Trump’s Deal of the Century is an Israel Lobby’s Master Plan against the Muslim World. Part II


Part I

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump put forth a new solution to bring about peace for the state of Israel, which is known as "The Deal of the Century". The responsibility of implementation of this project was handed over to Trump's son-in-law and special adviser Jared Kushner. But what exactly ‘Deal of the Century’ is?

Before analyzing the master plan it is essential to understand the soul of ‘Israel’s Strategy’ which according the author is based on deceptive geo-political developments compartmentalized on a long span of time with other Middle-eastern countries. Why? Because Israel’s threat perception clearly suggests that they cannot aggressively confront with all the Muslim states surrounding its territory. Thus in order for her survival as a small state it is essential for Israel to use the cover of ‘Self-defense’ and behind the curtain use subversion to influence and control her surrounding Middle-eastern states through her power Lobby sitting in the US and European Union. 

Trump’s Deal of the Century

The deal of the century is a Trump’s proposal to resolve Israel-Palestine conflict through a multi-layered political-economic and security strategy to engage the Muslim world in the Middle-east. US officials claim that they want to create a huge trade zones in the Arab region, aimed at eliminating the poverty of the United Arab Allies in the region and bring about security and political stability in the region. Under this project, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine and Israel will find a new economic, security and political situation and all will reap the fruits of this project. For example, according to the project, Egypt will be benefiting at least $100 billion annually; Jordan $40 billion a year, and Palestine will benefit $20 billion annually. Egypt is currently in need of $7 billion to $8 billion to overcome its problems, Jordan is seeking $2 billion in order to manage its balance of payments, and the annual costs of Palestinians do not exceed two or three billion dollars. On this basis, American officials are hopeful that these countries of the region will agree on this project.

The United States has planned to invest $2 trillion collectively with others on this project and in this regard, it is expected to provide the required financial resources from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. In the past two years, the United States has tried hard through Jared Kushner to convince Middle-eastern countries to accept this project, but so far they have failed to convince everyone as the President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas remarked that this deal is ‘the Slap of the Century’. Recent gestures from Saudi Arabia are also suggesting that their officials to some extent are not ready to invest this huge amount of money on this project as this amount is 50 percent of the total Saudi reserves.

Apparently Egyptian and Jordanian officials were also not hopeful from the promises given to them through this project. As a result of this Israel played a three-dimensional chess game and gave a sign to Egypt of her withdrawal from Sanafir and Tiran islands simultaneously gave permission to Saudi Arabia to buy these islands from Egypt in order to convince KSA and Egypt to join this project. Egypt's President Sisi with suspicion has announced to support the United States for this project, whereas it has been confirmed that Saudi Arabia will provide $100 billion to Egypt in return, but far so far there is no payment to Egypt. That is why the Egyptian authorities showed a cold response on the recent visit of Jared Kushner, and the Egyptian Foreign Minister said; “he is not ready to sacrifice Palestine under the US plan”.

Israel Lobby’s Master Plan

The other side of this coin called ‘the Deal of the Century’ is an Israel Lobby’s master plan to exclude Palestine from Holy-land. Will Palestine will be a Palestine without Holy-land? As a result of this Zionist-led new project Jordan will be completely eliminated and in place of Jordan a new fake Palestinian state will be created. Similarly, a large part of the Desert Sinai will be separated from Egypt and will be divided between fake Palestine and Israel as a result of this project. Finally, a joint security organization will be formed between Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Palestine, aimed at waging war against so-called radical Islamic militants with help of US-led coalition which is in reality, a Zionist military arm in the Middle-east.

In order to complete this project Israel needs a new wave of total anarchy in the surrounding Muslim countries. The master plan by Israel’s Lobby is to control both the parties 1- Muslim countries (the main party) 2- Militants (the opposition). Which means it is an attempt to control the established Muslim governments through the bait of multi-billion projects and behind the curtain support and arm the militants against the same Muslim regimes based on ethno-sectarian ideologies. A total anarchic master plan based on subversion, which according to the author is a next unit to complete the greater Israel project. But the question is whether Israel Lobby with US will become successful in this grand plan?

