The uprising against the modern world of Steve Bаnnon

First analysis of Trump’s apostasy

First analysis of Trump’s apostasy

Trump prepares for new invasions, and without any consultations with Russia and even against it. It means a sharp change in his position. Indirectly it shows once again that Trump did not have any Russian support, but Swamp’s pressure on him, the fake news about Russian hackers, worked: from now on, any sympathy expressed to Russians, by anyone, is viewed in the US as " State crime ". Of course, after the assault on Assad's troops and sending of the squadron to the shores of North Korea, and especially after the removal of Steve Bannon, all suspicions of Trump’s disloyalty towards the World Government and the global elite have been removed (this is directly voiced and recognized by the universally recognized speaker of the globalist lobby, Farid Zacharias). At the same time russophobia in the US and Western countries will continue and will only grow. One company of lies is overwhelmed by another, and so in the period. But this is an informational post-industrial society - what we wanted. Welcome to the virtual world. Reality is abolished as something obsolete. In a word, Trump came to power not with the support of Putin, that is now clear. Nevertheless no one takes the blame off from Putin, on the contrary. He is more guilty than ever. Great turn.
After Trump turned 180 degrees relative to his entire electoral program, platforms and rhetoric, one should ask: what was that show? Since Trump so quickly and easily became a puppet in the hands of traditional neocons, all of the previous facts must be rethought. The simplest version is the conflict between the two poles in the Trump environment: his son-in-law Zionist Jared Kouchner, on the one hand, and Stephen Bannon, on the other. That leads us to a new terminology - "kuschnerits" and "bannonites." Of course, this is the ultimate simplification, but it is rather revealing.
Ideologically, in the United States there are two main ideological centers - CFR and neocons. Together they make up the Swamp. They determine the mentality of political and economic elites, control the information sector and education. They are the software of the American State. The US institutions themselves are hardware. Where software intersects with hardware, the Deep State zone begins.
At the other end of this system are ordinary Americans. They partly accept the imperative of this dual-core elite, and partly reject it, relying on their own - local, fragmentary, old-American - thinking. Obviously, Trump in the election campaign appealed to these old Americans, and promised them a revolution against the System, including both its poles - CFR and Neocons.
Now the question is: where did Trump get this from? To develop such a model of the presidential company billions of dollars and personal energy are not enough. It's about ideology. And the ideology is extremely delicate thing, it is impossible to invent it by order. And no PR management can replace it with political technologies. That's where we come to the phenomenon of Bannon, Breitbart, Alex Jones and Alt-Right. We can conditionally call this group "Bannonites". It was Bannon and the "Bannonites" who suggested Trump at the start of the presidential race to bet on breaking the templates and on declaring war to the dual-core elite. Bannon is the only one who was ready for this, because he was a traditionalist, which means he was at a great philosophical distance from the very paradigm of Modernity (such as Ezra Pound or Thomas Eliot). It was he who explained to Trump that any conventional election strategy is doomed to failure: in the race it is possible to win only if we go beyond the dominant ideology - both in its left-liberal (purely globalist) version, the CFR, and its right Atlantist (unipolar) version, Neocons.
The whole Trump’s company was built on the symmetrical and systematic rejection of both ideological models dominating the US elite. Against the linear Atlanticism of neo-conservative imperialism, Trump promoted the idea of renouncing interventionism (which he reproached in the case of all previous presidents). He contrasted CFR globalism with classical realism in International Relations (in the spirit of E.Carr and H.Morgenthau). That is, it was a return to American policy before the Wilson era. This is what Trump promised and it was precisely for this that the old-Americans supported him, identifying in him their leader in opposition to the ruling "new elites". Technologically and conceptually the basis of Trump's victorious strategy is called Stephen Bannon and the "Bannonites" in a broad sense. Great was the role of Alex Jones and his portal Infowars.
But on April 7, 2017, we witnessed a sharp turn in the policy of Trump. In one gesture, he has renounced to the previous line, turned away from the "Bannonites" who brought him success and made him President of the United States, and took a sharp position in line of the traditional neocons. Here is the most important thing. If the "Bannonites" are in fact a group of isolated, nonconformist conservatives standing at a distance from the Modernity and Postmodernity, the "kuschnerites", that is, the group of Tramp's son-in-law, married to his daughter Ivanka, is an entirely empty concept, since Trump did not betray the "Bannonites" in favor of "Kuschnerites", but he did betray the "Bannonites" in favor of  neocons, which is quite another matter. Kushner, unlike Bannon – is nobody, just a young wealthy Jew, being nothing as personality, without any deep ideological positions. He simply acts as a link between Trump and Zionism sympathizing neocons, no more. And such links in the surroundings of Trump (and without Ivanka and Kushner) are sufficiently present.
If we try to find something similar to Trump figure, the experience of early Berlusconi in Italy is very revealing. Pragmatic and rather cynical billionaire Silvio Berlusconi in his election strategy relied on an alliance with those whom the Italian liberal establishment, the Italian Swamp, did not admit in the big politics for decades. That is - on the Movimento Sociale Italiano, at whose origins stayed the traditionalist Julius Evola and his followers. The head of MSI, Gianfranco Fini, made a career under Berlusconi, and Berlusconi himself came into big politics and became the chief of State. But then he quietly abandoned MSI, not for ideological reasons, but because of pure opportunism. The fact that he dropped MSI, you can understand. It is more difficult to imagine how he decided to overcome the taboo on contacts with the extreme right.
In fact, Trump repeated this move. And again: the fact that he betrayed the "Bannonites" and, along with them, the old-Americans, it's more than natural. Apparently, he turned out to be an opportunist, and for an opportunist such behavior is quite logical. But another thing is important: how did he decide to go to such an extreme and bold presidential election scenario? And most importantly - why did the concept of "Bannonites" work?
This is the most important thing: both Berlusconi's case, and on an even more grandiose scale the case of Trump show the huge and powerful potential of Western societies to resist against the globalist elite (Swamp). This dispositive is held in the ghetto of the liberal world concentration camp. What kind of power of inner protest against ruling elites there should be in a American or European nations in order to respond at such scale to the call of radical criticism against the Swamp! The most important aspect is not that Trump has betrayed people, but that the American People did show his will and his decision to fight for the national dignity and greatness.
The fact that Trump quickly betrayed everyone, does not have a decisive significance for the ideological fate of the world. Maybe now he, and not the bloody Hilary, will be last drop that will finish the imperial overgrowth of the US and bury this globalist monster. There is nothing personal - sooner or later the power of the Swamp, which drained Trump, will collapse. But the fact that Trump's ideas (that is, essentially the "Bannonite" program) provoked such a strong support of old-Americans, is of decisive importance. Bannon through Trump has challenged the globalist elites and found such understanding and support in the American people, that show – the People is ready to awake from liberal sleep.
Of course, the moment of the global conservative revolution has not yet come, but the story of Trump's success shows that this moment is approaching.
Yes, we hastened to recognize the irreversibility of the multipolar world's advent, based on Trump's words. The Swamp is still powerful and strong. It was able to recode the president already in the first months of his stay in the White House. But his electoral campaign, which now is revealed not as his personal project, but as a heroic and successful operation of a group of American traditionalists, is a grandiose example of the victory of those forces that oppose globalism and Atlanticism, that fight against CFR and neocons, against the global Swamp and (post)modern world.
"Bannonites" is the name of an alternative subject of world history. And this is very, very serious.
And so the war is approaching, but this is not the war of Donald Trump, but the same impersonal war of the globalists and neocons that were led by many White House puppets - white, black, right and left. Trump is no more, but there is Steven Bannon.