US-India 2+2 Dialogue: The US expectations and potential of India

The second US-India 2+2 dialogue was held on 18 December 2019 in Washington, the USA. Indian Minister of Defense Rajnath Singh and Minister of External Affairs Dr. S. Jaishankar met their counterparts Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Mark T. Esper. 
It was an important event for the regional and geopolitics as the US has chosen India its partner in this part of the world to look after its interests. It seems the US is depending on India to achieve its strategic goals in this region through India, especially in respect of “Contain China” and “Counter Russia”. 
According to a joint statement released after the 2+2 dialogue ( The US is generously extending the highest degree of cooperation and assistance to India. Either it is economic assistance, or Political support, either support for Indian in UNSC or NSG, Transfer of Technology or supply of lethal weapons, training or human resource development, simply all dimensions help toward India is not a free lunch. The US must have tasked India and wanted to achieve its targets. 
The US has entrusted India to play a role in Afghan affairs, extended all sorts of support and assistance to India to achieve its goals in Afghanistan. There was a high expectation from Washington against its liberal assistance to India. But after a long time, President complained that India built a library in Kabul only. A war-torn country, in the state of war, is anybody who will utilize this library? The US wanted the Indian army to be involved in the actual war inside Afghanistan. But India involved only in getting contracts in Afghanistan and making money only. Indian any role in Afghanistan is irrational and out of question. India has no common border, common culture, common religion, or anything in common and could not understand the nature of the Afghan issue in its original spirit. However, there are no restrictions on the dreams of anyone. 
Looking into history of Indian behavior, it is easy to understand that India milked Russia in the 1950s to 1980s, when Russia was a superpower and India was getting all sorts of assistance from Russia, either it is defense technology transfer or Weapons or Economic interests or financial aid, trade concessions or human resource development, etc. But when Russia was not in a position to help India, India immediately turned its face toward the US. Indian history is full of betray and disloyalty. 
Now India has become the biggest beneficiary of US aid and assistance after the state of Israel. Is India a trustworthy partner? Will India meet the expectation of the US to “Contain China” and “Counter Russia??” Is India possessing such a potential??? Let’s wait and time will tell!
Let India milk the US and get benefits with respect to strengthening its Economy, Science & Technology, Defense, Political & Diplomatic front, Education, etc. And when the time will reach when there will be direct confrontation between the US and China or the US and Russia, India may change its affiliations suddenly.
Indo-pacific alliance among the US, Japan, Australia, and India, is aimed directly to contain China and counter Russia. Is India have such an intention?
However, it is a free world and if the US considers the convergence of interests with India, they should move forward, no one has any fear of such evil cooperation. It is the common interest that makes friends or foes in the geopolitics. 
The US is keeping its eyes closed on Human Rights violations in India and illegal occupation of Kashmir and the introduction of discriminatory citizenship law. Indian involvement is international terrorism is also ignored by the US. Undue support might damage the US image too and isolate India in this region. 
The third 2+2 Dialogue is expected to be held in India in 2020.