The Unholy Alliance Against American Freedom

The conspiracy to force President Trump from office

“The Democrats, the liberal media and juvenile snowflakes are bad losers and they’re making themselves look ridiculous by continuing to refuse to accept that Donald Trump is their President, and looks set to be so for eight glorious years as he Makes America Great Again”. That is the view of many millions of American patriots and conservatives – and, sadly, it is terribly wrong. 

The reality is that Donald Trump, American democracy, and the survival of the Christian world as a whole, are in grave and growing danger. This is because the ‘War on Trump’ is not the futile and ridiculous lost cause that many on the right naively believe. Rather, what we have seen so far are just the opening shots and manoeuvres in a well-planned coup d’etat, which is being prepared by sinister forces with enormous experience of ‘regime change’ all over the world. 

There are, of course, significant numbers of grass-roots Republicans who are now aware that there is nothing ‘spontaneous’ about the petulant student riots, Women’s Marches, Antifa gang attacks and other protests against Trump. While the liberal controlled media have largely avoided the issue, the Internet has helped to spread information about the key roles of George Soros in funding [1] and Barack Obama in organizing [2] the ‘Resistance’.

Following on from the success of his ‘color revolution’ model in various countries abroad (including Serbia, Ukraine and during the ‘Arab Spring’), the moment he had absorbed the shock of last November’s historic upset, George Soros set about doing the same in the United States.

His first effort seems to have been panicked and therefore ill-prepared. The ‘Purple Revolution’ never even began to get off the ground, with the liberal-left in such a demoralized state of shock that nothing significant came of it and the whole concept disappeared without trace. 

The experience of other failed Soros color revolution plots, including in Iran and Russia, has made it clear that momentum is crucial. So once a color co-ordinated protest fails to grab the imagination of the target population, it has to be dropped, lest its association with failure doesn’t taint the next effort.

With a disappointingly large (to the liberal elite) number of black Americans apparently being willing to give President Trump the benefit of the doubt and at least a bit of time to start creating jobs and to get a grip on Mexican and Arab immigration, the only demographic so far prepared to turn out in really significant numbers has been the feminist block. 

Being essentially an artificial creation of cultural Marxist agitation, the feminists are experienced in the methods of protest and the use of ‘street theater’ imagery, as pioneered by Gene Sharp. [3] The ‘pussyhats’ which were the most effective of these gimmicks were present in large enough numbers to persuade the main organizers of the color to adopt to symbolize their latest effort. Hence ‘Pink Revolution’ [4].

It is quite difficult to build mass street protests while Washington DC and New York are subject to massive dumps of snow. With the arrival of Spring, however, we will see major efforts to kick start a wave of confrontational protests.

Key to building the coming wave of protests is Obama’s network Organizing for Action, which has more than 250 offices around the country working to coordinate a staggering 30,000 trained agitators. [5]

Giant demonstrations are a vital part of the color revolution playbook. They give confidence to the protesters, demoralize the sections of the population that support the government, and sap the confidence of the people in power. The combination of hatred, ridicule and dehumanization directed against the ‘dictators’ was pioneered by the socialist propaganda genius Sergei Chakhotin  [6] and has become central to the techniques developed to isolate and destroy the target government.

The personal attacks on and spiteful caricatures of the target are also meant to provoke the ‘regime’ or its devoted supporters into violent over-reaction. Having ‘government supporters’, either in the army, police or independent militias, launch physical attacks on the protesters is a vital part of the narrative of a ‘regime’ that has lost legitimacy and is reduced to “killing its own people”.

Indeed, such violence is the central factor in turning the slightly carnival-like atmosphere of a color coordinated protest into a regime-change uprising. 

This is why every color revolution conspiracy has to have its ‘Black Block’ of street thugs who beat up government supporters and launch unprovoked and vicious attacks on police officers. Exactly who provides the muscle will differ according to the circumstances. In the ‘Arab Spring’ protests it was Islamists. In Ukraine it was neo-Nazis. [7]  In Western countries like the USA it is Marxist students organized under the anarchist colors of Antifa.

