Two Koreas and beyond

South Korea’s New President, DPRK’s Military Deterrence, Fall of the US Dollar, and Trump’s Hegemonic Hubris

The legendary 1960s-1970s British rock band, The Who, once wrote a very socio-politically potent song called, “We Won’t Get Fooled Again”. It’s hard to single out any one line out of this amazing song whose entire lyrical make-up is brilliant. But one particular line that has always stuck with me is, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.

Hence, we arrive at the first 150 calamity-infested and untactful days of Donald Trump: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Except for the shrewd and sneaky underhandedness of the 44th US President, Barrack Obama, nothing has really changed and most likely won’t, short of a possibility of a contrived thermo-nuclear war, God forbid, this time in the Korean Peninsula. And with the new belligerent president in Washington who is a bully and an illiterate and a novice, this danger is becoming more apparent, as we progress, or better put, regress into a deep dark abyss.

Having said that, tectonic geopolitical shifts could be taking place in the Korean Peninsula, not just because of the peace-orientedness of the new South Korean president, Moon Jae-In, or the illogically combative and cavalier attitude of Donald Trump or the defensive/ aggressive behavior of the DPRK Leader Kim Jung-Un. 

Indeed, these geopolitical shifts are taking place because we are at the precipice of a new emerging localized or regional reality verses the purely globalized model that is clearly failing humanity at large. Many of us are hoping this would replace the current unipolar, neo-liberal, and now defunct new world order of the freemasonic power structure in London and Washington. But this new phenomenon is a long term strategy. It could be a generational project.  

Back to the Korean Peninsula’s calamities which play a huge role in this upcoming shifting and shuffling, let us now exclusively focus on the new presidency of Moon Jae-In who recently defeated 12 other presidential candidates. Ironically and without direct comparison of course, I cannot help but be reminded of how Donald Trump swallowed up all his rivals in the 2016 race even though Trump and Moon have diametrically opposed personalities. Moon certainly doesn’t seem like the lunatic that Trump is proving to be – no puns intended. En contraire, at least from the surface, he seems like a reasonable and peace-pursuing reformist, or so we would hope he would be. 

However, he has a lot on his plate. President Moon Jae-In faces immediate challenges with Trump who lacks tact, diplomacy, and even-handedness, not to mention the North-South feud that Washington has been fueling during the past 70 years. Of course and naturally expected, Moon also has to deal with China which has his own tremendous complexities, both foreign and domestic, due to its relationship with DPRK. Moon also has to deal with the Japanese; he has to deal with the North Koreans themselves. So he is balancing a very tight rope. So far, DPRK has conducted five nuclear tests with the sixth one either on its way or already covertly implemented.

Contrary to Washington and South Korea’s allegations, these test are not solely aggressive on their own merit although they certainly entail a dangerously aggressive and reactionary tone that are designed to send a strong message to Washington. This behavior, I believe, is directly triggered by Washington's provocative military exercises nearby, not to mention Trump's ugly imperialist bullying tactics which are being practiced around the world. Naturally, this Washington-DPRK saber-rattling has made many South Koreans quite worried and hence the election of a peace talking individual such as Moon. President Moon Jae-In’s upcoming visit to Washington and even his announcement of possibly visiting DPRK, especially the latter, has in fact created some hope and as a result, we are seeing some de-escalation of this crisis.

Going back to the South Koreans, I believe they are more concerned about Donald Trump’s possible reckless and totally foolish behavior with their northern neighbor. Up to now, we have been witness to allegations that DPRK’s leader, Kim Jong-il, is the one who is unbalanced. But it's now apparent to everyone that President Trump also belongs to that special group of madmen and lunatics but one with much more dangerous repercussions if his sentiments are acted upon. More-and-more, Mr. Trump is proving to be an unbalanced individual. His behavior has been outrageous and a source of shame and embarrassment for the overwhelming majority of the American people even within his own party. His threats of force against North Korea, or the Syrians, and even the Iranian for that matter, exhibit a total deficit of intelligence and an absence of a viable long-term policy. In fact, this is what has plagued Washington for a long time now.

Trump’s recent $110 billion lucrative and yet brown-nosing tour of Saudi Arabia and Israel where an encouragement of his out-of-control ego was put on a full global display was in fact a hollow victory if that. His proposal of creating some kind of an “Arab NATO” was a direct signal and an existential threat to Iran although the Iranians don’t see it that way due to their strong soft and hard power in the region, not to mention the unraveling of Qatar and all the signs of cracks in the wall in GCC. But if this somehow manifests, it would be new geopolitical phenomena, albeit not a new one since for now we are stuck with the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) which is a de facto “Arab NATO”. 

