UNSC discussed Kashmir issue based on ground situation emerged recently

It is the second time within 6 months that the Kashmir issue has been discussed at UNSC on 15 January 2020. The last meeting was held on 16 August 2019, on the same issue. UNSC discussed the Kashmir issue based on the ground situation emerged recently. Kashmir is a global issue recognized by UNSC. It is a long-standing dispute pending for 7 decades among China, India, and Pakistan. It is not an internal matter of India only. The Kashmir is divided among three countries: China, India, and Pakistan. It is worth mentioning that it was India who approached UNSC on Kashmir issue in 1948 and then the UNSC passed several resolutions on Kashmir to settle this issue.
India has been delaying the implementation of UNSC resolutions on Kashmir and simultaneously engaged in changing demography of the region, by inhabiting Hindus from other parts of India to settle down in Kashmir to change the Muslim Majority in Kashmir. Kashmir has a Muslim population of up to 87%. Under the UNSC resolution, people of Kashmir were granted the right of self-determination by plebiscite to decide either to join Pakistan or India. India knows the people of Kashmir desires to join Pakistan, that is why India has been using excessive use of force to suppress the public opinion and struggle for self-determination. India revoked its own constitution and UNSC resolution and deployed 900,000 troops to impose curfew in Kashmir.
The ground situation is extremely dangerous and human right violations has crossed all record in the history of human beings. 8 Million People are under siege since the 5th of August 2019. Indian atrocities and brutalities have reached a peak. Killing, torturing, detentions, arrests, rape are very common in Kashmir. Children are kept in detention camps away from their parents. India is following all steps of Hitler and may end up in the same outcomes. India is engaged in ethnic cleansing and genocide. The situation is leading toward holocaust.
Foreign Office (FO) spokesperson Aisha Farooqi, commenting on the discussions held at the UNSC on Kashmir on 15 January 2020,  at the weekly media briefing, said continued international scrutiny would pressure the Modi government to reverse its unilateral measures and end human rights abuses, ceasefire violations and threats against Pakistan.
Thanking the Security Council for discussing the issue, she said the move by China had reaffirmed that Jammu and Kashmir was an internationally recognized dispute and it must be finally settled in accordance with relevant UN Security Council resolutions and popular aspirations of the Kashmiri people.
Ms. Farooqi said the UN’s Political Affairs and Peacekeeping Affairs departments made presentations on the situation at the meeting. “Since it was a closed session and Pakistan is currently not a member of the UNSC, we do not know the exact debate that took place. However, the fact that the debate took place and lasted that long shows that it was an all-encompassing debate,” she said.
Although India is a big market, and many countries keeping eyes on this big market for economic reasons, but their silence on Indian atrocities is criminal negligence. Pakistan has been up-dating the ground realities to the International community with the hope that the International community may take appropriate measures to protect humanity. Prime Minister of Pakistan in his interview with German Broadcasting agency has warned that India is in the hands of extremists, RSS, which was established in the 1920s, with the same ideology of Nazis in Germany and India is following all foot-steps of Hitler. One should not expect much different out-comes of Indian policies and steps. It must be noted, Hitler was equipped with Nuclear weapons, but RSS in India is equipped with Nuclear weapons, the human disaster may become even much big. This disaster may not be limited to India and its neighbors only but may involve the whole region, having a global impact. 
It is appealed that the international community may take initiatives to implement the UN resolution is its true spirit.  Our demand to respect Humanity, respect to the UN Charter and implementation of UN Resolutions on Kashmir may not be considered high. The world may think rationally and act smartly. 
Save Humanity! Save Kashmir!