Is there any counter argument amidst Indian plans in Kashmir?

The government of India and the government of Jammu and Kashmir are determined to ensure that every Kashmiri lives with dignity having equal rights and equal opportunities.
 Pranab Mukherjee
Whereas sever human rights violation in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) are into practice since decades such statements of Indian leaders are just to serve as an eyewash just to fool the world and the Kashmiris. International community and UN must take notice of the use of cluster bombs and use of pellet gun by the Indian armed forces against civilians. Because of severe impact on non combatants, use of cluster ammunition is prohibited under Convention on Cluster Ammunition. This blatant Indian aggression against all international norms exposes true character of Indian Army and their moral standing. Pakistan has condemned the use of cluster bombs by the Indian forces across the border and targeting civilian population, which is the clear violation of international humanitarian law. 
The South Asia region is tense since the attack on the Indian security forces in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir on 14 February 2019. Indian government has issued and asked the tourist and Pilgrims to leave the J&K immediately due to the security threats. Amarnath Yathara has been called off due to the possible threat of terror attack. Separatist leaders and opposition has shown concern over the ambiguity of actions taken by the government. India in its nefarious plan is making a propaganda to divert the attention of International community from Kashmir towards terrorism and its false claim that Pakistan is sending infiltrators inside Indian Occupied Kashmir. In fact, India is worried because of the recent offer from the President Trump to mediate on the Kashmir Issue. Since the time Pakistan and America alongwith other stakeholders have developed a consensus to resolve the Afghan issue, the Indian side is much frustrated because once the Afghan issue is fixed the world attention will be shifted to the plight of Kashmir. Pakistan Foreign Minister has also stated that India is trying to divert the attention from Afghan peace process. President Trump’s offer to mediate on Kashmir during PM Khan’s visit to US is a diplomatic victory not only for Pakistan but also for the people of Kashmir who are suppressed by the atrocities of Indian forces since long. International community has also sided with the President Trump who has rightly identified the issue. 
Indian government is sending large number of troops around 35000 in addition to already deployed forces numbering to around half a million in the bleeding valley of Kashmir. Moreover, Home Minister Amit Shah and NSA Ajit Doval are making visit to Kashmir to discuss security situation. But it appears that Indian government is planning something big. There is a fear among the People of Kashmir, political leadership and opposition parties that Indian government is planning to abrogate the Article 35-A. BJP led Indian government has crossed all the limits to suppress the voices of the people of Kashmir who are facing atrocities at hands of Indian forces. Narendra Modi’s government has gone too far to abolish Article 370. Under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, ‘Temporary provisions with respect to the State of Jammu and Kashmir’, IoK was afforded autonomy as India allowed the state to have its own constitution, a separate flag and independence over all matters except defence, foreign affairs and communications.
With Article 370 revoked, the Indian constitution will come into full force in IoK and the state government loses its power to decide which provisions should be applied in the occupied territory. Thus, the state’s residents lived under a separate set of laws, including those related to citizenship, ownership of property, and fundamental rights, as compared to other Indians. Similar protections for unique status exist in tribal areas of India, including those in Himachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Nagaland. However, it is only in the case of Jammu and Kashmir that the accession of the state to India is still a matter of dispute between India and Pakistan, still on the agenda of the UN Security Council and where the Government of India vide 1974 Indira-Sheikh accord committed itself to keeping the relationship between the Union and Jammu and Kashmir within the ambit of this Article.
Whereas Article 35-A of the Indian Constitution allows the legislature to define the state’s “permanent residents” and what distinguishes them. It applies to all of IoK and Ladakh. All identified residents are issued a permanent resident certificate, which entitles them to special benefits related to employment, scholarships and other privileges. But the biggest advantage for permanent residents is that only they have the right to own and buy property in the state. This article holds particular significance as it protects IoK’s distinct demography and ensures that it remains India’s only Muslim-majority state.
Observers believe the move to scrap Article 35-A is driven by the desire of Hindu nationalist groups such as Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to end Muslim majority in IoK. The article’s removal opens the door for mass Hindu migration and settlement in IoK, akin to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory.
It seems that Modi’s and the right wing Hindus had hired Netanyahu as their chief consultant and the plan is to repeat another Palestine. There are anti-India sentiments in Kashmir; and using sentimentalist and populist approaches Modi won the elections. It looks like and there are pretty chances that under the guise of counter terrorist activity, BJP Government led by Modi will push the common people in Kashmiri villages and towns etc to move to enclaves closer to Pakistani borders.  With mass refugees showing up at LOC, Pakistan would’ve no option but to let them in. this can be compared to exactly what happened with Palestinians going into neighboring Arab countries. Some internally displaced pockets of refugees will be built on borders with Pakistan — New Gaza Strip in Kashmir.  The Indian monsters would construct a so called security wall as is around Gaza and West Bank. They have already repealed section 35-A, which agrees to the principle of Kashmir for Kashmiris. With that Mahraja Modi would conquer Kashmir from Kashmiris for Hindus. Kashmiris would unfortunately end up in refugees camps like Palestinians, and would have to struggle for generations to go back to their homes. For Israel it would be a phenomenal win as they would have the largest democracy in the world by their side as a partner in crime. Israel provides most of the weapons to Maynamar and the military there did the same thing with Rohingas. 
If Pakistan takes up this matter, Indians would say we have to deal with terrorist activity in our country and yes there are internally displaced people in Kashmir on border with Pakistan; and if Pakistan is concerned about them they should take them, because the people want to be Pakistani anyways and shout Pakistan Zindabad all day long. What Pakistan would be left with is another 3/4 million refugees.  Most likely they would be in AJK and Punjab because of language and ethnic ties. Our western provinces hosted Afghan refugees and it was a struggle for all of us and we all suffered.  Time would tell how welcoming and generous Punjab is going to be and whether they would be willing to share their food with millions showing up in their cities and towns and villages. The world would make noise but in the end nothing would happen just like refugees from Palestine living in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria etc for over 70 years.  Afghans living among us for almost 40 years. Rohingas and Syrians and Iraqis and so on. We need to make up a counter argument to combat this interesting and intriguing perspective of Indian establishment before it is too late.