Ukraine in geopolitical interests of Armenia



Ukraine plays a distinct role in geopolitical interests of Armenia. The relationship between Ukraine and Armenia are definitely complicated for the last 20 years.Since Ukraine state's constant gravity of traditional revals of Armenia – Turkey and Azerbaijan, for Armenia (which is misfortune for official Kiev) Ukraine is acountrey, which, out of interests of Armenia, is to be split into several parts.The analytical center of “The Fourth Republic” political party is working out the ways of internal politics for future Armenia, which envolves system of relations with a line of countries based on specific principles. We called it system of “genetic allied”, which includes number of countries from Ireland to India. Unfortunately, Ukraine is actually a failed state; nevertheless Armenia sees two ways for Ukraine, either of which she will choose by herself or she will be forced to choose.
The first way is - ethno-political orientation towards Moscow, which is beneficial for Armenia. This will strengthen the impact of our strategic-military and "genetic" ally - Russia.
In this case, official Kiev must completely abandon its “complementary” policy, refuse Turkish orientation, overcome current difficult situation with minimal losses and resign its western regions in favor of Poland and Romania. 
The second way is - full focus to the west increasing anti-Russian, anti-Armenian and Turkish-oriented policy.
In fact, this scenario is beneficial for us as well, because in this situation the absolute winner is the other – potential military-strategic and traditional ally of Armenia – Poland.
I am sure that in case of strengthening Polish influence on one side, and Russian influence on the other, it will eventually lead to disintegration of the state. 
It is not a secret that there is a special unwritten agreement between some of western European countries on this issue and the disintegration and division of Ukraine is only a matter of time.  
In this case, disintegration and decay of Ukraine, coincides with geopolitical interests of Armenia.  
As for the Armenian diaspora of Ukraine, its history dates back no more than several decades.We consider its influence on the socio-political life of Ukraine untrue, as the Armenians,who lived in current territory of western Ukraine are mostly representatives of Armenian military-merchandic diaspora of Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. The ancestry of that diaspora live in Poland long ago and has no connection with Ukraine.