There are no valid arguments against a liberation of Novorossia

 There are no valid arguments against a liberation of Novorossia, see the list below and contemplate.

"There will be sanctions if Russia intervenes" - well the sanctions are already there, so Russia might as well get something for the "price" she is paying anyway.

"There will be war with the west if Russia intervenes" - No, there will not be war with the West, they are afraid of Russia and their interests in Ukraine are not a national priority as it is, or should be, for Russia. 

"If Russia intervenes, Ukraine will join Nato" - No they will not, Nato rules do not admit new members if they are in armed conflict. But Ukraine is alredy joining Nato in un-official ways, and taking occupied Novorossia into Nato too. Russia must not allow that, because then, it will be more difficult to liberate Novorossia!

"The west will stop buying Russian gas and oil" - Yes, they will, but only when it suits them. So why wait for that? Stop selling them gas and oil before it suits them, not when they are ready for it. The gas and oil export is a Russian weapon, use it!

"The Ukrainian people does not want a Russian intervention" - There is no "Ukrainian people". There are the fascists in the west and the Russians and Russian-speaking ukrainians in Novorossia. The fascists are very afraid of an intervention, knowing all the crimes they comitted will be exposed, but Novorossia is longing for its freedom! Russia should not go to the western parts, just liberate Novorossia, Malorossia and Transniestria too.

"The people of Novorossia has not risen" - They have, but Russia has not reacted strongly enough (so far). What was Odessa, Mariupol, Kramatorsk? What is the fighting in Donbass now? It is uprising. Only the most courageous rise first. But when real Russian help comes, then there will be an enormous uprising in the rest of Novorossia too!

"It is a trap to get Russia to war" - No! The trap is to fool Russia not to intervene, because if Russia intervenes the Kiev junta will fall and Russia and Novorossia will win quickly. So the trap is to scare Russia not to intervene.

"Russia will be called aggressor" - Russia is already being called aggressor, Russia is always being called aggressor by the west, so what?

"There will be dead Russian soldiers" - Yes, there will be, unfortunately. But there will be many more dead Russian soldiers later in Crimea and in Russia if there is not a liberation of Novorossia and all land east of the Dnepr now!

"The Russian people wants no war" - Nobody wants war, but war is here already and the only choice is to win! This fact the majority of the Russian people understands very well, and they want to help Novorossia (and thereby themselves). Just look how they cheered when Crimea was liberated.

So do I call for war? No, not directly, I think it would be very nice if the nazis in Kiev gave up power without a fight, if western Ukraine was denazified, if Novorossia was "de-occupied", if the former Ukraine was federalized and became neutral, or even better - pro-russian. Is there anyone who thinks this will happen peacefully or voluntarily? Right, then what is the alternative that remains? I call for the liberation of all of Novorossia, of Transniestria and of Malorossia (at least east of the Dnepr), with all means, hopefully in peace but with force if neccessary. Everyone will hava a choice for a peaceful solution.

The "ukrainian soldiers" should be given three choices: join the Army of Novorossia and help to liberate your country from the Kiev nazi junta; lay down you arms and go home; or resist and be destroyed. The "national battalions" and the Right Sector murderers should be given one choice: die now or face the people you tried to exterminate. The russian oligarchs should be given one choice: either support the Russian World/Russia/Novorossia - in which case the government could help them get compensated for parts of any economic loss they would get because of the sanctions, or: be dealt with like the (economic) criminals they in several cases are, within the law. The liberal traitors should also be given a choice: repent and support us, or leave!