Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ is an ‘Israel Lobby’s Master Plan’ against the Muslim World


Part I


This article is an attempt to connect the dots of Israel’s Geo-politics in the context of Trump’s deal of the century and Israel’s new policy of bringing peace in the region through political and economic alignment with regional Muslim states. It also seeks to analyze mysterious role of the United States foreign policy in the Middle East, and why it always ends up benefitting the state of Israel at the expense of Muslim world? This article also decodes most of the developments in the context of Trump’s deal of the century and its significance in the context on Palestine-Israel conflict. Lastly after connecting all the dots it seeks to answer an important question, Why Trump’s Deal of the Century is an Israel Lobby’s master plan against the Muslim World and what strategy Muslim world should adopt to counter Pro-Israel US led subversion?

Complex Middle-east Scenario – Understanding the Riddle

If one carefully studies news published over the past one year on the ‘Israel-Palestine State Solution’, a pattern of a carefully crafted agenda can be seen easily. Nevertheless, this statement also brings forth another question whether this agenda is becoming successful or not? Following is an attempt to connect all the major news of the Middle-east this year to analyze the riddle of this complex scenario.

The transfer of US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Israeli Knesset vote on Jewish Nation-State bill and marginalization of 1.8 Palestinians, the transfer of Sanafir and Tiran islands from Egypt to Saudi Arabia and the gain of Israel through this transfer, King Abdullah of Jordan opposition to Trump’s "deal of the century", rift between Jordan and Israel after Jordan’s participation in the summit on "Defending Jerusalem as the final capital of Palestine" in Istanbul, Arab world’s boycott of Egypt after Sisi’s cold response on Trump’s ‘deal of the century’, US withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal, new wave of US sanctions on Iran, the fact that the energy resources and power sources available to Iran are the most important and effective supporters of Palestine, after 50 years of secret relations, the formation of a diplomatic relationship between Israel and Oman, Israeli sports minister’s visit to Abu Dhabi and the emphasis on future expansion of ties between the two countries, Israeli sports envoy visit to Manama which was intended to expose Tel Aviv’s relation with Bahrain, Saudi Arabia’s silence after backing off from ‘Trump’s deal of the century’ to some extent and silence on Khashoggi’s murder who had been an agent of both the US and Saudi Arabia in the formation of proxy elements and their military support in the Middle East.

In reality the diplomatic relations that we have witnessed above in between Israel and three Arab countries, in the context of ongoing rapid changes and events in the region it clearly shows a pattern of conspiracy which needs to be addressed and it requires evaluation in order to understand its potential results. Following are the major connected dots which help to see a bigger picture:

There is no doubt that for the west there is no other conflict which is more important than the conflict in between Palestine-Israel in the Middle East. It has two major reasons; Firstly the significant influence of Israel Lobby in the US and European Union through its banking system and financial power. Secondly, Israel Lobby’s threat perception concerning the Muslim states surrounding Israel in the Middle East which according to their perception poses grave threat to the existence of Israel. So during the past almost 40 years, Western powers have created many plans and tried to implement them, which has resulted in the continuation of Israel's survival as a state but this problem has not be solved completely. During the past ten years, from the Western orchestrated Arab Spring, US-Israel led ISIS project in the Middle East, intervention of Russia, Turkey and Iran in the Syrian crisis, there is one thing which is plain and clear that it is the complex Middle East scenario which is affecting the whole Geo-political outlook of the global order.

The ‘Israel Lobby’ and ‘The Bear Trap’

According to the author, Israel Lobby with its Western counterparts realized the fact that their ‘ISIS project’ in the Hybrid war against the Muslim world has been significantly marginalized by the Russian intervention in the Syrian crisis. And they do not want to engage militarily with Russia mainly because of the threat from Putin that he may expose the western game plan to serve Israel by dividing the Muslim world through proxy warfare. Putin has many times confessed about his information related to those western states that are funding and arming militants against the current established Muslim regimes in the Middle-east.

Thus, for Israel’s lobby it is essential to have another Master plan to counter opposition and complete their ‘Greater Israel’ project in the Middle-east. During this crucial time of Russian intervention in Syria, Israel became successful not only in perceiving the coming threats but also managing Russia through diplomatic intelligence. Russian and Turkish intervention in Syria and Turkish operations in the northern Iraq resulted into a dispersion of the militants but they are being carefully regrouped by the west under one flag to cure the military wing of this grand-strategy. To be continued…


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