Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy

Book by Andy Ngo (New York: Hachette Book Group, 2021).

Being a gay Asian has not saved Andy Ngo, independent documentary film journalist, from the wrath of Antifa, nor more significantly from the equal freneticism of the mainstream news media. Born in the USA, the son of Vietnamese boatpeople, like many such spawn, Ngo has an enduring appreciation of Western democracy and capitalism. While routinely termed ‘Right-wing’ by Antifa and their Establishment allies, Ngo is politically in the tradition of Enlightenment Liberalism, that makes him far removed from the dissident Right , but such is the ideological confusion of the modern era, that Classical Liberalism to the Antifa mentality, equates with Fascism, and Trump, after all, was Mussolini reincarnated.

However, it is Ngo’s background as the son of Vietnamese refugees who suffered under Communist “re-education” after the USA did its predicable scuttle of the South, that prompted Ngo to examine the forces of chaos that were unleashed the very day the oligarchy’s choice for the presidency, Hilary Clinton, was ignominiously defeated by a small-time dissident from that same oligarchic milieu that the Clinton’s frequented, Donald Trump. While the Establishment bleated about the “insurrection” and the “treason” of the small Trumpite march on the Capitol, declaring this to be one of the most woeful episodes in U.S. history, the USA had been in a constant state of insurrection for the past four years.

Andy Ngo

In 2019 Ngo was beaten and kicked and had a substance thrown into his face by an Antifa mob. This caused permanent brain-damage and trauma. So far from eliciting outrage from fellow journalists, the mainstream Establishment press has scoffed and sneered and joked. The police have done nothing, which Ngo states is typical. [1]

The reaction against Ngo by Antifa is symptomatic of their collective sociopathy. For example, according to the Antifa mentality Immigration and Customs officers are akin to the Gestapo, especially since Trump ordered a crackdown on illegals. The aim is to make the so-called ‘fascists” targets wherever they are, including at their own homes. “Cyberswarming” through euphemistically called “community alerts” on social media identifies the target and his whereabouts. When Portland Antifa besieged the local office of Immigration & Customs in 2018, an officer was pinpointed and harassed in a parking lot as he went to pick up his daughter. [2] According to the Establishment media such things do not happen, and Antifa is pure and guiltless. In July 2020 in Portland a random Asian was mistaken for Ngo and was accosted by Black Bloc psychotics. The episode of Leftist racial profiling was caught on video. [3]

Communist Party Origins of Antifa

Antifa and its fellow travellers are very broad with their definition of “Fascism,” and seek out the most tenuous associations to show that someone or some-thing has Fascist connections. ‘Classical Liberalism’ is included in the blacklist of Antifa enemies, and it is this liberalism, not the traditional Right, that impels much of the “American patriot movement,” as we might call it. Antifa’s own pedigree derives directly from the German Communist Party, at a time when the allegiance was to Stalin. Shall we then say that Antifa, including the Anarchists and Trotskyites who are affiliated, are the bastardous offspring of Stalin? Uncle Joe would recoil.

Antifaschistische Aktion was founded by the German Communist Party in 1932 as a paramilitary formation to replace the Red Front Fighting League. [4] It was hoped that a broader alliance of the Left would be more successful in confronting the National Socialists at a time when paramilitary formations, such as the Social Democrats’ Iron Front (initially called a “social fascist terrorist organisation” by the Communist Party) were a part of political life.

The Communist Party had been instructed by Moscow to oppose the Social Democrats a “social fascists,” precluding co-operation with the Left against Hitlerism. However, late in the day the policy was reversed and the German comrades were instructed to seek alliances with the former “social fascists;” hence the two red flags that comprised the logo of Antifaschistische Aktion [5] Today’s Antifa has replaced one of the red flags with black, symbolising co-operation between Anarchists and Marxists.

The designation of rival Leftists as “social fascists” [6] originates not with Stalin but with earlier Bolshevik theory, when the Comintern under Zinoviev decreed in 1924: “The leading ranks of German Social-Democracy are at the present moment nothing but a part of German fascism in a Socialist mask.” [7] Hence the obsession of the Left to call all and sundry “Fascists” has a long pedigree, having emerged from the bowels of the Comintern.

Experiences in a Leftist Utopia

Following this German Communist origin, Ngo sees Antifa as having been integral to the creation of Soviet East Germany after the war, and as therefore indicative of a totalitarian character, where “anti-fascism” became enshrined as a civic religion. [8] He finds this totalitarian character of the Left even in the “autonomous zones” created by the Anarchists in the USA during the Trump presidency. CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) provides a case study of the Antifa utopia in realisation.

In June 2020 the East Precinct of Seattle was evacuated by police, as the Far Left in alliance with Black Lives Matter (BLM) took control of a densely populated business and residential area, thanks to abdication by the Mayor’s Office, after days of rioting against police by the Black Bloc arm of Antifa. With the police withdrawal the Left established their statelet, which was patrolled by vigilantes, including armed members of the John Brown Gun Club (a Far Left militia) who dispensed summary punishments in traditional anarchist manner; while some from the BLM established themselves as warlords [9] gangsta style on a rather fascistic “might makes right” premise. As one would expect, paranoia was pervasive. The Left held sway over the area for 24 days, during which there we six shootings, two murders, an attempted rape, and many assaults and robberies, in a scenario that had become familiar with the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011, when filth, drugs and violence reigned in the name of freedom.

