Trump from the Swamp

“The United States of America is also one-party state, but with typical American extravagance, they have two of them”.
Julius Nyerere, President of Tanzania (1964-1985)
Having in mind the circus which has been following the presidency of Donald Trump since the election (or selection), the impeachment is not some surprise. Nor the military budget for fiscal 2020, which is 738 billion dollars. What might be a surprise is Democratic Party support for reauthorization of Patriot Act – which House Democrats included in the next Funding Bill and it is active since December 15. Authoritarian surveillance is (again) prolonged, no matter who is the president. What might appear as another surprise is the support for the so-called “Trump’s Wall” on US-Mexican border. No matter how much the Democrats screamed against it, they supported it. They also supported withdrawal from nuclear treaties. They also supported deregulation of Wall Streets billionaires as well as their new privileges. Democrats did not mind Trump’s choice of Gina Haspel as the head of CIA who was also the torturing strategist at Abu Ghraib. Or, they do not mind the new, 75th round of sanctions on Russia, introduced recently.
But, media in USA selectively talk about ongoing things and actually make smoke screens to keep up the divisions and clinches in society for Trump’s better rule, because he handles their chaos well. Some of media, which support Democrats openly, do not talk about Democrats help to Trump in reauthorization of Patriot Act. The others, which support Trump, do not talk a lot about Democrats’ actual support for the wall or for the withdrawal from nuclear treaties. It does not have any sense any more to talk about mainstream or not mainstream media, at least in USA. The media are simply arranged and all of them play their roles. As the USA politicians have been doing since the beginning of this silly, but dangerous entity. It is not very often, but politicians do switch from one party to another. It also appeared that several Democrats at US Congress voted against the impeachment. This kind of political slalom creates additional confusion among general public or voters, which is the aim of the staged political life in England’s main global servant, USA. Although it might look like the other way round, English crown still controls political life in all English speaking areas.
USA has its expiration date as every occupation has. Although English and European illegal settlers made sure to exterminate indigenous people in Northern America. The only purpose of USA’s existence is almost fulfilled, now when “Global Britain” wants to get back on a world stage. USA’s purpose is to serve the sick English Crown, as Canada, Australia and other “Commonwealth” puppets do. Whatever English do undercover (from Opium Wars to starvation of the peoples or colonizing countries by deception, poisoning, etc), USA does it openly and legally with the bless of international community, which is not actual international community, but just a few states from the Western world. The invisible connections between England and USA became less invisible lately – synchronization of Brexit and Trump’s presidency, Epstein and Prince Andrew, Syria’s oil and White Helmets, Bellingcat, Cambridge Analytica, etc. 
All USA’s ideologues are dead or walking zombies (Brzezinsky is dead, Alinsky is dead, Kissinger is almost dead, their inheritors are full time idiots). The candidates for the next presidential elections are all older than 70 (except for the Tulsi Gabbard) and all of them are products of USA’s idiocracy, including Trump. The homelessness in the USA reaches new high levels. Hollywood quasi-elites are being exposed for many of their sicknesses. The opioid crisis is on its heights – totally in accordance with the occupation of Afghanistan – the only role of USA soldiers there is to protect poppy fields and to use military infrastructure all the way to Bondsteel military base in occupied Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija for further distribution of heroin. US military is deeply involved in criminal businesses – among latest cases is going out from Syria (but just as far as to Iraq), coming back to Syria, close to the oil fields which are the property of Syria. Congress and Senate are playing some Hollywood-style roles in order to deceive. But they still preach, as a broken record, about human rights, American dream, democracy, sanction states for having own policies. So-called democracy does not count on voters or citizens. It counts on mindless horde. Almost entire Western world became one. As many of those in the Eastern world who suffer from Stockholm syndrome and expect salvation from their Western abusers. 
Donald Trump is one side of the coin. Democrats are the other one. But it is still the same coin.
Even if Trump enjoys support of US military (let’s assume they are some of them being honourable soldiers, which is very hard to assume), there is still their protégé’s involvement in gambling industry, media and modelling industry or various kinds of criminal wrongdoings in business world. He is a bankruptcy manager of the failed state. He has lots of experience in bankruptcy in his private businesses, so he is the perfect candidate for another round of presidency in the bankrupted state. The only thing which changed is political technology in getting him (s)elected. It is not enough that one side of the coin supports him. Now it needs more – the other side of the coin has to oppose him very much and, instead of putting him down, it will put him up. At the same time, those who oppose him in certain not so important things, support him in much more important things. As some polls in the previous two months show, Trump’s ratings got higher after initial stories about impeachment. No matter the result of the polls, the impeachment process has been started, but those who started it, now want to delay it and Trump want it to continue. That is an endless and mindless game for the voting horde as USA wars are endless. It is not some success that Trump did not start a new war as many find that a big achievement – it would be a success if he really withdrew US military from the ongoing wars or operations – Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Sudan, etc. If US intelligence community did not install its special operations in Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, etc. If he closed military base Rammstein in occupied Germany and Bondsteel in occupied Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija. If he did not support the coup in Bolivia and failed coup in Venezuela. If he does not spread NATO toward Russia. If he opposed Soros’ plans with migrants in Europe. But he did not. He is the part of the swamp as the entire USA establishment is. And this is not going to change, whatever blah-blah all of them need to say.