The need for violence by the beleaguered authorities is critical. So much so that, if the target government refuses to rise to the bait of provocation and unprovoked attacks, then small special teams of highly trained anti-government provocateurs are unleashed to gun down protesters and police officers alike. [8]

The tactic was used to ‘best’ effect recently in Libya, Ukraine, Egypt and Syria, but the same would undoubtedly be done on the streets of the USA if the protests can be built up to that level. Because that is how the model works.

There are, however, two very important factors which, to a degree as yet unclear, may tend to insulate America from the worst impact of this carefully planned and cynically inflamed ‘revolution from below’.

The first is that, while the concept of color revolutions is closely identified with George Soros and the myriad of NGOs funded by his Open Society foundation, they have all in fact primarily been funded by the CIA and its myriad of front groups, such as the National Endowment for Democracy. [9]

While the CIA is right at the center of a parallel plot to remove Donald Trump and re-establish control over America’s politically restive taxpayers, it is one thing to ‘invest $5 Billion’ in regime change efforts in Ukraine [10 ] and quite another to get caught funding efforts to drive the President of America from his elected office by force.

Hence, while the Soros funding will continue, it is only a matter of time before the vast sums syphoned off from bank mis-selling compensation schemes and passed to radical grant-making trusts and organizations under Obama  [11] begin to run out. There is probably enough money put aside to run a vigorous campaign for two years, but then the whole machine will begin to run out of fuel.

The same is true of every other aspect of the ultra-liberal assault on Western civilization in general and Christianity in particular. While there are unfortunately  several other vested interest groups who will keep the operation going, the sudden turning off of the Obama-era and CIA funding taps means that such operations will start to run down well before the end of Trump’s first term. So they need to move quickly.

The second factor mitigating against a foreign-style ‘color revolution’ in the USA is the very stark and simple fact that, with the exception of black and Hispanic criminal gangs, none of the groups likely to take the anti-government side have serious quantities of arms, let alone the experience to use them effectively.

Thanks to the astounding foresight and wisdom of the Founding Fathers, the Second Amendment is, right now, doing what it was intended: Giving the American people a sure defense and guard against a would-be tyrannical elite imposing its rule against the wishes of the people who pay the taxes.

The whole point of color revolution protests is to sweep away the target government by force. But in the USA it is clear that the rank-and-file of the Army, the police force, the National Guard, and millions of heavily armed conservatives and Christians are overwhelmingly behind the President they helped elect. 

The balance of force in the USA rests so overwhelmingly with those who generally support Donald Trump that the idea that he could be overthrown from below would be laughable were it not for the danger that the short, sharp blood-letting that would end any such effort would feed into the far less obvious but much more serious threat which we will examine shortly.

Before we do so, however, let us first finish with the Democrats, because they from the obvious threat, and not just in terms of pressure from ‘below’.

While Soros and Obama concentrate primarily on the highly visible grass-roots ‘Resistance’, Hillary Clinton herself seems to be working on coordinating Democrat pressure from ‘above’.

This is about mobilizing Democratic political resistance to the Trump program to ‘roll back the state’. Given the extent of the Democrats’ electoral decline, what can be done is limited, but provided the Democrats get over the shock and work as an effective block, they do not need to peel off that many Republicans on any given issue to be able to frustrate the President. 

This is important to the Democrats partly because even minor failures to deliver on election promises or much-needed reforms weakens the authority of the President. But they are also thinking and working as social revolutionaries: The more of the Obama ‘legacy’ that can be kept intact, the easier it will be to retake the ground now being lost, and to seize new territory, when the pendulum swings the other  way in the future. 

Hand-in-glove with this is the self-defense reaction of the bureaucracy against Trump. A bloated state does not just suck blood from the taxpayers as a collection of unthinking leeches; its functionaries are – by virtue of their self-interest in promotions, better officers, bigger salaries and status within their little empire – the shock troops of the State when it comes to further expansion or, for now at least, the defense of the leftist status quo.

