The Unraveling of the Riyadh Declaration: The Qatar Dossier & the End of GCC


As the possible Qatari separation from the rest of hopefully soon to be defunct GCC and in particular the Wahabbi oil-rich dictatorship of Saudi Arabia, do I need to remind anyone that 80% of Qatar’s 2.3 million population are foreign workers and non-citizens? These disproportional numbers hold true for many of the other filthy rich sheikdoms of Persian Gulf. 

Qatar itself relies heavily on food imports from Saudi Arabia, which as of now are scheduled to be blocked, short of an 11th hour diplomatic miracle. Two million de facto slaves will be lining up for food. Let that sink in for a moment. Could internal strife be one of the intended consequences of the Saudi food block?

These are the kind of countries that Washington allies and partners with, while declaring Venezuela a “dictatorship and a threat to US security” - a government that has puts roofs over the heads of the poor, organized literacy campaigns, provided health care, and directs income from oil to benefit the people.

Truly a revolting, heartless, inhuman, unethical state. I am talking about the US!

The Iranians, on the other hand, are fully taking advantage of this Gulf discord as they should. Because of the efficiency of the Qatari leadership cadre and decision making body, things are moving rather quickly and it seems a lot of the Qatari-backed terrorists in Syria and Iraq are surrendering en masse if not downright eliminated by the axis of resistance countries. The case of Mosul’s liberation especially comes to mind. Also, we are finally seeing the full manifestation of the great rift between Wahabbism and Muslim Brotherhood. This has now turned into a wedge.

During Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia, a so-called "Riyadh Declaration" was signed. This was in effect a declaration of war on Iran! With Qatar out, the jig is up, as the saying goes, since the gigantic military base for U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) is located in none other Persian Gulf country but Qatar. CENTCOM has been based in Qatar for many years.

As a result of these shifts and shuffling, it turns out that Iran has already defeated this "Riyadh Declaration" rather easily without a shot being fired (so far), much to the beautiful round-the-clock olive branch Iranian diplomacy towards Qatar. Or shall we call it a brilliant divide-and-conquer strategy? Well, that depends on which angle you look at it. The Iranian strategy was implemented by President Rouhani’s foreign minister Dr. Zarrif. This, of course, was fully coordinated, as to be expected, at the highest echelons of the Iranian political power structure. 

Also, the illusion of the meeting between US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his Saudi boy, Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir, where they had that mysterious talk of a "good plan" where in fact they said nothing and walked off, that illusion is now completely busted. So much for their "good plan". 

Could it be that Al-Jubeir and the rest of the backward-minded Saudi leadership got suckered into putting a mere half a trillion dollars on the table for a plan to attack Iran, a wishful Saudi wet dream that would never get materialized? The Iraq War costed the Saudis nearly $10 trillion and they got nothing for it but a few oil tankers. 

The truth is that the Saudis got suckered once again. The Saudi boy Al-Jubeir must be in deep trouble at home, with the House of Saud having gambled all the dough for nothing. There is nothing they can do with all those $110 billion weapons that are scheduled to be handed to them by their masters in Washington.  And, Yemen continues to stand up against the Saudi-imposed war. This resistance in-and-out-of-itself is a defeat for Saudi Arabia and a victory for Iran and its allies in the region.

This is why the Saudis are over-reacting to Qatar. This is why the first item on Saudi Arabia’s 24-hour ultimatum to Qatar was, “Immediate severance of diplomatic relations with Iran.” Without a de-facto war on Iran, they are abject suckers and losers as they have always been throughout their miserable “history” of miscalculations and repeated failures. But what else is to be expected from a bunch of overnight rags-to-riches savages – barbarian thugs and murderers who have supported every Islamist terrorist cause since the 1960s in order to stamp out moderation [and modernity itself] so they can substitute it with their own fundamentalist and crazy interpretation of Islam, more like utter misinterpretation of Islam.

To avenge their defeat, i.e. the defeat of this so-called “Arab NATO” and their planned war on Iran, the imperialists once again attacked the Syrian government forces [in Syria] and Russia of course is forced to confront them yet once again.

This is the fourth time Washington has attacked Syrian government forces, the third time since Donald Trump became president, and the second time since the current stand-off over Washington’s presence in southern Syria. Washington claims the Syrians were within 55 kilometers of the US base at Al-Tanf. But as usual with their utterly false and unsubstantiated claims, this 55 kilometer exclusion zone is yet another unilateral Washington invention. It has no grounding in law or common sense.

The truth is Washington's imperialism and the hegemony of its petty family oil-rich dictatorship proxies in the PERSIAN Gulf are clearly in disarray. Indeed, this a wonderful development and geopolitical karma in action. It is a worldwide phenomenon and Washington and her allies’ discord will only increase with every move they make. Such is the price for an unsustainable, idiotic, and essentially diabolic foreign policy. No one will be mourning for them. More disintegration is to follow in the Washington-Riyadh-Tel Avis axis of evil. Stand by.