Ukraine is an artificial country, Lwów is a Polish city, so why don’t we just sort it out together

Russian State Duma speech

Russian State Duma speech

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Friends and Comrades,
I have an honor to speak on behalf of these Poles, who are against using Poland as the eastern flank of American imperialism. Polish parliament is dominated by political parties sold to the foreign centers of power. United States of America has a very deep influence in our country, what is unfortunately a major factor in the process of creation of the Polish foreign policy and the security policy. US is interested in sustaining bad Polish-Russian relations, and this is how they look like today: they are not only hostile, but also marked by a war rhetoric. As a Pole I am very happy that I have an opportunity to speak to you in the heart of Russia, and the heart of Russian parliamentarism, in the name of the people who are against the war between our nations. Today I have an honor to be the voice of those who are supporting good-neighborly relations and multi-level cooperation between Republic of Poland and Russian Federation.

Partnership between Warsaw and Moscow is the key to the security in the whole Central and Eastern Europe, which Alexandr Dugin calls “The Greater Eastern Europe”. We, the people who live there, are in many ways and spheres different from the West. We are mostly Slavs, we are more conservative, we have retrospective identity. Our nations are mostly rejecting liberal axiology of the European Union. Just like president Putin we believe, that liberalism is obsolete. We don’t want massed immigration to destroy our communities, we want to defend traditional values and we see a degenerate social engineering as a serious threat to our societies.

All these aspects make us suppose, that we share more common attributes with today’s Russia, than official propaganda is ready to admit. But that is not all. Warsaw and Moscow have also common interests like, for example, the case of our oppressed national minorities.
In Lithuania Poles and Russians are both oppressed by official law and its interpretations. The have limited access to education and civil liberties. And this happens in situation when Poland and Russia have all instruments to solve this problem together and once and for all! Federalization of this republic, with broad autonomy for the minorities and territorial autonomy for Polish Wilno region should be considered as a minimal solution.
We have a similar situation in the context of Ukraine. So called “language bill” is limiting the rights of Russian-speaking part of Ukrainian community, as well as the rights of Poles and Hungarians. Furthermore, Ukrainians are trying to erase all signs of Polish cultural presence in Kresy Wschodnie (today’s Western Ukraine). In planned manner they are destroying even Polish historical heritage, including cemeteries such as Cemetery of the Defenders of Lwów. They are taking these actions under the black-red banners of Ukrainian chauvinistic, pro-Bandera organizations, which are responsible for cruel genocide of 200.000 Poles, but also Russians and Czechs during the Second World War.
President Vladimir Putin has found an easy solution of this problem, according to the report of the former Polish minister of foreign affairs Radosław Sikorski. In conversation with Donald Tusk, who was prime minister at that time, Vladimir Vladimirowicz said: “Ukraine is an artificial country, Lwów is a Polish city, so why don’t we just sort it out together”. For the sake of Ukrainians, I think that it’s a perfect solution. Today they are waiting in long lines to get a Karta Polaka [Poles Card], then they are waiting in long lines to pass the border and work in Poland. Finally, they are waiting in long lines to get Polish money. So many formalities, so much waiting… All these problems can be solved very easy and without leaving the house! It’s probably the only way for Ukrainians to get the citizenship of the EU. These 700.000 inhabitants of Lwów it’s not such a big burden after all – in Poland there are already 3 million Ukrainian immigrants and we can handle it. I’m sure that they would be also very grateful. They really don’t want to come back.

Brother Russians, there are indeed many problems we can solve together. The thing is, that we – just like two brothers – are in many cases just too similar. We are proud, stubborn, ambitious and it’s hard for us to make this first step towards agreement. As the two biggest Slavic nations this is our characteristic, this is who we are, and nothing will change it. But to achieve agreement the first step must be done. Observing internal situation in both countries I’m sure, that the Russian political class is far more responsible and ready for a symbolic move that we need today.
And today we are facing aggressive actions made by liberal and globalist elites. Russians and Poles should join forces against them! In fact, Polish and Russian identities are just another targets for liberals. From the historical perspective Poland and Russia had fought many wars against each other, but now we need each other as never before. We are in the middle of the new Cold War, which is against the best interests of our nations. This must end. The night is dark, but together we can be victorious!