There is no hope for Poland?


Men scare Polish children with Dugin. In the role of the greatest threat – Aleksandr Gelyevich overtook even Putin. "Colonel, Professor Dugin! Main geopolitician of Russia!” - in my attendance present defence minister of Poland, Antoni Macierewicz, was full of hatred, and a few hundred people in the audience suffered from fear what else this terrible Russian monster had invented. In order to make it clear - all knowledge about Dugin is limited to one interview in Polish, first published 19 years ago and one sentence, which Aleksandr Gelyevich even did not say. 

Satan's hand and brain

I am from the last generation taught Russian in schools. The peers of my children no longer know the "chairs" (as the Cyrillic is called in Polish). In Russian, Russians and about Russia, nothing is read in Poland – although lot of politically engaged Poles consider themselves as unique experts of the East in general, and Russia in particular. On the contrary, any Russian statement about the history of Poland or the Polish civilization identity - is treated in advance as assault and another insult, just after expulsion of Poles from the Kremlin and Katyn. Two decades after 1989 about Russia, in general, nothing was spoken and written in Poland, as if our greatest neighbour simply disappeared from the map of the world, became a black hole from which only the songs of drunken Yeltsin are coming. And when it began to speak - after a few days of feeling unity after the tragedy of 10 April (the catastrophe of the Polish presidential plane at Smolensk) - suddenly Russia became an absolute and deadly enemy. The hand of this Satan is to be President Putin, and the brain - Alexander Dugin. 

There is nothing to laugh. That a level of a public debate in Poland. Indeed, for a last few years, almost all "analyzes" do not deal with how to deal with Russia – but only when Russia attacks Poland. Not if, not what for – but when and how long we will defend ourselves before the West gives us help, or what kind of a weapon twe need to run a city guerrilla. State news broadcasts, even with Western news, provide them always in the exclusive context of the "Russian threat". Of course, you can be comforted that ordinary people are not interested in it, nor believe the official propaganda. Yes, but the screaming minority is terrified and scare the rest. It is not appropriate to speak with Russian journalists. Do not brag about your stay in Russia. It is better not to admit to Russian knowledge at all. Why? There is no official ban, but ... When two years ago during the great agricultural protests against idiotic and extremely damaging trade war with Russia, I visited several farms in the east of the country together with Russian journalists – some called our host the same day, suggesting that "there is only one sentence for homeland treason and collaboration." And no one wants to share the fate of Mateusz Piskorski, the leader of the Party Zmiana (Change), who for a year without any charges, but with the patch of "friend of Russia" is in prison. 

"Friend of Russia" - it sounds terrible in today's Poland, worse than hiding Jews during German occupation. You point out that NATO brings a threat to Poland not protect us - you are an agent of Russia. You are aware of the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists and you call to not-support the oligarchic-zapadno-chauvinist government in Kiev - you are an agent of Russia. And the funniest - you want to restore Poland's independence, to abolish political dependence from Washington, economical from Berlin and structural from Brussels - you are a Russian agent and it's not important at all that the postulate of normalization of Polish-Russian relations is EFFECT rather than the starting point of all natural in our situation observations and views. And there is something even worse than being an "friend/agent of Russia" - it's to be an agent of Dugin!

Should Poland be annihilated?

Aleksandr Gelyevich probably does not even remember an interview he gave in 1998 to the Polish magazine “Fronda”. Meanwhile, for 19 years it is continually reprinted, commented and underlined - as if Dugin never wrote anything again! Sentence: "The Slavic-Eurasian sources of Polishness, their ethnic and even pagan elements are very close to me" was condemned as an attack on Polishness, because it is still very easy to convince Poles that Catholicism is fully political transparent so they don't even see how they followed interests of Rome for centuries. Of course, in the case of young generations, it is no longer working, but still, as in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, it is very easy to stimulate and falsely target Polish patriotism, referring to the alleged threat of the Catholic religion. Perhaps more important, however, is another Dugin observation, which has served to even more serious and equally manipulative. Here is an obvious observation: "In geopolitics, Poland remains part of the health cordon that separates the Eurasian continent in two, which is very convenient for anti-traditional Anglo-Saxon forces," combined with the conclusion that the cordon should be annihilated in Russia's interests. Aleksandr Gelyevich became the author of a sentence he never said, although "everyone" in Poland knows that he did. Sentences: "Poland should be annihilated". The point is that it is not such a stupid idea (at least in metaphor and speaking of a certain archetype of Polishness) ... 