For an ideology that seeks a borderless world, the CHAZ statelet’s borders were strictly secured by armed Leftist and BLM street squads. [10] Ngo, disguised in Black Bloc attire, observed this hell-hole for a week. While the Mayor and the Governor praised this as a peaceful experiment for a “better world,” [11]and the city maintained essential services [12] sundry Left extremists gravitating there handed out instructions on how to make bombs using light bulbs, and how to use human shields of “ordinary, everyday people,” as the first line of defence against police. [13]

“Street medics” attended to health issues, such as the deadly shooting of a 19 year old Black youth who could not be reached by police because of mob violence. [14] Two other Black youths were shot but survived. Several days later a jeep was riddled with bullets by “street security,” a 16 year old Black lad dying, while his 14 year old companion was seriously injured. Video footage shows residents being instructed to dispose of any evidence at the scene. The Left claimed that CHAZ ‘security’ had thwarted a threat by “white supremacists,” and it was presented as a “revolutionary act.” [15] Yet the Establishment media maintains the fiction that nobody has ever been killed as the result of Antifa or BLM. CHAZ ended with a 100% black victim shooting rate. [16] The Mayor finally acted to remove her idea of utopia when the reality was becoming untenable. [17]

For weeks after the ignoble demise of CHAZ, Black Bloc rioted through Seattle, looting, firebombing, smashing their way through the streets, and setting fire to the Seattle Police Officer Guild building, while trying to seal the exits. The answer of City Hall was to reduce funding to the police department and eliminate one hundred jobs. [18] [19]

Continuation of New Left Violence

Antifa is among the lineage of the Left that emerged after the war, and while Ngo sees its ideology reflected in Soviet East Germany, a more direct lineage is within West Germany, where a new generation saw the fight against Fascism as the fight against their parents and grandparents. Such politicised oedipal impulses among not only the German youth revolt, but throughout Europe and the USA during the late 1960s and early 70s impelled the New Left, based on the doctrine of Critical Theory, which had been gnawing through academia with the arrival of refugees from Hitler, such as Eric Fromm and Herbert Marcuse. These “academics in exile,” as they were known by their Rockefeller Foundation sponsors, became the ideological gurus of the New Left several decades later. Ngo considers the legacy of these Frankfurt School emigres, and especially of Professor Herbert Marcuse. [20] Ngo cites Marcuse’s seminal essay “Repressive Tolerance” [21] which provides the ideological rationalisation for the Leftist paradox of claiming to champion “freedom” while demanding the repression of all ideas that are not in accord with their dogma, or “No Platform” as in has long been called. Hence we hear the slogan “no freed speech for fascists/nazis/white supremacists,” which is extended to anyone perceived as a threat to the Left, from Liberal to neo-Nazi, and any amount of threats and violence is justified via the Marcuse dialectic.

Ngo alludes to the rise of the New Left. In Germany the Red Army Faction/Baader-Meinhof Gang was the forerunner of today’s Antifa. Their revolt was against the ‘fascist state’; aka their parents and grandparents. Andreas Baader, the founder, was a petty thief and drug addict. Ulrike Meinhof was a brain damaged journalist. [22] From 1970 to 1998 RAF are credited with 34 murders, and over forty injured in bombings and shootings. As is apt for the Far Left, the Socialist Patients Collective, a terrorist organisation which sought to make mental illness a revolutionary act, funded by Heidelberg University, served as a recruitment vehicle for the RAF. [23] While a supposed “extreme right” resurgence in Germany makes stunning headlines, not so publicized is the rise of violent Leftists, recorded by state authorities increasing by 27% between 2012 and 2017. [24]

Around the same time as RAF was forming, in the USA the Weather Underground formed with the slogan “bring the war home – kill your parents.” Between Antifa and the Weathermen one can discern the similarity of ideology, tactics and organisation. Michael Novick, a Weathermen veteran, is a notable figure in Antifa. [25] While today there is outrage at the appearance of the ‘three fingered’ salute as a symbol of “white power,” previously the three fingered salute was used by the Weathermen to symbolize the three pronged fork that split open the stomach of the pregnant Sharon Tate during the Manson “Family” murders. The Mason “Family” was idolised by the Weathermen and others of the New Left. The death of a White baby was regarded as a revolutionary act. The Weathermen’s ‘Days of Rage’ riot in Chicago, when District Attorney Richard Elrod was paralysed – to the amusement of the New Left, celebrated in an anthem to the tune of a Bob Dylan song: “Lay, Elrod, Lay” – was a prelude to the Antifa riots of the Trump era. [26] When the leaders of the Weathermen, after years as fugitives, turned themselves in, they were wrist-slapped for a decade of domestic terrorism. The leaders Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayres became esteemed academics, while academics even vaguely on the ‘Right’ are pilloried and purged (recent example: Puerto Rican ex-Marxist sociologist Dr. Ricardo Duchesne in Canada).