Current complex scenario and evidence shows that the countries who are invited to join the project, although they do not have enough authority, they still did not welcome the project well. Recently, a statement issued by the "Jamaat-ul-Islami Saudi Arabia" condemned the visit of Israel’s PM Natenyahu to Oman and the visit of Israeli sports Minister to UAE.

However, Israel lobby is now even approaching and engaging those Middle-eastern states which are not a significant part of this project those states are Oman, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. The purpose of this engagement is to convince these states to become part of this so-called new peace plan. 

The ‘Ideal’ Strategy of the Muslim World

It is time for the Muslim world to unite against the US-led terrorism in the Middle-east. Following is an attempt to develop a framework in order to understand threats to the Muslim world and lastly a strategy to create harmony in between the Muslim world. Following are the three moves if followed will end up checkmating US and Israel’s Grand-strategy;

Realization – The Pattern of Deceit:

Firstly, there is a historical pattern of deceit on the part of US and Israel which Muslim world must not forget. The Muslim governments must raise questions to US and Israel that where is Palestinians' rights and protection? Why the promises made in Camp David accords, Madrid talks, Oslo accords and not being implemented in full scale? The Muslim world must realize the fact that recent transfer of US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has proved that US is not willing to compromise on Zionist agenda and will always act against the interests of the Muslim world. Through diplomatic intelligence 

Diplomatic Intelligence:

Secondly, one point which is crucial to understand to create a counter strategy against Israel is that Muslim World must realize the fact that the purpose of this project is to strengthen Israel’s position in the Middle-east. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and other Arab governments are influenced by the West because their financial and monetary apparatus is controlled by the Western central banks, which are controlled by Israel Lobby’s financial power around the globe. But the Muslim countries can still use full sovereignty through diplomatic intelligence as they are legitimate part of the modern-nation state system. Diplomatic intelligence while dealing with the US and Israel is the key to protect the interests of the Muslim World.

Understanding the ‘Game of Thrones’:

Thirdly, Muslim countries must not trust deceptive Pro-Israel US developments either they are in the name of economic or security stability in the Middle-east. Why because, the study of history has left plenty of evidences that the West has always benefitted the state of Israel at the expense of the Muslim world.  For example; in 2003 US with her coalition destroyed Iraq by doing propaganda about Iraq’s WMD, which were never found. Later claim that Iraq War was a mistake.

The truth is it was not a mistake it was a deliberate act to divide Iraq into sectarian conflict. And this strategy of maintain divide in between Shia and Sunnis is at the heart of US grand strategy of divide and conquer in the Muslim World. Same scenario can be applied to the current Syrian crisis where framing has changed in place of WMD’s has replaced ‘chemical attacks by Assad on Syrians’ and thus ‘Assad must go’. All of these developments paved the way for the destruction of the current Muslim regimes in the Middle-east which as a result naturally enhance the security of the state of Israel. It’s that simple to understand if anyone understands the role of Israel’s Lobby in shaping the foreign policy of the Unites States.

Muslim world must reach to the conclusion that this project is intended to create more instability in the region. Pentagon, CIA and MOSSAD with others are in a hope that the use of ‘Economic and Security stability’ as cover to this grand-project will convince the Muslim World. But the author wants to emphasize here that this project is intended to start with an economic phase but in reality it has a military objective in the end to form a joint security force where Muslims will fight their own Muslim brothers, which will only create more divide in the Middle-east. Because the strategists sitting in the Pentagon and MOSSAD will be in charge of both the joint security force and the militants they have been funding and arming since 18 years. Thus, it will always end up in a win-win situation for US and Israel. This project is followed by the countries that are mainly Sunni countries in the Middle-east. This is the key point in this strategy. Then according the author, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters “Blood Borders Map” will become a reality in the Middle-east.

