Today's faith in Science is the weapon for God's death


Thanks to the Coronavirus, the annual attacks on Christmas and the Christian tradition have become more incisive. No longer just complaints about Christmas songs in schools or the nativity scene in public places, but real diktats that rule and undermine the private celebrations of the anniversary. Orders that accompany the unreasonable and dictatorial bans and blocks put in place by an out-of-control [Italian] executive. Religious functions have also been regulated by the therapeutic State, in accordance with a Church that has become the handmaid of the health care imposed by decree by the Prime Minister [Mr. Giuseppe Conte] and his anonymous technocrats.

Such attacks on faith illustrate the extent to which secularism has infiltrated our culture and become “common sense”. Although some members of the clergy and the intellectual class have challenged liberticidal norms, this will not stop the strategic successes of those who want to remove God from public life in order to monopolize authority and dictate how we should live and what we should believe in.

The justifications for these violations of fundamental freedoms reflect another dimension of secularization, the process of removing God and faith from public life. According to widespread scientism, alleged scientific advances in the understanding of nature and man have made religion irrelevant, if not downright dangerous, to the continued progress towards utopia that will follow once we “listen to science” and stop believing in religious “superstitions” and “illusions”.

Yet the past year has proven time and again that “science” is not as reliable or effective as its champions claim.

The attempt to stop religious services and Christmas celebrations, for example, is based on the idea that severe “quarantines” will stop the spread of the virus. But huge amount of data from United States and Europe show that indiscriminate lokdowns, rather than protecting the most vulnerable, at best merely postpone an inevitable spread.

For years our rulers and technocrats have continued with insensitive myopia in applying policies “based on science” and always with bad results. Just think of the failed ecological reconversion programs of the economy, which have produced waste of public money in private incentives. Decisions made on “scientific” predictions regarding climate change.

This technocratic and scientistic mentality, this faith placed not in a transcendent God but in science, has been at the heart of the Left for two hundred years. Contrary to the tragic sensitivity of both our classical and Judeo-Christian traditions, progressivism affirmed that through the new “human sciences” such as psychology, economics and sociology, medicine, enlightened autocracies could take control of evolution and improve people, erasing the evils of human existence.

But, if we look for empirical evidence of such improvement, we will find it only in the improvement of material life. There has been no moral progress: neither death nor disease have been defeated. What History demonstrates is the truth of Immanuel Kant's observation, according to which: “From the crooked wood of humanity nothing can be get straight”. Science and technology are as imperfect as their creators. No redemption is possible in this life, not even through science.

Yet we have seen governors and mayors issue arbitrary orders that disrupt and harm people's lives. This petty tyranny reveals, however, the true face of technocracy: the “deplorable” who do not “believe in science” must be subjected to the strict protection of the most upright and the best.

Finally, the rule of the technocrats is politically dangerous. Tyrannies of all kinds share the goal of centralizing power and eliminating or co-opting all institutions of mediation - family, religion, market, education - which cannot be controlled, or which differ in their core beliefs and objectives from those of sentenced by the ruling oligarchy.

A technocracy of the enlightened elites is based on an alleged scientific competence, which cannot give authority to any other institution or social principle because it is thought to be invested with an exact knowledge of the state of things. This is the point of the war at Christmas: keeping faith out of the public square and confined to the realm of the private, where it cannot challenge the power and authority of the technocratic and therapeutic state. The anonymous and isolated mass is easier to control or corrupt than different individuals with their different customs, principles and faiths. Technocracy is always the enemy of plurality and freedom.

[Translator's note - I continue to offer to our foreign readers a glimpse of Italian events and how the Italian country experienced the epidemic-pandemic. The arrival in these days of the Pfizer vaccine in Italy, represented through a powerful media staging, has sparked many hopes in many hearts: the frightened flock bleated happily and raised its song of thanks to the god of science, always more incompatible with the God of the Book.]


Original column by Davide Cavaliere:

Translation by Costantino Ceoldo