A pattern emerges: extreme Left violence is tolerated, ignored or excused, while the Right is smeared and outlawed. Self-defence is portrayed as “neo-nazi terrorism.”

Blair Peach was eulogised, a school even named after him, when he died confronting police during a Leftist riot against the National Front in Southall, London in 1979. The NF election campaign march and meeting has been eternally demonized, while the extreme Left (notably the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party), mobilizing migrants, were intent on, as they declared, ‘smashing the NF’ with the usual barrage of rocks and bottles, smashing shop windows and vehicles, during which twenty police were hospitalised, including two stabbed. A 67 year old NF member, unable to reach the election meeting, was set upon at Southall Railway Station on his way home, and was severely kicked by the mob. In 1983 old age pensioner Albert Mariner, on his way to an NF meeting, was struck on the head when a shower of bottles and bricks were thrown. He died the following day. The matter was neither investigated nor reported.

Anti-Fascist Action was established in Britain in 1985 [27] An anonymous article on an anarchist website states that AFA was established to physically drive the National Front and British National Party from the streets. The article is replete with imagery extolling violence.

It is falsely claimed that the NF and BNP violently intimidated ethnic communities and workers. [28] This is the long-established cant that Leftist violence against the Right has only been in self-defence. The article goes back to the Leftist confrontations against Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists during the 1930s. Here is where the myth of “Fascist violence” began. Rather, as police reports show, Mosley’s Fascists used fists against mobs armed with rocks, clubs and razor blades.

But prior to this, Leftist violence with the same weapons had been directed since the 1920s against Tory and Liberal party election meetings. Before the BUF, Mosley founded the New Party, breaking away from the Labour Party because of its failure to act with determination on unemployment. Mosley took some prominent MPs and other Labour stalwarts with him. To Labourites and Communists this was treason and efforts were made to break up Mosley’s New Party election meetings. In 1931, when Mosley as New Party candidate had sought to address a crowd at the Rag Market, Birmingham, The Birmingham Post reported “wild disorder” lasting at least half an hour, had broken out halfway through Mosley’s speech [29] Mosley formed in response stewards called the ‘Biff Boys,’ trained by Jewish boxing champion “Kid” Lewis. The subsequent Blackshirts of the BUF were a response to years of political violence by the Left.

The Left had long prevented any opposition election meetings taking place in an orderly manner. The atmosphere of the times is reflected in the statement in Parliament by T. Howard, M.P. for South Islington: “I challenge any leader of the Conservative Party, or the Liberal Party, to organise a meeting in London … and then to get a hearing. In the General Elections since 1918 until now the Labour Party in my Division had led the opposition to prevent free speech.” [30] Cecil Pike, M.P. for Attercliff Division, Sheffield, stated in Parliament the same day that he had seen “meeting after meeting” in his Division broken up, and was convinced that every other M.P. had witnessed the same.

Resuming with the anarchist eulogy to Antifa, Steven writes that it soon began to factionalize to the point of violence, indicative of the sociopathic character of the Left:

In Glasgow - around late 1992 - relationships between anarchists and Glasgow Red Action deteriorated to the extent that anarchists felt compelled to organise a separate meeting. At least two anarchists leaving the meeting were physically attacked by Red Action members. One of the organisers of the meeting - a committed anti-fascist of long standing - was later falsely smeared as a police grass in Red Action’s paper Red Action. [31]

In 1997 Antifa officially banned supporters from associating with the veteran anti-Right magazine Searchlight, on the grounds that they had ties to State security, [32] something long alleged by the Right. Antifa declined into oblivion as the BNP opted for activities other than street marches and demonstrations, and the lack of violent confrontation, Steven candidly states, undermined Antifa’s raison d’etre: “Some argued that unless AFA adapted to the new BNP strategy, AFA would ‘atrophy’ and wither. AFA was geared for confrontation. Without confrontation AFA - as it then was - would have no reason to exist.” [33]

As a prequel to the Black Lives Matter movement, to which Antifa and Black Bloc have attached themselves, the Tottenham riots in 2011 saw mass looting and arson in response to the shooting by police of Black youth Mark Duggan. His eulogy as a noble family man followed the usual Leftist pattern. Like George Floyd, he was a criminal resisting arrest; moreover, a drug dealer and gang member, armed with a pistol. The anarchists praised the riot as ‘intelligent, technological, and well-organised’. [34] Even the Leftist Guardian reported that the Black Blocs had ‘hijacked’ the London riots.


In Paris in 2013 assaults on three skinheads whilst shopping, by 6 members of l’Action Antifasciste, resulted in the accidental death of a 19 year old Antifa, who hit his head on a metal pillar after being struck twice. This Antifa hooliganism was turned into a cause celebre not only by the Left but by the Establishment, and the press worldwide condemned such “neo-Nazi terrorism.” The incident was used as justification to ban the National Revolutionary Youth, although the only member of the group present was a young woman. At the time I wrote:

The mentality of Antifa in France, as with other such organizations worldwide, is indicated by a graphic on their website depicting someone on the ground adorned with a Celtic Cross, being beaten by someone with a skateboard. Surrounding the figures are the words: “Good Night White Pride.” The appeal is to join “l’Action Antifasciste.” [35] The appeal is overtly to violent confrontation with “fascists,” the ideal fantasy, depicted here, the beating with a skateboard of an unarmed Fascist. Yet when there is a violent confrontation with the “fascists” the response is a weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth because it was an “Antifa” who got the worst of it in a confrontation that seems to have been reasonably equitable.