The end game is to carve up the ‘New Middle-east based on Shia and Sunni Countries’ by creating a clash of Sunni joint security force against Iran. Because the strategists sitting in the Pentagon and MOSSAD know the fact that Iran will retaliate against this grand-project and they will only need a sophisticated propaganda to create confusions in between the Sunni world and Iran. The current ‘Iran Threat’ in the context of the Syrian Crisis is part of the greater game being played by the strategists sitting in Pentagon and MOSSAD.

Muslim world needs multiple diplomatic strategies to balance Israel’s deceptive Geo-politics. For example; King Abdullah of Jordan is realizing the threat and gave a clear message to Israel, when he recently cancelled clauses in peace treaty leasing border land to Israel saying Jordan is exercising her full sovereignty on her lands. Saudi Arabia is waking up after what West did to her in the aftermath of Khashoggi’s murder. Saudi Arabia needs to know that supporting US agenda in the Middle-east is equally suicidal to their kingdom. Saudi Arabia needs to diversify its national portfolio to manage its macro-economics. Initially, Russia and China are the best alternatives to checkmate the US strategy. The movement of Saudi capital from the west to east is the key strategy to minimize risks attached to its economy i.e. Saudi Arabia’s assets freeze in the US securities is the main problem that her foreign policy is always being influenced by the United States. If Saudi Arabia follows this strategy proposed by the author above it will create a domino effect in the Arab World. This idea may appear to the reader as utopian thinking but this is the only way Saudi Arabia can defend herself against the US strategy. It is time for Saudi Royals to wake up. 

The Muslim world also needs to understand that isolating Iran is a significant part of this US-led Grand-strategy of divide and conquer in the Middle-east. The only method which can eliminate the risk of destruction of the Muslim world is the unity among the Muslim world. The idea of Saudi Arabia joining hands with Iran is a nightmare for the state of Israel and United Sates both in economic and military strategies. According to the author, if Saudi Arabia and Iran makes peace with each other it will checkmate the US and Israeli strategy in the middle-east. It is time to bring peace in between Iran and Saudi Arabia and checkmate US grand strategy in the Middle-east.

Conclusion: Why Pakistan Can Checkmate Israel’s Master Plan?

Pakistan is at the center of this chess board game called “the 5th generation warfare”. Pakistan since the beginning knew the fact that her enemies are using asymmetric and decentralized warfare to denuclearize Pakistan; this is the only reason behind Pakistan’s successful campaign against terrorism. Pakistan’s policy of not sending its army to Yemen is a checkmate to US in the bullet chess. It was a trap by the US diplomatic intelligence to entangle Pakistan into the ongoing Shia and Sunni conflict which Pakistan was able to understand. Above all Pakistan’s learning curve of war on terrorism is way too high compared to other Muslim countries which put Pakistan into a leading position to help other Muslim countries to get rid of western led terrorism.

There is one thing which the author wants to emphasize here, which both the civilian and military leadership of Pakistan needs to understand.  The modern warfare from Pro-Israel US of divide and conquer in the middle-east is systematically sustained on the so-called Sunni-Shia divide, however at the ground level all Sunni and Shia lives peacefully with each other. It has been used as a product at the strategic level by the propagandists to create confusion among the Muslim world through proxy elements which are used to spread terrorism. At the state level funding and arming both the Sunni and Shia militants against the current established Muslim states is part of Pro-Israel US strategy. At the International level keeping permanent divide in between Iran and Saudi Arabia (two centers of different Islamic ideologies) is part of their grand-strategy. Thus, the whole system of propaganda and war is systematically sustained on this divide. Above all, maintaining apparent peace with the Sunni world and keeping Shia Iran as a permanent threat is part of Israel’s deceptive diplo-military strategy.

If Pakistan play a role of mediator and bring peace in between Iran and Saudi Arabia it will cut the roots of their strategy. It is time to create a counter strategy otherwise it will be too late. Currently, any new setting from Pakistan to bring Iran and Saudi Arabia on the table will be counterproductive to US and it will try hard to eliminate any such move. But a brave Prime Minister like Imran Khan and a determined military leadership sitting in Islamabad is all what we need right now to use Yemen crisis as the best opportunity to bring Iran and Saudi Arabia on the table.



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