Nevertheless, Trump continues to push many peoples’ buttons with these so-called “new policies” which are nothing but short-lived agitations and divide-and-control geo-sectarian policies which so far have succeeded in spreading death, anarchy, chaos, and lawlessness which seem to be the only card Washington has left up its sleeve. 

These tactical moves will continue to exacerbate, as the $20 trillion US debt maintains its trajectory. The current fiat monetary system is designed to inflate the debt until it reached hyperinflation and they will continue to get away with this until they implement WWIII itself. This is the endgame. This is what Washington and her allies want. Any sovereign state [or leader] who challenges this Western New World Order will be deemed public enemy #1 and its leaders persona non-grata, be it Russia, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, and/ or DPRK although I, by no means, am not defending DPRK’s policies – internal and external.

All these bogus and baseless charges of Russian intervention in the 2016 US presidential race are part of that same Russiaphobia defamation process and should be seen as signs of desperation and weakness and nothing more. 

If Russia actually manages to create some kind of a viable Eurasian Confederation which is one of Washington’s main worries, then this will be a serious challenge to the so-far supremacy of the petrodollar system, especially at a time when we have been observing, during the past several years, how China has been slowly decreasing its reserve of the US dollar and investing heavily in gold as well as other currencies. This will ensure the crash of the West, remnants of which we are seeing throughout the EU, and in particular the struggling US economy. The powers that be will do anything and everything, up to and including triggering WWIII to avoid this collapse.

This economic downfall could be sudden, but it could also be slow. My forecast is that it's going to be a slow and gradual process as we are witnessing, for those who have the insight to see. If this change would manifests too quickly, it will be detrimental and traumatizing to the Chinese economy and in fact the rest of the world. The Chinese are the biggest financiers of the US debt. Certainly, the Chinese will do everything to avoid such scenario. One could even argue that after the Saudis and other Gulf proxies, the Chinese [by default] are the biggest proponents of the petrodollar system, at least for the time being.

And this is where the DPRK and South Korea’s 70 year old conflict comes into play. East Asia is an integral component of the new world order’s ordo ab chao geo-strategic grand plan. Of course, the new South Korean Moon Jae-In is quite aware of this conspiracy and his role in diverting a doom-and-gloom situation. He does not want to see his nation become the new disaster zone for yet another Washingtonian proxy, this time vis-à-vis DPRK. Moon has openly announced his willingness to negotiate for peace with all parties: the Americans, Chinese, Japanese, and even DPRK itself and as he put it, “if the conditions are right.”

And yet, South Korea’s historical close alliance with Washington continues to be a thorn at the side of DPRK and a source of great irritation for its leadership cadre every time there is some kind of a “military exercise” between US and South Korea. In particular, any military exercise that involves South Koreans’ test firing of their THAAD missile system exacerbates the whole situation exponentially which in turn gives an excuse to DPRK to respond and flex its own muscles by test firing a nuclear warhead which not only greatly frightens the South Koreans, especially the restless population of Seoul, but also deeply angers Washington which feels vulnerable on its Western seaboard. My own home state of California, and in particular the City of Los Angeles, is one of the primary targets of DPRK in case a thermonuclear war breaks out.

Of course, Washington has been one of the parties directly responsible for much of this mess which they started at the end of WWII. This was 100% contrived and designed to sow disunity and discord for the decades that have followed. The Taiwan-PRC divergence [around the same timeframe in history] was a back-up option for contrived pandemonium in East Asia. These are all raison d’etre for a continual state of perpetual conflict.

Now, add a rabble-rouser like Donald Trump to the mix and it may be foreseeable that a crisis could rapidly arise as was the case several weeks ago in the Korean Peninsula. This geopolitical schizophrenia is proving to be self-sustaining since the current deadlock seems unsolvable. All eyes are now on the new South Korean president, Moon Jae-In. His leadership is badly needed after months of power vacuum due to a corruption scandal which ended in the impeachment of the last South Korean president, Mrs. Park Geun-hye. Clearly, Moon has a Herculean task ahead of him, especially at a time when a bully and a war-monger is in charge. And I am not talking about DPRK’s Kim Jong-il. Moon will have to demonstrate that diplomacy is the norm not the exception.

But I, for one, do not forecast any dire straight situation. I believe through the power of diplomatic negotiation, patient persuasion, as well as economic arm-twisting on behalf of China, Mr. Trump’s butterfly effect is going to be tamed, neutralized, and contained if he manages not to get himself impeached first. This in concordance with the military psychological effect of huge concentrations of Russian armed forces in their far East, as we witnessed not too long ago in the surrounding Chinese and DPRK borders, these are all good indicators that pro-chaos hegemonic forces may soon be restrained like we haven’t seen since the Cold War. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing at all.

“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.