UN at 75

The failure of League of Nation had left the in perilous condition especially during the interwar period. The million dollars question which arises here is that if the United Nations was created from the ashes of World War II, what will be born from the global crisis of Covid-19? The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic since the end of December in China has raised eye brows in the dwindling International Political Economy circles. The grim response and cooperation of leading international players, with poor nations, have jolted the efforts to contain the outcomes of pandemic. Every country of the world except Russia, China and Pakistan has not done enough to get poor people out of the affects of pandemic. The said countries have offered their moral and technical support to poor nations and rest of the world to learn from their response how to fight with the Covid-19 pandemic. 
After the failure of League of Nation, a need was felt to have one leading international organization, which can work effectively and proactively to prevent international conflicts, bilateral conflicts and wars. On 24 October 1945, representatives of 50 countries met in San Francisco at United Nations Conference on International Organization to draw up the United Nations Charter. Those delegates deliberated on the basis of proposals worked out by the representatives of China, USSR, UK and the USA at Dumbarton Oaks, USA in August-October 1944. After the long deliberations, they agreed on the basic framework of the United Nation. In the charter of United Nation, the first and foremost aspect is to maintain peace and stability in the world. The clause of bilateral and multilateral cooperation is also included in the United Nations’ charter. 
This year the United Nation has turned 75. The year 2020 has remained unlucky so far due to the various reasons. The outbreak of Covid-19 is at the forefront. The pandemic has paralyzed entire political and economic spectrum of the world. The countries of the world are still struggling to find out the way out how to get back to normal life. 
So, no international leader is present in person at this year’s United Nation General Assembly debate. The session is being held virtually.  The blame game in the United Nation is at its peak where world leaders are accusing each other no act beyond their mandate and given directions. With growing differences in United Nation and calls for reforms in Security Council, the very basic purpose of the organization is being diverted from international issues to person likes and dislikes. These emerging trends are not good omen as far as the future of only international organization is concern. The United Nation has to ensure multilateralism and cooperation among the countries of the world. 
In the this year’s session, except United States’ President Donald Trump, world leaders are emphasizing on the need to do more on the expansion of multilateral cooperation. Unfortunately, President is pushing for the regime change in the world and proliferating personal likes and dislikes. In his virtual address to the General Assembly on the first day, the US leader accuses China of wrongdoings and spreading Covid-19 to entire world. He urged international community to hold China accountable for not speaking truth before the world on the issue of Coronavirus. 
As the world is struggling to find out way out due to the pandemic, President Trump should have realized that China is tirelessly working to develop a vaccine and sharing its experience with the rest of the world. Before maligning China, he should have realized that China is immensely cooperated with the poor nation and developed countries as well to deal with the outbreak of Covid-19. 
Likewise, the responsibility here lies with the United Nation to condemn President Trump’s accusations against China. The United Nation has to maintain its impartial status while cooperating and acting on merit on international issues. The organization must have to preserve its political and impartial fate. President Trump has also threatened World Health Organization (WHO) over the treatment of Coronavirus. Miffed with the President Trump’s statement, the UN’s secretary general criticized US for taking aggressive postures and maligning the organization. 
The United Nation must not fell prey to the bullying of some nationalist leaders. The organization must maintain its impartiality by treating all countries equally. The spread of multilateralism is global requirement in the existing chaotic political spectrum of the world. Without cooperating with each other, no country can flourish. The United Nation should also push and ensure the provision of Covid-19 vaccine to the developing and poor nations.