Presently, the youth movement Generation Identity has been banned in France solely on the basis of thought crimes. The banning comes at a time when Le Pen’s National Rally party is increasing in popularity according to pollsters.

[French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin] had already raised the possibility of dissolving the far-right group in late January when it deployed around thirty activists on the Spanish border, with cars bearing the message “Defend Europe” and the use of drones to police the frontier – the latest in a series of stunts Generation Identity has used to attract the French public’s attention. [36]


While in Greece much was made of declaring the successful political movement Gold Dawn a “criminal organization,” which meant the jailing of Members of Parliament, the long-time violent excesses of the Left go largely unnoticed. A 2013 Reuters reports [37] stated as much, in a rare look at Far Left violence:

Most media coverage of political radicals in Greece has focused on the far-right Golden Dawn party, which has risen to as much as 14 percent in voting polls after winning support with free food handouts for Greeks and fierce anti-immigrant rhetoric. But the country’s economic crisis is also driving extremism on the left.

… In the early hours of June 7, two Greek news organizations received a call warning that a bomb would soon go off in the residential Athens neighborhood of Dafni. “This is not a hoax,” the caller said before hanging up. Twenty minutes later, a bomb with at least 1 kg of dynamite exploded under a BMW car used by Maria Stefi, the director of a high-security prison in Athens where suspected anarchist guerrillas are being held. The explosion destroyed the car and smashed windows in nearby buildings; Stefi, who was not in the vehicle, was unharmed.

A day later an anarchist group called the Conspiracy of Fire Cells claimed responsibility for the bomb. The blast was one of a series of attacks this year that have jangled nerves in Athens, including an explosion in a shopping mall, a drive-by shooting at an office used by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and several gas canister explosions outside the homes or offices of politicians and journalists.

The numbers compare with 542 arson and bomb attacks over the 12 years from 1974-86, when Greece had a reputation for widespread violence by leftwing militants, though attacks in that period had more bloody results.

There were 527 arson and bomb attacks in 2012 and 254 in the first six months of this year, police data show. Security and police officials blame most of the attacks on anarchist or leftist “anti-establishment” groups. …

But the group that has become most prominent since the economic crisis erupted is the Conspiracy of Fire Cells (CFC), which is accused by police of carrying out about 150 criminal acts since 2009. Its bombs typically contain small amounts of explosives packed into pressure cookers or similar containers. One such device exploded outside parliament in 2010, causing minor damage but no injuries.

The report states of the organisational structure: “The CFC’s loose, horizontal structure of individual cells makes it hard to fight, officials and lawyers say.” … The organisation’s manifesto states of this: “The Fire Cells Conspiracy proved itself as a network of cells, just like its name suggests.” [38] Here we see the cell structure in operation that has always been a feature of anarchist organisation, which enables apologists in the Establishment parties, media and academia to claim that “there is no Antifa.” The Reuter’s article quotes from an anarchist pamphlet, which has precisely the same themes that are taught to Antifa and Black Bloc in the USA, and indeed worldwide:

One indication of the group’s philosophy is a 2011 pamphlet attributed by prosecutors to CFC members - and confirmed as a CFC document by a lawyer acting for a CFC member - that was circulated on anarchist websites. It declares CFC members are “revolutionary anarchists” waging “urban guerrilla warfare” against the state. The pamphlet says: “Everyone can learn and devise ways to steal cars and motorcycles, fabricate license plates and forge ID cards and official documents, expropriate goods and money, target-shoot and use firearms and explosives.” It encourages anarchists to employ easily obtainable items such as gasoline, jerry cans, and camping gas canisters for attacks, as well as time bombs built using instructions from the Internet….

Yet even this Reuters report has a tone of apologia for the anarchists.

Origins of U.S. Antifa

Antifa has existed in the USA from its start in Portland, Oregon, as Rose City Antifa, founded in 2007. [39] Ngo contends that the Establishment press has erred in assuming Antifa does not exist as an organization, but only as an ideology. Antifa, which also exists under sundry front-names, which is hardly surprising, while apparently not existing as a monolithic organisation, operates through cells with structures and training. The cell-structure is the norm for the Far Left, and always has been, whether as anarchists or as the Communist Party, as is the use of front organisations. This should not be a surprise for anyone. But the press, and indeed the Democratic Party, insists that antifa (small ‘a’) is a phantom in the imagination of the Far Right, and of the Trump Administration.

In 2017 a journalist from Project Veritas infiltrated Rose City Antifa (RCA). He found this was a cell within the Torch Network, which goes back to Anti-Racist Action formed in 1987. RCA has an organisational structure, degrees of membership and probation, instruction manual, and indoctrination and training classes. The latter includes instructions for Black Bloc: those with a penchant for black dress and balaclavas and a particular propensity for violence. They have long been a sight in Europe, often seen throwing molotov cocktails at police and running rampant during riots.