The Democrat elite’s plans against Trump, however, are far more ambitious than mere efforts at harassment and frustration; their key target is Impeachment. 

It is not the role of this Report to examine the extent to which this aim is or is not practical. What is important is that top Democrat strategists either genuinely believe that they could impeach the President, or that they see even an attempt which would likely fail as a useful weapon to use against him as part of a wider strategy of delegitimization.

This is perhaps the most sinister effort of all. Because to delegitimize a President, particularly one who is also the victim of a relentless campaign of demonization and dehumanization by the vast majority of the mainstream media, is knowingly and deliberately done with a view to getting him assassinated.

The most telling example in American political history in this regard is not JFK, since his murder was clearly far more likely the direct result of a criminal conspiracy in high places than it was the ‘accidentally-on-purpose’ consequence of a campaign of hysterical vilification. 

A far better warning from the past is the murder of the brilliant populist Senator Huey Long – particularly since his designation as “the most dangerous man in America” came about because of his twin determination to break the vest interests of the corporations and to put ‘America First’, including by resisting the effort to drag America into confrontation abroad.

The point is that if a loud and nasty enough campaign of hatred is directed against one man for long enough, then – especially in a country where high-powered firearms are readily available - sooner or later some unhinged ‘lone-wolf’ is almost bound to try to kill him. And all those involved in the current campaign, from CNN to Nancy Pelosi, know this very well. They are trying to get Donald Trump assassinated.

The question of political assassination tends to call to mind perhaps the most famous in history. And the men who murdered Caesar, notoriously, included those he had believed were his friends. For Donald Trump too, his most dangerous enemies of all are much closer to him than Obama and Clinton.

Of those who are waiting for the most opportune moment to stab the President in the back, by far the most dangerous are the “Never Trump” traitors of the Republican elite. Many of them owe their continued places in government to the spin-off benefits of the Trump victory, but that doesn’t make them hate him any less.

 While impeachment proceedings begun by the Democrats would be a long, slow and tortuously difficult process, a palace coup through the use of the 25th Amendment would be short, quick and frighteningly easy operation. 

Section 4 of the 25th Amendment would allow the vice president and a majority of cabinet officers, or the vice president and a majority “of such other body as Congress may by law provide,” to declare the president unable to serve, making the vice president the acting president. If there is a disagreement — say, the president believes he is able to serve and the vice president and a majority of the cabinet or the other body don’t — then Congress decides who will be president.

A growing number of US Establishment pundits have already flagged this. In a February 10 column, the Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker noted that it would take two years, until the election of a Democratic Congress, before Trump could be impeached and removed. But “with luck,” she wrote, “there’s a chance we won’t have to wait two long years,” because the drafters of the 25th Amendment anticipated “circumstances warranting a speedier presidential replacement.”

Post blogger Jennifer Rubin has mentioned the 25th Amendment repeatedly, noting on Feb. 15 that Trump has “rais[ed] questions about his own mental stability and the potential for his removal from office (by impeachment, resignation or the 25th Amendment.)”

On Feb. 9, Time magazine just happened to publish a piece headlined “The 25th Amendment at 50 and What Happens if the President Can’t Do His Job,” noting that “the amendment has become newly newsworthy in recent weeks.”

On Jan. 31, the New York Times’ David Brooks approvingly quoted Johns Hopkins professor and former George W. Bush State Department official Eliot Cohen, who wrote on January 29 that, “It will not be surprising in the slightest if [Trump’s] term ends not in four or in eight years, but sooner, with impeachment or removal under the 25th Amendment.”

In Cohen’s article, in The Atlantic, he wrote that Trump’s presidency “will probably end in calamity,” with the possibility of an end hastened by the 25th Amendment. “The sooner Americans get used to these likelihoods, the better,” Cohen wrote.

