Vatan Party Salutes the Macedonian People that rejected membership in NATO


Deputy Chairman of Vatan Party and Deputy Chairman of International relations, Yunus Soner made a press declaration on the Macedonian referendum of 30th of September, 2018. Soner said the following:

On the 30thof September, 2018, the people of Macedonia was called to a referendum. They were presented the following question: “Do you accept the change of name of the country in order to obtain the membership in the EU and the NATO?”


91.4% of the voters answered the question with “Yes”. But the great majority of the Macedonian people, 63.2% rejected and boycotted the referendum.

Macedonia is a country facing important economic problems. An important part of its citizens are trying to earn their living in the EU. But inspite of these circumstances, the Macedonian people rejected in majority the change of the name of their country to obtain EU and NATO membership. 

With this position, the Macedonian teached the world the a lesson of honor. The Macedonian people in majority not only maintained the name of their counrry but also preserved their history. 


The owner of this referendum is the US. The US provided the name agreement (Prespa Agreement) between Macedonia and Greece, as a step to lift Greece’s veto against Macedon membership in the NATO.  

The US desires to integrate Macedonia to the NATO, along with Bosnia and Georgia, to strengthen its front against Russia. 

But the US is not only targeting Russia. Just the last week, the US has held military maneuvers in the Aegean with the participation of Greece, hut the exclusion, thus targeting of Turkey. This adds to the conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean between US, Israel and Greece on the one side and Turkey on the other. 

Therefore, those countries that shall be included into the NATO will be positioned against Turkey as well. And therefore, the Macedonian people in result also said “NO” to conflict with Russia and Turkey. 

The EU-Commissar for Enlargement, Johannes Hahn had declared before the referendum that a “No” vote would result in cancellation of the EU-membership. Representatives of the Atlantic have realized several visits to Macedonia before the referendum and have rallied in favor of participation and the “Yes” vote. 

The Macedonian people have not submitted to this pressure.


After the referendum, the Atlantic has entered the state of panic, with declarations that try to neglect the will of the Macedonian people. The Secretary General of the NATO, Stoltenberg, said “we salute the ‘yes’ vote and call all political parties to a constructive dialogue.” US State Department Spokesperson Nauert said “the US salutes the result and supports al initiatives and agreements that enable Macedonia’s membership in the EU and NATO.” 

The Atlantic System tries to neglect the declaration of will by the Macedonian people, but the whole world has witnessed a historical victory of this people against them.


As Vatan Party, we salute the Macedonian people that rejected the country’s membership in the NATO and it’s positioning against Eurasia. In the coming period, we will deepen the cooperation with all political parties in Macedonia to avoid the country becoming an enemy of Eurasia and to work jointly to turn the Balkans into a region of peace and cooperation.