Other classes instruct on reconnoitering and tactics, and firearms training. Members learn to cover their identities, not to co-operate with police in any manner and not to mouth-off via social media; “be able to STFU [ shut the fuck up], no bragging, no loud talking in bars, no Facebook updates, no discussion of sensitive issues with close friends, partners, etc.” [40]

Ngo points out that much of the ideological indoctrination is nothing more than a regurgitation of the ‘critical race theory’ that is in vogue in academia. It is one of numerous points where the Far Left and the Establishment connect in a common assault on the only actual revolt against global conformity: the dissident Right.

While much is made by Antifa and its allies on the righteousness of assaulting “Nazis” and “white supremacists,” such as the knifings at a Traditionalist Worker Party demonstration in Sacramento in 2016, this obscures the equally vicious attacks on anyone deemed troubling to the sensibilities of anarcho-psychosis. The attacks on Trump supporters for example resulted in a defensive reaction with the formation of such groups as Proud Boys and Rise Above, who have nonetheless been portrayed as the villains in the face of Far Left aggression.

In November 2018 at a pro-Trump “We the People” rally, Antifa attacked a group of Marine Corps reservists. A local press account stated: ‘Investigators say that a group of men and women maced, punched, kicked, and robbed the reservists near Front and Chestnut streets on Saturday, November 17th, around 3:20 p.m., just down the street from the controversial “We the People” rally. The group allegedly called the reservists “Nazis” and “white supremacists.”’ Even here however the press maintained the myth that, “It is believed that antifa, an anti-fascism movement, has no real structural organization or leadership…,” although the assailant, Tom Keenan, was acknowledged as the local ‘antifa leader’. [41] Apparently the press and Democrats would have us believe that Antifa is nothing other than righteous citizens who spontaneously arise to attack violent Nazis in whatever form they might take, whether bedecked in swastikas or in MAGA hats; whether as skinhead youths or as elderly Republicans. Hence, there are now multitudes who have personally been through the Antifa experience who have made Unmasked an instant bestseller, and who doubt the Establishment press and Far Left portrayal of Ngo as a self-serving liar.

The aforementioned Weathermen veteran Michael Novick is one of those cited by Ngo as being prominent in the Torch Network [42] Indeed, Novick alludes to his connections on Facebook, where in typically fanciful fashion he conflates the Republican Party with Nazis and Klan, and alludes to plans to attack the presidential inauguration: “Michael Novick of Anti-Racist Action Los Angeles/People Against Racist Terror (ARA-LA/PART) reports back on the recent TORCH Antifa Network gathering in Denver CO, and efforts for direct action anti-racist and anti-fascist action, research & education in Southern California. Start planning for national January 20 convergence to counter fascism from above and below at pResident [sic] Chump’s inauguration in Washington DC (where the Klan and various neo-nazi and white power groups are planning to celebrate).” [43] Novick was a co-founder of the Weathermen front, the John Brown Anti-Klan Committee in 1978.

A recent report confirms much of what Ngo states about Antifa, including the John Brown organization: “Three members of the John Brown group were convicted for their roles in a string of bombings in Washington and New York between 1982 and 1985 - including an explosion in the U.S. Capitol building in 1983, along with explosions at three military installations in the D.C. area, and four more bombings in New York City.” [44]

Black Lives Matter

The New Left, having its antecedents within the National Student Association, a CIA front from the Cold War era received its militant impetus by associating with the Black civil rights movement. [45] Antifa continues that legacy with its BLM alliance.

Immediately prior to the death of Floyd there had been several fatalities of other Black criminals. [46] Apparently if threatened with death by armed Afro-thugs, police are expected to do the right thing, stand put and die. This is the attitude of some city administrations no less than the Left and BLM. Ngo refers to the manipulation of video footage [47] (The YouTube footage that showed the drug-upped, incoherent Floyd resisting arrest for a prolonged period, and police moderation, seems to have been consigned to the Memory Hole).

Following Floyd’s death, rioting was immediate. A state of emergency was declared in Minneapolis after three days of mayhem. [48] Kamala Harris, subsequently U.S. vice president, promptly declared solidarity with another supposed Black victim of the police, sexual offender Jacob Blake; [49] “a black father” said The New York Times [50] whose wounding while attempting to flee, ignited riots in Wisconsin, while Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, was vilified as a “white supremacist” vigilante when he and other residents sought to protect their neighbourhood from looting and arson. The Associated Press triumphantly reported that having “fact checked” they found that “some social media users sought to call Blake’s character into question with false claims about his criminal record,” but that he was not charged with rape: “Online court records show that Kenosha County prosecutors charged Blake with sexual assault, trespassing and disorderly conduct in connection with domestic abuse on July 6. An arrest warrant was issued on July 7.” [51] Perhaps sexual assault and domestic abuse are regarded as the lowest possible end of Black criminality, to the extent that it does not impinge on the character of the average Black? Is that what the Associated Press report is suggesting? Should the police have instead allowed Mr. Blake to enter his vehicle for a high speed chase to proceed?

This is the character of the BLM cause that the Left zealously promotes, while claiming that it is a “fight against white racism.” Meanwhile the Establishment media has sought to portray BLM rioting as “peaceful.”


