The (Un)holy Bombing – Easter Bombings

Religion is the simplest and the most productive tool to forward one’s political interests. This efficiency of religion in all the wrong ways is due to the general lack of religious education  both inter and intra religion, it is also because of the fact that religion flocks millions who can be easily manipulated for own personal gains of the religious leaders. The utmost devotion of humans to religion makes them an easy prey to religious extremism. What the world is made to believe today, every day and was made to believe on 21st April in Sri Lanka is religious intolerance, while what it actually is the use of religion for political/economical nefarious designs of nations against nations.
Sri Lanka has witnessed one of the worst massacres of this time; the tragedy cannot be condemned enough, but what now needs to be done is to look into the beneficiaries of the attacks carried out on the innocent people on 21st April, 2019.
 The media is pointing fingers at ISIS but up till now it has become evident that ISIS has always been used as a gizmo by powerful nations especially the U.S to create chaos, confusion, Islamophobia, instability and God knows what to achieve their heinous goals. ISIS has been created, empowered and resourced by the so called Champions of the Human Rights (U.S and its allies) to sabotage peace and further own agendas. Be it Syria or Afghanistan ISIS has always proved to be efficient in achieving the politico-economic goals of nations sponsoring it. This time again ISIS has been used as a front face by the government of a country that does not want a stable South Asia. 
The myopic government of the so called Largest Democracy of the world is and has always followed Indira Doctrine of destabilizing its neighbors to obtain supremacy in the South Asian region, so it came as no surprise when the links of the mastermind were traced back to India. She cannot digest the economic prosperity of any of its neighbors for it itself is embroiled in severe domestic issues. From water terrorism to Kashmir to the false flags operations India has done it all to malign, destabilize and weaken her neighbors.
India with the help of USA was all set to become the regional hegemonic power but then BRI happened. India cannot stand BRI for all the advantages it will bring not just for the competitor China but her arch rival Pakistan as well. 
The only fault of the victims of Sri Lankan Easter Bombing was that they were present in a country that has been targeted for the country’s stake in BRI. Their fault was that they were in the target country where Islamophobia has not yet seeped in. They have been made victim of the mass massacre by the politico-economic beneficiary of the attacks and not just some Religious terrorist organization, the organization played the role of a tool only.
If the economic and political dividends of the bombings are to be analyzed it becomes very obvious as who the beneficiary of the attacks is. The dividends include a destabilized BRI route, the general rise of Islamophobia in the region and extra region, a punishment for the supporters of BRI and a lesson for the friends of Pakistan and China. The attacks had worked as a fuel to the dying out anti-Muslim sentiments after the Christchurch attacks; the rise in Islamophobic tendencies of Asia is greatly in favor of the current extremist BJP government of India and its ideologies. It is a face saver for the government of India against all the heinous crimes it has conducted under the Hidutva ideology.
Let us not get delusional by the media’s perception creation against religions. Let us ponder on the facts on ground to find out the real beneficiaries of the Easter Bombing.