Most of the 25th Amendment talk began at least a few days after Trump’s inauguration. But arch-neocon David Frum, the former George W. Bush speechwriter, brought up the subject on Nov. 16 — eight days after the election. In a tweet that morning, Israel-firster Frum wrote: “Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the Constitution. Article 4. We’re all going to be talking a lot more about it in the months ahead.”

Note therefore, that the question was first raised by a Republican. And it would be Republicans that strike this death blow against the last chance to save America.

All it would take is the removal by media and political pressure of a couple more loyal allies and a moment of opportunity: One crisis – real or manufactured – in which the already established fake news narratives of the ‘unstable President’ or the ‘Russian puppet’ could be used to give the Republican elite who hate Trump the excuse to stab him in the back and install their fellow natural born traitor Mike Pence in his place, “with deep regret”.

The fact that the CIA and NSA are completely in the hands of the same traitor-elite only compounds the problem. The American ‘Deep State’ is at war with its President [12] and therefore with the people whose taxes pay every cent of its bloated budget (apart from the sums that pour in through its worldwide illegal drugs network).

This is the point at which the apparently suicidally foolish street confrontation and violence being plotted by those funded and mobilized by Soros and Obama reaches its own most sinister objective. For one of its most blatantly flaunted objectives is to mobilize violent mobs. 

Not to march on the White House, but to hound and bully Republican lawmakers all over the country, in an effort to intimidate them into wanting to distance themselves from Donald Trump. What better way for a Republican to get the Democrat mob off his back than by backing, or at least not opposing, a palace coup by elite Republicans to get rid of The Donald?

And, best of all for the Beltway, New World Order elite, because such a stab in the back would be done by Republicans, “in the interests of America and to stop the violence and bloodshed”, most of the law-abiding American patriots who would rise and fight like lions against an attempted coup from the left, will watch in confused inaction as exactly the same thing is done from the right.

The enemies of Trump and American freedom go way beyond the usual left-wing suspects. They are a key part of the problem, of course. The Democrats of Clinton and Obama are not ‘bad losers’, they are bad democrats. Indeed, they have no interest in democracy at all. 

Because, for them, democracy is a means to an end, a bus one uses to get to one’s intended destination, and then gets off. And their destination is a political, economic and, above all, social revolution. Not for one term or even ‘four more years’, but - like George Orwell’s “boot, stamping on a human face” - forever. 

As this analysis makes clear, however, the bigger danger comes not from the leftists and socialists but from the right and the globalists. 

Trump’s announcement of massive investment to rebuild America’s military will have been welcomed not just by patriots and defense workers, but also by the Military-Industrial-Complex. But, despite that, the overall position of the immensely powerful corporate lobby in general, and the giant arms companies in particular, is deep hostility to Donald Trump’s very healthy instinct to see foreign adventures as a waste of treasure, energy and young lives.

Corporate giants such as Haliburton, Lockheed Lightning and Boeing make far too much money through war to accept a President who thinks it would be a really good idea to ‘get along’ with Russia.

As Dennis Kucinich, one of the few decent Democrats left, remarked when the Deep State moved to oust Flynn, there’s “Gold in them thar hills”. 

“The intelligence community is trying to undermine the administration. This is not about whether you’re for or against Donald Trump. This is about whether the American people are by-standers in a power play inside the intelligence community, the outcome of which could determine our relationship with Russia and whether billions of dollars are going to be spent in a new Cold War”

“The White House is under attack from elements within the intelligence community, which are trying to elevate tensions between Russia and the US, and at the bottom of that is money, is an agenda for someone to cash in on a conflict between the US and Russia.”

The military-industrial complex needs to re-ignite the Cold War. If it can coral the President into doing so – and at present that seems to be happening – then it may be willing to leave him in place. But if he refuses to dance to their tune, they will break him, if he doesn’t break them first.

In addition to the money to be made by the racket of war and preparation for war, there is also the money – vast amounts of money – that flows into Washington DC from foreign lobbies seeking to push or pull America into line behind their own pet projects and special vested interests. 

