Trump’s martyrdom: the final solution

Vladimir Putin is the only possible teacher for Donald Trump

Today’s phone conversation between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin is symbolic regardless the topics to be discussed. Russian leader in this situation would have an intercourse with his personal past, because Donald Trump is in the position Putin was when he got into power in 2000. President of Russia also was surrounded by globalists who were controlling literally all the spheres of country’s life and infrastructure. So he was the first leader to challenge this system and succeed, at least partially.

So here are some tips to Trump from Russian society that already experienced partial draining of the swamp:

1.       Control over media. One of the first steps Putin did in order to regain Russia’s sovereignty was seizing control over several major TV stations. ORT(First Channel) and NTV at this moment were in hands of western-backed oligarchs Boris Berezovsky and Vladimir Gusinsky. So Putin and his team started a multi-layer operation of bringing major media assets back under control of the state supported by the people of Russia. And they succeeded. So, Trump (if he is still willing to drain the Washington swamp) should follow these steps and get the control over CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. If it is not possible, he should finance alternative structure and grow new media that would counter and balance the outlets owned by neoliberals and globalists.

2. Keep your team no matter what. Putin never betrays members of his team and considers every betrayal a personal insult. Being loyal till your last breath is something you are taught from the first day in Russia’s special service institutions. Trump’s first mistake was devastating because he let Flynn leave after neocon lobby considered him a threat to their plans in the Middle East. Flynn just wanted to diversify US’s presence in the Middle East by securing better relations with Russia and Turkey. That led to his ostracism inspired by jealous neocon lobbyists. This has become a clear signal to the rest of Trump’s team, that 45th President is not ready to fight for his men.

3. Being strong and balanced on the international field. From the very beginning Putin didn’t let anyone make fun of Russia or threaten its national interests. At the same time Moscow’s policy during Putin’s reign has become consistent and logical, that eventually led to realistic paradigm Moscow is now successfully using on the international arena. Trump’s schizophrenic attempts of being strong and soft on the same issue (e.g. Syria, DPRK) in order to please media and elites eventually leads to erosion of trust in him as strong and consistent leader.

Many experts say now that the Swamp has already drained Trump, but there is always a place for hope. If people of USA and their President really want to fight this evil , they should forget about comfortable life. Because real fight is always a martyrdom. Putin was ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of the nation and country because he was brought up like that in KGB. Special service officers are supposed to be like that otherwise they are professionally incompetent. Being ready to sacrifice himself both physically and morally gave Putin a huge credit of trust from ordinary Russians who always respected this kind of attitude. That’s why their leader has been successful in at least partial draining of the globalist swamp in the country and securing sovereignty. Trump is another kind of person with different background. Luxurious life of a billionaire would soften every person’s will and make dependent on material issues. So to become a real liberator of American people Trump first of all needs to liberate himself from hedonistic way of life towards modesty and humbleness. This is the only possible way of actually Making America Great Again. Martyrdom is greatness. American people at least partially are craving it. But is Trump ready for real martyrdom?