Van der Bellen has disappointed even his supporters

Background source: author Etereuti

The following is from an interview transcript


So, when you are talking about Alexander Van der Bellen one also has to rethink the election results in the first round of Austrian presidential elections.

In this round Hofer won the race with more than 30 %, Alexander Van der Bellen actually was only on the second place in a very close range. So, when we talk about him, we have to realize, that he wasn’t that popular.

Therefore, he was just a compromise candidate of the swamp in Austria, and he is maybe famous for being very liberal. Van der Bellen is a western-style communist who ran for the abolition of family, for drug legalization and other liberal ideas.

But the interesting thing we can see after in the first month of his presidency is that he actually  didn’t do nearly anything. He remain very silent, very calm and when it actually cames to the demands of the extreme-lefts and liberals. For example, in the case of campaign to ban the Academikerball - the meeting point of the patriotic forces in our country, Alexander Van der Bellen actually said: “No, that`s not a problem, let them dance”.

Therefore, he got elected because a lot of people from the extremely left camp actually put their hopes on him and thought that he would be a strong defendant of liberalism and leftists ideals in our country but on practice Alexander Van der Bellen did not fulfill his promises. He seems to be just another puppet, who has nothing to do of importance and the moment of truth will actually be after the next parliament elections-2018 in Austria.

New Parliament is going to be elected and the Freedom Party (FPÖ) has very high chances of becoming the chancellor party. But President Van der Bellen can provoke the state crisis not to allow the FPÖ's candidate to become chancellor. But until this moment is reached one can`t say a lot about him because in the first place he has actually disappointed us and his most radical supporters. So we`ll see in the future what Alexander Van der Bellen is really about.

It`s very interesting to see what will happent in the upcoming elections.

Directly after the presidential re-election the rates of FPÖ was high, mostly because of the massive popularity of Norbert Hofer among the patriotic camp.

Now, FPÖ is still leading. The distance between FPÖ and others, especially with socialist’s party, has shrinked to 6-7 %. And this is because the true government parties, socialists and conservatives, are very desperate to gain those voters that they`ve lost to the FPÖ. So, now they are pushing for land order program, which was actually summarized by our Interior Wolfgang Sobotka, which is even going to direction of totalitarianism. In the future he want to put patriots to jail, who are in his eyes a part of organization-enemy to the state, so this will be very tricky, if he`s actually able to enact these laws.

But there is also e.g. "head scarf" ban for Muslims in Austria which will now be put into effect. Therefore, there is a huge conflict between Socialists' party which has a Muslim as Secretary of State who is friendly to extremists in our country and wants to entroduce the partsof the Sharia law. And, at the same time, we have the Conservatives, who are still trying to regain votes in their land order campaign which is actually summarized by Wolfgang Sobotka and also by Sebastian Kurz, who is the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Integration for foreigners.

I think it will be very interesting to see if Reinhold Mitterlehner,  the head of the Conservatives , will win the next elections, because Conservatives nowadays are very unpopular in Austria. But if we looking at the Socialists on the other hand, there is Christian Kern, who presented so-called "Plan A" in the last month. This plan is about making the Socialists more right-wing, more patriotic.

Therefore, for the first time in the history of Socialists party he calls for assimilation of immigrants, he calls for the end of multiculturalism and he even wants to restrain the influence of Islamists in our country, which is somehow very spectacular because a lot of people inside the Socialists party are actually also affiliated with Islamists ranks.

So, we will see if the FPÖ can gain momentum. They have to convince the population that they are the real patriotic force in Austria. And it`s interesting to see if the Freedom party will be able to gain a huge majority in order to become the leading governmental party after the next elections.  Because it was also the plan of socialists party. Last week thre was a leak, that they want to former a coalition-government with the Green party and another smaller liberal parties of Austria.

So the really question is if FPÖ will lead the patriotic government or the establishment will use all their tricks to reunite  the "swamping" Austria and establish a Socialists government with all the extreme parts of liberalists spectrum.