided to restart the Hanseatic Spirit. It gave birth to a New Hanseatic League that is today a florishing cultural and touristic association grouping more that 190 cities of NORDLANDIA. They organize each year a sort of Medieval Week named « HANSEATIC DAYS » in another city of the Hanseatic area, from Bruges to Novgorod. You can find this association on :


Those 3 common « LAYERS » , when assembled together are definitely proving the existance of a NORDLANDIA identitarian area, as well geographically than at the historical , social & economical levels !

GRUMBLING or BUILDING.... that is the question !

From my years in the French movement G.R.E.C.E. I learned one very important approach : don’t be a nevrotic actvist  : the Reconquista took 700 years ! All we do will take time to be realized and we will probably not see ourselves the first results. We must think and build for the next generations.

We are not alone. As an example, grumbling against the EU is in fact lost energy. It is much more interesting to see and promote the already existing alternatives that are actively growing as EFTA, EFA and the Visegrad Group...

EFTA means European Free Trade Association. It groups several countries that remained free from their own money and destiny : Norway + Zwitserland + Lichtenstein + Iceland. With the financial crisis of the Hedge Funds, Iceland sent the « Banksters » to jail and wrote a new Constitution that reduces largely the possibility of such a financial crisis. This has been possible because they are NOT members of the EU ! An EU that spent a lot of OUR money to finance and support those speculative banks !

EFTA has a website : go to

In the actual anti-EU mood, a lot of people and movements are thinking and speaking about « The Europe of the Nations ». You must be aware that international movements are  already active in this direction :

The EFA for European Free Alliance is indeed struggling for The Europe of the Nations. Their Headquarter is in Brussels and their website is

Another association is also struggling in the same direction :  The ENF for Europe of Nations and Freedom grouping some interesting Radical Right Political Parties.

Their website is

As you can see, we are far to be alone ! What we are missing is simply a synergetic clear common ideology and that is what I am promoting with my « BREMANISM » !

I confirm what I told in the beginning of this text : don’t be closed in a micro-Nationalism ! At the contrary, my personal motto is ( and this is at first sight a contradiction for a Nationalist ) : GO INTERNATIONAL !  SImply because remaining alone will bring you only in a small local victory that soon or later will be « recuperated » by the System. Look at « Poujadisme » in France or Vlaams Blok that was once 30 % of the votes of Antwerp !

GO INTERNATIONAL is a motto I always followed in my personal career : near the fact I was Belux Marketing & Sales Manager in the Graphic & Printing Sector, I went very often to Denmark & USA for Dealers Meetings, Trainings & Exhibitions. I was also making business with Chineses and visited Japan with customers.

Even when I promote NORDLANDIA with the evidence of my 3 « LAYERS » , it does not exclude a wider collaboration with people with the same mind as ours. Two good examples are The VISEGRAD GROUP and their common refusel of the EU-Diktat and, far from our door, the Volunteers of SHIPKA in Bulgaria that are guarding theyr border with Islamic Turkey...

THE VISEGRAD GROUP is a group of Ex-Communist countries that are refusing the Massivie Invasion of Migrants that EU try to impose them. This is a very symbolic and interesting struggle. Certainly when you know what Gorbatchev thinks about the EU !

Their website is

THE Bulgarian movement BNO SHIPKA for Bulgarian Nationalist Organisation has been recommended to me by an interesting active woman : Tatjana FESTERLING that has an important function within the German PEGIDA. She visited them in Bulgaria and joined openly their movement of Volunteers guarding their long border with Islamic Turkey.

Their website is :

By the way, the coast of Bulgaria became a pleasant and still relatively cheap destination for holidays.

Having Fun is also very important in our action !

Of course, all what I wrote here is deeply « Politically Incorrect » and would certainly be attacked in Court of Justice as well by the System than by Left Activists. This is the reason why I decided to present those ideas under the form of an Uchronic ( Alternative History ) roman named NEW HANSA VOLKSMARINE that is present on Facebook.

This « Roman » has the particularity of being open to « Participative Writing » meaning that Readers can also become co-Authors of even Heroes within the story in order to express their personal Point of Vue on some themes...

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Working examples!

There are today 2 wonderful working examples on the run :

1° Cultural Activism : The IDENTITAIRS - France / Germany / UK / Austria

2°Economical realism : MONDRAGON Cooperatives originated in Baskenland

THE IDENTITAIRES started in France and spreaded ao in Germany, UK and Austria. They have proven being the best by being the people that hired a boat to stop Human Trafficking at the Lybian coast. Their action was totally successful because it generated a domino effect on a generalized struggle against African Boat-People cheating with the Sea Laws by making themselves in danger in order to be « rescued » !

THE IDENTITAIRES also published an interesting vade-macum about a very hot actual theme : REMIGRATION .

You can find their French website at :

You can find their German website at :

You can find their UK website at :

You can find their Austrian website :

THE BASKENLAND’S COOPERATIVES OF MONDRAGON is an economical miracle going completely in the opposite direction than the Speculative Capitalism. 

I invite you strongly to watch the video done by a Dutch TV Station. They are today international but it is clear that nothing would have been possible without something that is of course erase by Politically Correct Merdias : It is born on the base of a strong rooted Basque Identitarian consciouness...

The video is to watch on YouTube at :

            Their website in English is :


I have in fact 2 « DREAMS » :

1°  Creating a « NEW HANSA MARINE ACADEMY » that would study and spread « BREMANISM »...

2° Creating a « NEW HANSA MARINE CHARITY »  :  a copycat of The Salvation « Army » that would help OUR FOLK FIRST : not discriminating but simply create another « queueing » than the « All for Migrants » actually promoted by the System as well as by the Left.

Maybe can we start to dream together ?