Among the primary actions of Antifa is “doxing,” where targets are identified to get ‘assaulted, fired or stalked’ [52] One doxed target was John Jackson, an African-American veteran who owns Heroes American Café in Portland. During a ‘Day of Rage’ riot, part of the George Floyd/BLM insurrection, the windows of his café were shot out, Jackson having reived a phoned threat the week previously. He commented: “We are pro heroes, any hero -- whether it’s a teacher, a firefighter, a police officer or a vet. We’re very American in nature. I served in the military. We’re red, white and blue. Whatever side you’re on, you have a right to believe what you believe, but you don’t have a right to step on whatever you disagree with. We kind of felt like we’re neutral.”

Jackson’s café had been included in a “blacklist” of businesses. Jackson was quoted as stating that “The police didn’t respond.” [53]

This report indicates several matters: Firstly, according to Ngo, police do not generally respond to complaints against Antifa. They have been told to “stand down,” whether in mass riots or in individual assaults and attacks. Jackson can attest to this, but Ngo is called a liar. Secondly, to Antifa Jackson would have been guilty of implicit “Fascism” merely by displaying the American Flag and referring to “American heroes.”

Southern Poverty Law Center

The Southern Poverty Law Center, recommended by the Rose City Antifa curriculum (Ngo, 87, 120), provides an inexhaustible hit-list for Antifa targeting. Much lauded by the Establishment, its founder, Morris Dees, was eulogised in heroic proportions in a 1991 TV movie, [54] The real life Morris Dees is just as edifying as Martin Luther King, George Floyd and Jacob Blake.

In 2019 Dees was removed as head of the SPLC amidst allegations of “racism and sexism.” [55] That the iconic Mr. Dees was only removed after the complaints of women became too frequent to ignore is telling, and was followed by the resignation of a remorseful director. The character of Dees had long been a matter of public record. [56]

The SPLC, and allied projects such as Hope Not Hate in Britain, provide lavishly funded sources for the Far Left to target. The SPLC et al share with the Far Left a propensity to very broadly define “Fascism” which, as we have seen, is an approach that dates back nearly a century to the Bolshevik blacklisting of rivals from the Left as “social fascists.”

In 2020 the SPLC found 838 “hate groups” to hate. [57] The American College of Paediatricians, John Birch Society (boogeyman from the 1960s), American Family Association, Family Watch International, Family Research Council, Ruth Institute (Catholics), World Congress of Families, are bundled together with the Atomwaffen Division and KKK. Certain Black separatists who do not adhere to the party-line are also given equal treatment, with the New Black Panther Party and Black Muslims making the hate-list as Afro-Nazis. [58]

Assessment and Conclusion

Ngo’s book has become a prompt best-seller. I have sought to verify Ngo’s main contentions, and this has been an easy matter.

When Antifa demonstrated at the Portland bookshop, Powell’s, for selling Unmasked, intimidating the shop into withdrawing the book from its shelves (although remaining online) yet another of Ngo’s claims about Antifa was confirmed by its own actions. Video footage shows several dozen Antifa outside the shop, blocking the entrance and footpath, uttering profanities, and a typically histrionic and barely coherent masked spokeswoman calling Unmasked “active fascism.” [59]

Ngo states that his most vehement critics are among the mainstream media. Again this is easily verified. Alexander Nazaryan, writing for The Los Angeles Times, calls Ngo a “provocateur.” Calling Unmasked “supremely dishonest” he projects his own outlook onto Ngo, which Leftists are wont to do, stating that the attack on Antifa is a distraction from the real “insurrection” undertaken by some Trump supporters when they marched on the Capitol. In his own “alternative universe” to adopt his term, Nazaryan prefers to ignore the continual Leftist insurrection that had been taking place since before Trump’s inauguration, referring instead to ‘violent reactionaries who have spilled American blood’.

Nazaryan denies that Antifa would have done anything so horrible as to throw a milkshake laden with quick-dry cement at Ngo, causing brain injury. No, not Antifa, whose slogans and imagery have always focused on violence. Nazaryan does not deny that Ngo was seriously beaten by a mob, but implies that this was justified, because, according to Antifa legend, Ngo was in league with the “white supremacist” Patriot Prayer group. This assault on Ngo is proceeding to court, after a judge turned down a motion for dismissal.

Nazaryan cites Mark Bray as the USA’s “top mainstream scholar” (sic) on Antifa, denying that this exists as a formal organization, yet fails to mention that Bray is a member of the Black Rose Anarchist Federation whose book Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, is a text for the Rose City Antifa training course. [60] Further, while Dr. Bray assures us that Trump and the Right were scapegoating Antifa, he describes the Anarchist and generally Far Left tactic of infiltration and mobilization by cadres, requiring very few individuals to affect broad influence, using Occupy Wall Street as an example:

I was certainly among those who joined Occupy Wall Street in order to advance the movement’s non-hierarchical agenda and infuse it with more anarchist content while maintaining its popular appeal. I made a case for such an approach in my book Translating Anarchy: The Anarchism of Occupy Wall Street where I documented how 72% of OWS organizers in New York City had explicitly anarchist or implicitly anarchistic politics (Bray 2013). For these anarchist(ic) organizers, and their counterparts in other movements, the horizontalist movement is a broad, dynamic space where popular struggles can interact with revolutionary politics, ideally shifting through such comingling. Such struggles are opportunities for anarchists to reclaim the mantle of democracy and attack what they consider to be the fraud of hierarchical, capitalist, representative government. In the United States, for example, anarchists have had some of their greatest successes winning liberals and centrists over to their ideas by arguing that non-hierarchical direct democracy is the only true democracy.