These are many, but of particular note are: 

* The Saudi lobby which wants the USA to fight more wars for Sunni Islam; 

* The neocon think-tanks and media operations that want USA involvement in the Middle East on behalf of Israel and to secure future American oil supplies. The same people also have an intense Russophobia

* The Likudnik lobby that wants the chaos brought by US involvement in the Middle East in order to further their quest for Eretz Israel;  

* The Soros and EU lobby that wants the USA to assist with the project to complete the replacement of the peoples and values of the monocultures of the Old Europe with a genocidal liberal melting pot; 

* The oligarchs who want the USA to break Russia so they can treat it as the giant quarry that they looted so profitably before Vladimir Putin stopped them; 

* The United Nations and the plethora of NGOs which want the USA to do the heavy lifting in the creation of a New World Order – and the giant banking institutions for which all such Useful Idiots are just window dressing.

As the arch liberal globalist magazine Time put it recently: “As a self-declared warrior against the state and drainer of Washington's swamp, he has opposition on multiple fronts.”

The key problem in response to all this is that the Trump’ revolution’ is itself a sort of democratic, popular coup against a dangerous, greedy and tyrannical elite. It has immense popular support, but no ideological or organisational base. 

As a strategist  of considerable note, Steve Bannon should have seen this and have set to work to recruit, train and build a conservative, Christian, revolutionary vanguard to occupy the key positions. 

The ease with which the administration let the media and political elite claim the scalp of National Security advisor General Michael Flynn strongly suggests, however, that the President and his handful of genuinely loyal advisors are not even focused on preserving the power they have, let alone on doing what they should be doing: Systematically purging the entire Washington machine of every anti-American, globalist, bought-and-paid-for warmongering special interest whore they can identify and replace.

Where the Trump revolution is forced by lack of suitable candidates to rely on figures inherited from the old regime, they should treat them as potential traitors to the Second American Revolution that Donald J Trump promised, and which the American people gave him the mandate to push through. As such every single one of them should be given an ‘assistant’, a Trump-loyal Commissar who keeps an eye on everything they do and reports straight back to the President.

Unfortunately, there is no sign of this happening. Which means that it is not just the Trump ‘revolution’ which is in terrifying danger. Because, at this rate, it looks all too likely that one or other of the various tactics being used to control, remove or eliminate Donald Trump will succeed sooner or later.

And, if it does, the end of the Trump story will mark the beginning of the end of the American one too. Because the Trump rebellion has shaken and terrified the interlocking elites like no other event in the history of the United Sates. They thought they had the whole place under control. They believed not just that resistance would not succeed; they believed that resistance was unthinkable.

So having lost control so completely and so suddenly, if the elite get back control, they will immediately move to ensure that such a thing can never, ever happen again. We will see a combination of revenge against the upstart masses with a ruthless shifting of the goalposts to ensure that a repeat becomes literally impossible. 

Those measures would include mass immigration and amnesties for illegals on a scale designed to complete the demographic revolution against the American majority within two or three years. They would include full-on globalisation and a massive and irreversible federal power grab. The move to centralize political and economic power would be matched by sweeping measures to eliminate the Second Amendment and the potential for armed rebellion that springs from it. 

There is one giant flaw in all the elite plans detailed above: They are ignoring the American people. That is precisely what got them into their predicament in the first place, and it may yet bring all their scheming to naught. 

Because this is not a battle between Donald Trump on one side and a few thousands traitors. It is a war between a few thousand traitors on the one hand, and Donald Trump together with the armed American people on the other. If their President calls them to defend their revolution, they will heed his call in droves. 

The question is, will Trump understand the full extent of the danger, and will he have the courage to make that call? If he does, he could yet save America and turn it from a diseased hegemon into a normal powerful country. If he does not, then he is finished, and the best the rest of the world can hope for is an American civil war. Or at worst, the World War which Trump’s unexpected victory will then only have delayed.







[6] Rape of the Masses: The Psychology of Totalitarian Political Propaganda