Tremors of Terror in Traumatized Kashmir Valley

Twenty eight years ago in 1991, in the very month of February, in one cold nightin the twin villages of Kunan and Poshpora, in Kashmir's remote Kupwara District, the Indian troops as much as 150in search operation stormed the houses, grabbed the young Kashmiri girls and raped them to unconsciousness. The helpless girls pleaded piteously for mercy and modesty, the Indian soldiers however emboldened by the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), (controversial laws which dispense unchecked powers)had have not budged and backed. 
The victimized souls of women who lost everything in just matter of one nightspent their tormented life in a level of hell they had never imagined.Most ironically male peers of the raped-victim women were being tortured brutally while witnessing their women folks being raped before their eyes. Later the victim women who underwent immeasurable and painful experiences and suffered incurable physical and psychological wounds in Kunan-poshpora incident filmed and broadcasted by Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in 2012 through a short documentary named, “Ocean of Tears”. No state apologies and contrition to placate the victims are expressed to date, for the heinous crimes of mass rapecommitted by the Indian Army.
The reign of terror returned yet again in highly militarized valley ever since a rock star of Hindutva Narendra Modi took power in May 2014, reminiscing the terrifying freezing night of February in Kunan-poshpora incident. The most recent outbreak of violence began in 2016, when a 22-year old freedom fighter called Burhan Wani was martyred by the Indian army. The killing of a Burhan Wani proved to be the watershed moment in changing the mood of the valley and turning into a massive indigenous freedom movement in Kashmir. According to many Pundits and report,such an unprecedented indigenous freedom movement that never experienced in the past seven decade in which to include more young, middle-class Kashmiris, including females who never appear to have been participating in the past.
Shortly thereafter, however to crush the momentum offreedom movement of its kind, a new form of Indian madness is being observed in which new torture techniques were inventedhaving tied local people on the bonnet of the military jeepas ahuman shieldand patrol around, the unimaginable use of force was being displayed through a brutal naked aggressionacross the boardfrom the 16 months old infant to aging people and women.
The pellet-firing shotgun, one of the most dangerous weapons being used against protesters by the security forces, resulting into thekilling of more than dozen, leaving tens of hundreds of peopleseverely injured, many of them have been partially and completely blinded. The Indian unrelenting atrocities against unarmed innocent civilians killed over 400 people in 2018 alone, the deadliest year since 2008 when over 500 were killed.
International outcry followed, in the wake of major human rights violations in the Indian-held Jammu and Kashmir, highlighted by the United Nations Human Rights report on Kashmir. The report calls for international inquiry into multiple violations. The global body through detailed account stressed an urgent need to ongoing gross human rights violations and excessive use of power must be stopped with immediate effect.
The report by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights stripped bare the real face behind the so called largest Indian democracy which was rated a flawed democracy by the British Economist Intelligence Unit. Gone are the days in which Gandhi’s ideology of non-violent had been professed and preached as the driving force in India. Not just that but decency and democracy of India is largely being threatened.
The absurd mindset of Modi and his megalomaniacal and hegemonicambitions had put India at odds with all its major neighboring nations.The diplomatic activity between two countries of Pakistan and India almost seize to exist, relations deteriorated even farther ever since, Doklam defeat to India led SINO-Indian relations in shambles and most importantly Modi’s Kashmir project started falling apart.
The overwhelming sentiments in traumatized Kashmir valley runs high with the reenergized spirit of ‘better to die rather to live’ under the shadow of Indian state-sponsored terrorism in India held Jammu and Kashmir region. As the right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party, an offshoot of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh completes its five year term in May 2019, Indian gross human rights violation claim more lives in Kashmir valley than ever. The more you kill, the more anti-Indian slogans will be raised, the more Indian flags will be burnt.
The Modi’s 56 inches chest policy which wishfully hoped to quell the freedom movement with the excessive application of force collapsed completely in Kashmir. The Kashmir had seen many such tremors of terror to traumatize the valley in the past but no amount of cruelty and cowardice shake the unflinching determination of Kashmiri people for their right to self-determination. Twenty eight years after Kunan and Poshporatragic incident of mass rape, India is losing the battle inKashmir, it’s just a matter of time.