Trump's Decertification of the JCPOA

Under the Globalist Zionist Hypnosis
This is what happens when you are in the deep pockets of warmongering Zionist lobbies such as AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee): You end up allying with the wrong countries in the Middle East decade after decade and alienating the right ones. No matter how much you wrap yourself in the American flag, you end up committing treason against your country by succumbing to the national interests of a rogue nation such as Israel.
Such is the case of Donald Trump, the most out-of-closet Zionist American president in U.S. history.
In President Trump, we have a quintessential illiterate bully, a world affairs amateur of unprecedented proportion, one who suffers from a wide array of self-absorbed megalomaniac mental disorders who unfortunately surrounds himself with neocon political advisors, the Stephen Millers of the world types.
As far as President Trump’s recent outrageously slanderous speech against the Iranian nation in which he decertified Washington’s commitments to the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) and his ludicrous claim that Iran has been “intimidating the international inspectors into not using their full inspection powers”, one can only hold the mirror to him and school him on what it actually means to psychologically project your worst inner traits and character shortcomings on others.
Not only are these accusations totally and utterly baseless, like so many other incidents in this preposterous administration, they are now in the realm of dangerous territory, since these new rounds of misbehaviors are part of a much larger trend: Rex Tillerson’s disgraceful comment about fomenting social and political unrest in Iran vis-à-vis “the reformists”, along with other trends such as the threats of placing Iran’s powerful IRGC under economic sanctions as well as listing it under Washington’s “terrorist list” – a list which would be more accurate if Riyadh, Tel Aviv, and all their Jihadi proxies were part of it. These among other comments are for all means-and-purposes a declaration of war against Iran. Anyone who knows anything about geo-economics knows that all wars begin with economic sanctions. This was clearly the case against Imperial Japan in the 1930s when Washington enacted sanctions and refused to sell oil to that nation in its insatiable appetite for rapid industrialization. At that time, the United States was the premier exporter of petroleum in the world.
This latest [but expected] Trump geopolitical idiocy is taking place at a time when three quarters of Americans support the Iran nuclear deal, according to a new poll named, “American Attitudes on the Middle East Policies”, released by the Middle East Institute this week. But then again, when did the American public opinion ever mattered since our country’s foreign policy in the Middle East as been hijacked by the Israelis since that rogue nation’s evil inception 70 years ago?!
Not to mention the fact that the Iranian nuclear program which the Iranians have always claimed to be for peaceful purposes [at the highest echelons of the Iranian political power structure] is in fact the most scrutinized nuclear program in human history! Iran has been one of the original signatories to the NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) and has abided by all its articles and clauses ever since. Not only the usurping rogue nation of Israel never signed into this international treaty, but according to all estimates, it possesses over 300 nuclear warheads!
Furthermore, the head of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), Yukiya Amano, has repeatedly certified Iran’s abiding of all its nuclear obligations. And may I add the IAEA is the sole authority in nuclear inspections and the only international legal and legitimate governing body when it comes to nuclear energy issues and inspections, not CIA’s covert field intelligence officers nor the ex-Marxist, Paris-based, expatriate MKO terrorists (Mojahedeen Khalq Organization), who are the quintessential definition of traitors, utterly loathed and despised by all Iranians.
After President Trump’s Iranophobic speech, Ms. Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, among other EU leaders almost immediately reaffirmed their commitment to the Iran nuclear deal despite Trump’s opposition and reneging.
Her comments were potent and there was no ambiguity about how the Europeans felt about Trump’s ludicrous speech which one could speculate was written by super Zionists advisors to the president. If we clearly examine that infamous speech, we can definitely sense the stench of Benjamin Netanyahu down to words and phrases. Meanwhile, in an act of total harmony and duplicity by their Wahhabi cousins in the Saudi occupied Arabian Peninsula, the so-called “King” Salman welcomed Washington’s new strategy against Iran in a congratulatory phone call to President Trump.
Back to the EU, it is the expert opinion of this writer that we cannot take the Europeans seriously until they put their money where their mouth is, as the vernacular goes, and carry through their multi-billion dollar contracts with Iran at the implementation level. The French oil and gas giant Total says it will “try” to push ahead with the Iranian gas project if Washington decided to impose unilateral sanctions against Iran. This announcement was made by Total’s CEO Patrick Pouyanne in an interview with the International Oil Daily. Well, “trying” is not good enough! It is a passive and ambiguous verb which has no place in diplomacy or international commerce. Airbus also signed multi-billion dollar contracts with Iran during President Rohani’s visit to Europe last year for hundreds of planes. Only one has been delivered! The French giant automaker Citroen Peugeot whose second market for its vehicles outside of France is actually in Iran has also promised to re-start its production line in Iran. That also needs to be implemented at the operational level and not just contractual. 
Back to the Trump Administration, putting Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s recent corrosive anti-Iran’s comments aside for a second, let us not forget that General Mathis, the US Secretary of Defense, was crystal clear when he testified before Congress not too long ago that decertifying the JCPOA and reneging from this nuclear deal was counterproductive to America’s international standing. And who could ever forget Rex Tillerson’s comment that President Trump is in fact “a moron”.
President Trump arrogantly and erroneously assumes he can renegotiate everything as if these international multilateral treaties are one of his Mafia real estate deals. While halting America’s commitment to the Paris Climate Accord, as well as announcing the upcoming renegotiation of NAFTA (Bill Clinton’s horrible North American Free Trade Agreement) and TPP (Barrack Obama’s even more horrible Trans-Pacific Partnership) may be to our American interests especially to American labor, breaking promises by being under the conceited illusion that an unprecedented multilateral deal such as the JCPOA which is clearly not a bilateral accord, is simply beyond madness which could take the world to the edge of a major regional confrontation as if enough of these conflicts don’t already exist in the afflicted Middle East region.
Nevertheless, the U.S. still has an economy of $18.5 trillion GDP with nearly the same amount as its aggregate national debt. As the Whore of Babylon with whom the nations of the earth fornicate, i.e. trade relations, geopolitical arrangement and alliances, etc., at least for the time being, the military, diplomatic, and economic coercive power of Washington remains awe-striking. And through all manners of inhumane and contrary to much of what is left of the so-called “international law”, Washington is not only getting away with its seemingly never-ending draconian unilateral sanctions, but it arm twists everyone through bribery and economic pressure and coercion tools to have its allies and vassal states follow through in order to isolate whoever it wants to punish, whether it is sovereign states such as Cuba, the DPRK, Venezuela, Iran or military organizations such as Iran’s IRGC. 
Such unimpeded misbehaviors are the root cause of many prolonged conflicts in the world today and perhaps perpetual war and never-ending engagements are the very intent.
After all, finance is also a gun. Politics is knowing when to pull the trigger. Frankly, the nations of the world are sick and tired of Washington constantly pulling the trigger and even be trigger happy. 
If Washington’s threats of sanctions were solely unilateral, especially at a time when Washington is foolishly isolating itself, then we need not to worry. But realistically speaking, I am afraid this is not the case and for the time being we are stuck with Trump and this new wave of neo-con/ neo-lib takeover which runs 100% contrary to Trump’s own mandate as reflected by his rather low popularity ratings here in the U.S. It was the spirit of selective isolationism and relative reconciliation that supposedly put Trump into the White House. But it reality, we are seeing the exact opposite – a scenario much too familiar with just about every U.S. president in the current modern era.