… While they differed on the details, anarchists from Mikhail Bakunin to Errico Malatesta, from Nestor Makhno to the creators of the Federación Anarquista Ibérica (FAI) in Spain have agreed on the need for anarchists to collectively engage with mass movements to disseminate their truly horizontal political visions. [61]

So what semantics shall be had in explaining this away? Bray in his anarchist manual boasts of the anarchist and Black Bloc violence directed against the “Nazis,” ranging from actual Nazis to Trump Republicans. However, the most significant display of Antifa action was the gutless “sucker-punch” on Alt-Right spokesman Richard Spencer, which became a widely celebrated act of revolutionary heroism:

Perhaps the most significant public incident in recent American anti-fascism occurred later, on Inauguration Day, when a black-clad anti-fascist punched the white supremacist Richard Spencer in the face in broad daylight while he was giving a sidewalk interview explaining the meaning of Pepe the Frog, an alt-right mascot. (He was actually punched again, by someone else, later the same day.) It became the punch heard round the Internet, as a video clip of the incident went viral. Not only was the punching video set to a wide array of pop music, from Whitney Houston to Justin Bieber, and collected on the Twitter handle @PunchedToMusic, Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update made fun of it and a New York Times headline asked “Is it O.K. to punch a Nazi?”

Perhaps more importantly, the incident made a significant contribution toward legitimizing anti-fascism and, more specifically, the idea of physically confronting fascists and white supremacists. [62]

Remember that the Far Left, whether Anarchists or Marxists, are not constrained by any sense of honour, which they regard as bourgeois morality. Cowardly attacks on their opponents are legitimate revolutionary actions. Further on Bray boasts of the gun-toting Leftists who disrupted Trump rallies, conflating Trump Republicans with the Alt-Right and hence with “Nazism” and “white supremacy”:

With or without guns, anti-fascists have been out on the streets confronting a series of MAGA marches that have provided public organizing platforms for the alt-right. A local branch of RnR called the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club, for example, counter-protested a MAGA rally on March 25 with rifles, alongside an armed group of Arizona Brown Berets and members of Anti-Fascist Action Phoenix. On March 26, Philly Antifa and their allies were aided in their efforts to shut down a pro-Trump march by the arrival of hundreds of kids on bikes who raced through the streets blocking traffic. The police cut the Trump rally short for “safety” reasons. [63]

So where precisely is Ngo lying or exaggerating or misrepresenting?

Nazaryan condemns Ngo as having despicably downplayed the killing of Heather Heyer. Never mind that Heyer, Blair Peach style, joined a mob to violently confront a legal demonstration against the destruction of an historic monument, and was hit by a vehicle whose driver seems to have been under threat by the mob as he sought to leave. Nazaryan describes this as a murder by “white nationalists” (plural) giving the impression that it was she who was mobbed and killed. Rather, Ngo is critiquing the downplaying of Antifa’s victims, stating that while Heyer is elevated to martyrdom nobody recalls the name of a victim killed by an Antifa shooter in Portland in 2020 [64] The latter is Aaron Danielson, a Trump supporter wearing a Patriot Prayer cap, shot at a pro-Trump demonstration. (But according to mainstream media nobody has ever been killed as the result of Antifa or BLM). The murder suspect was an Antifa activist. Armed, he was killed by police in the process of arrest. Michael Reinhoehl had been posting on social media that the protests against Trump were becoming a war, where there “would be causalities.” Of course the killing of this psychopath became another cause celebre of the Left. However, the mainstream media do not report that Reinhoehl stalked Danielson and a companion through the streets before shooting him. Initially Antifa claimed that a Black had been shot by a Trump supporter. When the death of “a fuck’n Nazi” was announced to a mob, the crowd cheered. [65]

That “physical militancy” is an ingredient of Antifa activities is stated by Rose City Antifa: “anti-fascism is, by nature, a form of self-defense: the goal of fascism is to exterminate the vast majority of human beings.” [66] When “fascism” is broadened to include Classical Liberalism, that means that anything can (and is) called “fascist,” analogous to the Bolsheviks calling even to other Marxists “social fascists.” Therefore, violent opposition to a group of Trump Republicans for example, becomes a matter of “self-defence” in the service of humanity, against those advocating mass murder. Perceived opponents, from self-styled Neo-Nazis to Classical Liberals, are dehumanized in a manner analogous to the way Nazis dehumanized Jews, and justified anti-Semitism as a matter of “self-defence” or, closer yet, the way the Far Left dehumanize certain classes and justify their extermination as “class enemies.”

Nazaryan is reduced to banal quips:

Seeking proof of antifa’s military cohesion, he [Ngo] quotes from a training manual he managed to obtain: “Childcare will be provided. Please just let us know the number and ages of the children ahead of time.” The road to Stalinism, I have long maintained, will be paved with BPA-free playmats.

