The violence and instability in Colombia, suits the United States


The Peace that Colombia deserves has many powerful enemies, as we pointed out in the previous topic. The main one of them, the United States, who would have no justification, to maintain presence and influence, in South America.

In case there is Paz...

Politics "good neighbor", through the Agency for International Development (USAID), should be withdrawn from all agreements "collaboration" so that Colombia "regain control of the state in conflict zones".

The United States , through that agency, exerts great influence , in all governmental bodies and "factical powers", through "civil society", and innumerable "development agreements" , especially in vulnerable areas . . ( See )

The policy of "war on drugs", through, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), would terminate the "excellent working relationship with the police and prosecutors ... in gathering information, evidence and assistance " (See )

Because it is the "world's leading power of the drug ". DEA for such a great "collaboration" must necessarily have thousands of agents, investigators, intelligence analysts, and informants in Colombia.

The "fight against terrorism", through the other "classic power estates" such as the National Security Agency (NSA), Department of Defense (PENTAGONO ) , must necessarily conclude .

These agreements, tried to be formalized in the Military Agreement between Colombia and the United States of 2009, with the infamous presence , of 7 military bases, which were ruined , by decision of the Constitutional Court , August 2010, for "not having been endorsed by Parliament".

However, they are being "resurrected" , by President Iván Duque, as it reveals , in the most recent bilateral meeting , with President Donald Trump , on February 13, 2019 (See co / Pages / press / 2019/190213-Presidents-of-Colombia-and-States-United-met-in-Washington.aspx )

Military presence

Whether or not there agreement signed, it does not mean in any way, as there are no US military troops in Colombia, but quite the opposite. Usually under the figure of "advisors" or "instructors", or "native" personnel , but trained, financed and directed by the United States, through the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation  or School of the Americas.

Colombia is a territory with great mining and energy resources. The legend of El Dorado, originates from the gold riches in the area. Currently they are oil producers. It is the fifth largest exporting country , to the United States, above Venezuela.

Colombia is one of the great clients of the Military Industrial Complex, in a previous topic, we quote:

"Only in" security and defense "were invested 9,713 million dollars (3.1% of GDP) during the year 2017... Which means that the armed groups" outside the law "had to invest, approximate figures.

According to the International Institute of Studies for Peace in Stockholm (Sipri), Colombia ranks second in America and 24 in the world, in armament investment. "

While the "armed conflict" affects all the other countries bordering Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Panama and the Caribbean islands, where "guerrilla bases" operate in some cases and in others operate "brokers "Of drug trafficking.

Does the United States agree to Peace in Colombia?

Definitely NO, because it would spoil the imperial policy towards Latin America , they would be left without excuses, without arguments, without discourse, to maintain presence and influence in the area.

America for Americans, proclaims John Quincy Adams...

La Paz would bring significant decrease, processing and export of drugs to the United States... They would not have to qu ienes blackmail to force subordinating "key people" to achieve all other objectives, commercial and political, in the hemisphere.

For this reason, it is necessary to "dynamite" the Agreements of Havana (2016) , with judicial harassment of Jesús Santrich , or deprive Iván Márquez of "fuero parlamentario".

Of these blackmail policies, we will talk about other issues.