Trump: recognition as "princeps huius mundi"

Trump: recognition as "prince of this world"

Trump: recognition as "prince of this world". Trump has already given us many surprises. And he brings more and more new ones. Initially, he was rejected by the American establishment, but he decided then to challenge it, and has built his electoral campaign  on anti-globalism. The surprise was that he ventured to do such a step, but even more - a crushing surprise this time - that he became finally President of the United States - POTUS. Almost nobody expected this. Surprise.

Arriving at the White House, he began to seem weak and hesitant - surrendering one after another his supporters under the storm of criticism from Dems and corporate media. His opponents, feeling the slack, began to prepare the situation for his impeachment.The main accent was made on a purely imaginary "Russian trace". Trump seemed to be confused and on defensive.

Under attack of typically fake news campaign about the alleged "chemical attack" of Assad Trump ordered a Tomohawk strike at the base of the Syrian government aircraft. And it was a surprise as well, because sucj a step was absolutely inconsistent with his entire election campaign. Now it seemed that he is hijacked by the Swamp and he is ready to become a puppet in the hands of CFR and neocons, like Obama or Bush Jr. (and earlier Bill Clinton).
But here ahain came a surprise (once more): Trump fired the FBI director Comey. Being under full control of the Swamp he would never do this. Then Trump speaks with Russian foreign MinisterSergey Lavrov for two hours and let President of Turkey Erdoğan go after 15 minutes of talks. What was that? One unpredictable step? May be return for his elaction campaign realist non-interventionist agenda? The fact that Trump didn't drop finally Steve Bannon was another good sign in this semantic direction. 

But that was not the end of surprises - rather begining.

Now Trump is making his first foreign tour. And again a surprise. The first foreign visit is this time not to Mexico and the countries of Latin America, which is the custom of American presidents, and not to Russia, for example, but to Saudi Arabia, the country that is the main sponsor of ISIS (banned in Russia) and Islamic terrorism. What logic we are dealing with here? Neither  Trump number 1, nor Trump number 2. Who are You Mr. Trump? 

But this is not the end of surprises: 50 countries of the Islamic world in Riyadh are inclined to the feet of Trump and bring him a vassal oath of allegiance. Then Trump signs a contract for 100 billion dollars for the military needs of Saudi Arabia (that is, for the needs of ISIS) and another 200 billion for later. For this, the Saudis could allow the wife and daughter of Trump not only not to wear a handkerchief, but also to come to the royal reception in a bikini. 

After that, Trump dances Wahhabi dance with sabers - the dance of the Salafi jihad and delivers a speech in which the pro-American Islam is glorified. Leaders of Islamic states at the feet of Washington.
And the next day, a visit to Israel. Some rabbis calculated in 45 US President the kabalistic name "Adam", and proclaimed Trump Moshiach. Islam at the feet of Trump. And then Israel falls at the same feet.
And then NATO and the Big Seven will fall at his feet as welle. Yes, also the Pope, he also is going to bow next - to the feet of 45 POTUS - Donald Trump the First.
He left for the first visit as an unpredictable eccentric novice and an outsider in American politics with skaking position under the menace of impeachment. On his return to the White House he has every chance of being recognized as the "prince of this world" - "princeps hujus mundi".
And this time it is a real surprise. Now if Trump's personal enemies will be recognized as "Russian spies" and sent for jail no one will be astonished. Moreover, the Russian oligarchs who made the bet on Hilary, for sure, have left the traces in her political and financial support. Crooked Hilary. Indeed. This time Russian trace is much more real.

The fact that Marin Le Pen in France showed a rather weak result, and in Iran was chosen by the president of the Westernizer, the situation may very well become really tough in the very near future.
Of course, since we have already seen so many surprises, others can follow, but so far the things are getting more and more scary.