Terrorism is Finally Dying in Islamic State of Pakistan

Pakistan, who was declared as ‘the most dangerous country’ in 2010; over the course of last two decades, has overcome unprecedented challenges which threatened its security, progress and identity. It was collective strength of nation and state which overpowered the destructive narrative of extremism, terrorism, and separatist tendencies. Pakistan has demonstrated its resolve against terrorism and extremism to the international community through unprecedented successes in WoT. The country has shown its intent of putting own house in order in accordance with the National Action Plan. Actions are being taken to bring all proscribed organizations under check and take over their funding sources and assets. As a responsible state, Pakistan has also demonstrated will to fulfill its obligations under FATF. International community acknowledges positive efforts being undertaken by present leadership as steps in right direction.
Over the course of last few months major changes have taken place on terror related scenario. After having been flushed out of Pakistan most TTP fighters joined the engineered DAESH in Afghanistan to continue the spate of terrorism in Pakistan. However, lately Afghan Taliban have comprehensive defeated and eliminated DAESH from Afghanistan. Not to the surprise of the many, remnants of DAESH chose to surrender to Afghan forces (Taliban call them partners) thereby saving their lives from the Afghan Taliban. Extension in control areas and likely scenario of Afghanistan with Taliban in power corridor has also squeezed space for any official support against Pakistan. Furthermore, likely US pullout of Afghanistan and situation in India has deprived elements working against Pakistan of anymore patronage. 
Complete rejection of extremist ideology by Pakistani masses has compounded difficulties for the extremist elements that have been compelled to seek fresh Fatwa from Ulema about validity of their so called Jihad. Pakistani Ulema have already given their comprehensive verdict through Paigham-e-Pakistan.
AI-Qaeda, DAISH and TTP-militants are using every possible way of violence and deception to keep public away from democratic process in Pakistan. They challenge Islamic status of state of Pakistan and its democratic system of government to convince people to fight against Pakistan.
They are running a propaganda campaign based on lies and faulty arguments to prove that democracy is an anti-caliphate system. 
Challenging Pakistan’s status as an Islamic country has already been undone through Paigham-e-Pakistan. In the historical Fatwa, Paigham-e-Pakistan, renowned Muftis and Ulema from entire Pakistan endorsed that the Constitution of Pakistan is absolutely in accordance with Islamic Shariah and there is no law repugnant to the principles / injunction of Islam. In this debate, the article 227 of the constitution has the utmost importance that clearly asserts the supremacy of Quran-o-Sunnat in Pakistan's legal code. 
Country's most prominent religious Scholars believe that the Constitution of Pakistan is based on Shariah. There is no space for secular laws as many Ulema and Muslim jurists remain part of Council of Islamic ideology and Federal Shariat Court. 
Pakistan's Constitution is mindful of the fact that it seeks to rule a diverse populace divided along religious, cultural, ethnic and sectarian lines. It lays down a general rule that no law shall be made against the dictates of the Quran and Sunnah. Therefore the entire legal system of Pakistan is within the confines of Shariah. Our Constitution forbids any law that contradicts the teaching of Islam and sovereignty of Allah. Many religious scholars have remained members of the Parliament under this Constitution and they happily swear in the name of Allah to remain loyal to this Constitution. These facts and arguments refute AI-Qaeda and TTP's false propaganda against Pakistan’s Constitution. 
Extremist mind set also taunts Pakistan’s democratic system as un-Islamic. On the contrary, there is nothing un-Islamic in democracy and many renowned scholars and Ulema remained part of democratic system in Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey and Iran.
The democratic system provides a legal method for delegation of Government which is in accordance with Islamic principles for rule of law. From historical analysis of elements of democracy, we learn that Western Countries developed this system of government through study and practice of earlier Muslim scholar and jurists. Our four rightly guided Caliphs adopted the method of "Bait" to display the public acceptance of their rule. Vote is modern equivalent of "Bait" as today's states consist of hundreds of millions of people and personal expression of “Bait” is impossible. Therefore, vote through ballot is arranged to know the consent of public. Freedom of expression is a gift from Hazrat Omer Farooq (RA). In his meetings even an ordinary Muslim could question his decisions and could demand explanations of his actions form the sitting Caliph.
The militants who silence everyone through guns are totally ignorant of teachings of Prophet (PBUH) and' the four rightly guided Caliphs. They are promoting rule of fear and greed. They are well aware of this fact that public will never support them in elections, therefore, they consider popular mode of Government as a big obstacle In the way of implementing their agenda of terror and plunder.