US’ False Flag Communication

US terrorist state announces the possibility of bombing Iranian nuclear facilities. Actually, it is a blatant lie, but since the West does not recognize the true or false anymore, it spreads deranged language and deceptions in order to accomplish its goals. 
When Pentagon, CIA and other armed or intelligence wings of US terrorist state announce new armed attack on some country, it usually appears that the announced reasons and causes of their projected actions are false. It usually appears that the goals are some others and that the initial communication was ‘false flag’ communication about their intentions. It always turns out that bombing of any country that US terrorist army (and other members of Axis of Evil) undertakes, is about colonizing and robbing.
The only thing that US terrorist army would not do now is bombing Iranian nuclear facilities. It is more certain that they would bomb everything else, they would destroy entire country’s infrastructure in order to make it harder for people to live and then, state and people would eventually surrender. And, then, nuclear facilities would be the thing to easily seize – not to bomb. They would rather bomb everything else in order to get into possession of Iranian nuclear programme and facilities.
Iranian nuclear facilities are not a simple reason for bombing and not a simple target for US terrorist state’s military. It is a prey and potential asset for the future. 
As US military does not respect any international or military law, it is possible that civilian infrastructure can be put on the list for bombing and after being bombed, may be declared ‘collateral damage’ - which deprives US military of responsibility. UK already announced its involvement. The rest of the Axis of Evil are expected to join. It is also possible that various Western ‘satellite states’ will be mobilized to stop their relations (any kind of relations) with Iran and to help in destroying it. 
That is why Iranian military should take into consideration air defence strategies of Serbian military from 1999, when Serbian military out-manoeuvred ‘invisible’ US planes and all various kinds of air attacks. It was not because Serbian military was stronger, it was because of Serbian military tradition and its resilience. Serbian military has been developing for centuries. There are Serbian soldiers’ boots older than USA. 
And there are Iranian warriors in Iranian tradition called Immortals – it is said that if a Persian warrior is killed, another one appears instantly. 
The threats directed from across Atlantic about more atrocities and evil in the Middle East, namely in Iran, and the joining of a small islands kingdom near Europe to this insanity is a sure sign of total misconception and basic misunderstanding of the state of affairs around the world. Which is not strange to the globalists’ programmed and mentally ill quasi-elite.
Which means there is no rules, there is no casus belli. False flags only. Wars based on false flags are favourite to Westerners and ‘Israelis’. 
By the way, since when is ‘Israel’ in Europe or in Northern America? Why ‘Israeli’ sport teams take part in European leagues? Why ‘Israel’ competes in Eurovision? Why AIPEC and ADL decide about US’ politics?