Since coming to power Aleksandar Vucic constantly demonstrates incompetence. What characterizes his rule is state of emergency, with frequent elections, crises and problems. After the presidential elections held on 2 April in Serbia, which as expected Vucic won, with 55% of support , something unexpected happened. Despite the media blackout, pressures, started spontaneous protests. The protests that have engulfed in all major cities in Serbia. These are the largest protests since the revolution of 5 October 2000, when 200 000 people from all over Serbia overthrew Slobodan Milosevic. On the protests against the dictatorship of Aleksandar Vucic stood up students, workers, professors , doctors and more importantly syndicate unions of police and military. In the largest protest, in Belgrade, were 80 000 people. Representative of Serbian military union Novica Antic on protests said:

“We show that there is no two Serbia, but one Serbia”. Adding that the current Government accuses them that they are foreign mercenaries. “This is done publicly by Aleksandar Vucic himself, when he brought on his rally former German Chancellor Gerhard Schoeder on the day when were killed members of the army and police. What's Vučić did to the army is best said by the fact that the Army of Serbia in the last year had left 1,600 people at a time when they were most needed. From color revolution on 5 October 2000, the Serbian Army for each Government was of secondary importance. Vucic has continued that policy. It is important to point out that Vucic signed a agreement for logistic support to NATO, which puts NATO above the Serbian law. Apart from this issue, Vucic actively betray Kosovo. He is not interested at all  for the discrimination of Serbs in the region.

And scientists were forced to hold a protest because of the extremely poor conditions in which Serbian science is. Serbia set aside for science, only 0.3% of GDP, which is the lowest in Europe.Serbia by the data of the World Economic Forum in the last two years, was on the 137th place among 138 countries, according to the capacity to retain and attract talent. Thanks to Vucic's economic policy salaries and pensions are degraded.

These days, the public in Serbia had one more chance to see how Serbia under Vucic is weak. The statement of the President of the Municipality of Bujanovac, Jonuz Musliu hummed Serbian media. Musliu said that the municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja must be part of a "Greater Albania".

And not only that but that the Serbs should be grateful because Albanians will not take them city of Nis. How presumptuous is Musliu, is best illustrated by statistics. Of 400. 000 citizens in city of Nis, more than 93% are Serbs. According to the census there is only 97 Albanians in Nis. Unfortunately, Vucic towards Albanians leads the policy of Slobodan Milosevic. It is the policy of détente.

Thus, in the municipality of Bujanovac, in central Serbia, Serbs are discriminated. Formaly in Bujanovac live 23 600 Albanians, but in reality there is around 12, 000 Albanians. Thanks to this false statistics, Albanians have power in Bujanovac. And they use that power to discriminate Serbs. From a total of 12 managerial positions, 11 are occupied by Albanians. Cyrillic and Serbian language was expelled in the communication with the local government. Toponyms are special story, since 2014 from street signboard were expeled Serbian giants of history and replaced by KLA terrorists. All this with the permission of the Serbian government and with the blessing of Aleksandar Vucic. Vucic called workers in Serbia before all foreign statesmen slackers, incapable of education and enterpreneurship.

Protests in Serbia, unfortunately, for the epilogue will not have the change of the system. Unfortunately, in the current geopolitical situation, there are no conditions for the removal from power Serbian Progressive Party and Aleksandar Vucic, as well as party cadres system that reigns in Serbia. Unable party cadres will continue to be on the power, health and education will continue to deteriorate. Young and educated will continue to flee from Serbia and Serbia will continue to be annually reduced by 100 000 inhabitants.