Everyone who is in favour of saving Poland and Polish, in a deep identity, political and social-economic crisis (which is affecting our country for several centuries...) must answer the question: what kind of scenario seems to be a bit more realistic and at the same time what is better than collective suicide proposed and implemented by the elites of the Polish Third Republic. The first option, following the former national democracy program of 100 years ago, is to regain independence, shake off dependence on the United States, leave NATO and the European Union, rebuild our own economy, and look for allies in Russia, the Eurasian bloc, in the BRICS. Even 20 years ago this program was sold in Poland short "with no Russia, because there is a mess". Now it is deprecated as well as categorical: "No, because there is order!"... The independence program is, however, struggling with the fundamental problem - the slave mentality of the Poles. Our nation loves to repeat how it loves freedom (in contrast to the Russians…) - but for real everyone is afraid of any official and the political elites cry for a friendly murmur if not from Brussels, then from Washington, if not from Berlin, so from the Vatican. A slave who dreams that he is a hero... A Slav who thinks he invented gothic... Schizophrenia identity is inscribed in Polishness. Nowhere in Europe (outside of Luxembourg) is so much support for the European Union. Any country is so enthusiastic about USArmy presence! In no country, apart from maybe Ukraine today  is so big willing to board the industry and politics in foreign hands. So the eternal rebels Poles - already seem do not want to "be free"!

For Poland

If so, since Poland has already lost our historic, stupid, but also Slavic audacity, since even the stories of the "Polish vision of Central Europe" are treated as fairy tales - can the Poles be seduced to a better for us geopolitical system? As a Polish nationalist, patriot, sovereignist I write it with pain - but perhaps it will be easier not to liberate Poland, which does not want liberation, but to leave it to the all Europe? It is no coincidence that the Poles have always preferred the West, the French, the English, the Germans ... It is no accident that discussions about Poland belongs to a civilization, especially "Western", "European" or even "Latinare so pathetic and funny. That’s because Poland belongs to a self-invented civilization under the name "how Jasio imagines the West". Such situation there was in the Middle Ages, in modern times, so does today, only then it was delayed for about 200 years, and today about 50-100. And if today goes faster - it may be a hope for Poland to wake up the whole Europe, which is so much beloved over the Vistula River that we send there 3 million low paid workers? In 1709, 1792, 1813, 1831, 1944, the Poles could not help themselves - and the help had to come from the East, on the Russian bayonets. But now Russia is also lazy and busy with its affairs (another thing if rightly...), Poland is an economic part of Germany and a political component of the European Union's state structure. And maybe sooner with their participation would it be possible to change the whole geopolitician world order than to wait when the Poles get smarter -as we never had more inclination for that?

It is not so few societies which understand the depth of the defeat of the Polish project, but it would be difficult to proclaim a program of passive wait until the Germans and the French get European agreement with Russia and finally find also a piece of Eurasia with a place also for us. Of course, there is still a positive potential for change in Poland, political, social-systemic and even connected with identity of the Poles. You can see it in those farmers who are tormented by the trade war with Russia, tired of the Common Agricultural Policy, and always far from noble, uprising sentiments. Also, paradoxically, there is a hope in those 3 million Polish expatriates who, in a foreign, western environment, find themselves suddenly in their distinctness and Slavicity (obviously, without knowing or using this notion). Finally, there are the Kresivans, descendants of the most eastern in the soul and customs of the Poles. Therefore, to them - we still call for Polish independence, for Polish identity free from manipulation, even if at the same time we are "agents of Russia", and even - horrible! – Dugin’s ones. That does not mean we do not see an alternative. That the last hope for Poland will shine again with the light from the East - but reflected by our beloved West...