Nazaryan selectively quotes Ngo’s citation of an Antifa syllabus, but precludes mention of the very real paramilitary and urban guerrilla training, as we have seen. Scoffing is the modus operendi of Nazaryan and sundry other journalists.

Apart from the “expert testimony” of a supposedly “objective scholar,” Mark Bray, who transpires to be the USA’s leading Anarchist spokesman and ideologue, whose book on Antifa unintentionally confirms rather than repudiates Ngo’s thesis, Nazaryuan cites the opinions of the Center for Strategic and International Security, on the supposedly non-threatening character of Antifa. While Nazaryan quips that this is “hardly a lefty outfit,” it is a globalist outfit, with an agenda that parallels the Left in combatting opponents of open borders, and one world-one race. As Ngo has shown Antifa has its fellow-travellers at City Hall, on Capitol Hill, and in the Establishment media. The CSIS article cited by Nazaryan is “Who are Antifa, and are they a Threat?” by Seth G. Jones , [67] whose background is in such high-powered Establishment institutions as the RAND Corporation, at the centre of what the Far Left have historically called the “military-industrial complex.” [68] A high-powered globalist think tank, the CSIS was founded in 1962. The current president and CEO is Thomas Pritzker, one of the oligarchs who donated to the Biden/Harris run against Trump. [69]

CSIS expenses for 2019 reached $US42.9 million, mostly from corporations, foundations, endowment, and governments. Some of the Trustees include Brendan Bechtel, Bechtel Group.; Othman Benjelloun, BMCE Bank; the seemingly immortal Henry Kissinger; Kewsong Lee, The Carlyle Group; James McNerney, Boeing; Frances Townsend, MacAndrews & Forbes Inc.; Darren Woods, Exxon Mobil, et al. [70]

Nazaryan inadvertently shows the nexus between what is routinely dismissed as “conspiracy theory;” the long-time association between the ultra-Left and plutocracy, both of which have globalist aims. It is a nexus that pushed at Trump from above and from below, which Ngo would probably not suspect, but which opens up a large historic vista. While the Establishment press was scathing in its condemnation of ‘conspiracy theories’ as ‘threats to democracy’, once the election was done and dusted, after having done its own share of scoffing, Time came clean:

In a way, Trump was right. There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans. … This is the inside story of the conspiracy to save the 2020 election, based on access to the group’s inner workings, never-before-seen documents and interviews with dozens of those involved from across the political spectrum. … the labor movement; the institutional left, like Planned Parenthood and Greenpeace; resistance groups like Indivisible and MoveOn; progressive data geeks and strategists, representatives of donors and foundations, state-level grassroots organizers, racial-justice activists and others. … [71]

The character of this anti-Trump nexus was that, “The group had no name, no leaders and no hierarchy, but it kept the disparate actors in sync. …” [72] It sounds rather familiar.  

As is often the case with revolutions, once psychotics and the rabid are unleashed they do not always know when to stop. With the Biden election, and the common enemy defeated, the ultra-Left fractured as is their wont. The bizarre situation emerges of Rose City Antifa distancing itself from other anarchists who want to continue the revolution: Biden is unlikely to open the prisons, disband the police, and eliminate private property. Hence,

The hundreds of far-left and anarchist demonstrators who gathered in protest mere hours after President Biden swore the oath of office Wednesday signal a fracturing on the left that could become a scourge for the new administration, political leaders and experts say. Some activists are carrying their destructive tactics into a new administration to voice rejection of centrist ideologies they believe will do little to address existential worries over climate change, economic inequality, foreign wars and racism. 

The vandalizing of the Oregon Democratic Party headquarters by extreme-left demonstrators on Inauguration Day has split Portland liberals, and federal agents’ launching of tear gas at crowds that descended on the city’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters produced scenes reminiscent of similar summer standoffs ordered by President Donald Trump. In Seattle, a march organized by anarchists and the city’s Youth Liberation Front branch roved through neighborhoods, chanting expletives at both Trump and Biden, some breaking windows at the original Starbucks. In Denver, dozens of demonstrators burned an American flag and yelled epithets at police. …

More than 100 protesters in black bloc — all-black attire meant to anonymize the wearer in a crowd of similarly dressed people — had gathered on Wednesday at Revolution Hall, a music venue in the southeast part of the city, before a handful of demonstrators broke off to bash in the windows of the vacant Democratic headquarters while others shielded them from view with large, black umbrellas. [73]

While during the Trump era so-called experts objected that anarchists posed no discernible threat, and that it was divisive “false news” contrived by Andy Ngo, Trump, et al, now that the insurrection continues from the start of the Biden Administration, even Seth Jones of CSIS and the Establishment press are getting alarmed. Meanwhile, late March 2021, across the sea to Bristol, England, hundreds of anarchists surround a police station, injuring police, including one Constable with a collapsed lung, after having been stomped on, while photos of suspects released betray a wild-eyed gleam that poses the question: is this more a question for psychiatry than politics? [74] Back in Oregon there is again rioting on the streets as this is written, in response to a call for an ‘autonomous demonstration’ against the Department for Homeland Security. [75]


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