Is the Visegrad Group America's Trojan Horse?


Europe would be suffering an acute identity crisis aggravated by the triumph of Brexit and by the "European balkanization process" devised by the US to, through selective terrorist attacks, the refugee crisis and the emergence of autocratic governments, cause the decline of the democratic values.

The autocratic drift of the Visegrad Group

The German sociologist and philosopher Herbert Marcuse, in his book "The One-Dimensional Man (1964), explains that" the basic function of the media is to develop pseudo-needs for goods and services manufactured by giant corporations, tying individuals to the cart of consumption and political passivity ”, political systems that will be a breeding ground for the pathogenic virus known as“ autos-kratos ”or autocracy, a form of government exercised by a single person with absolute and unlimited power. which confirms Lord Acton's aphorism “Power tends to corrupt and absolute Power corrupts absolutely”. Autocracy would thus be a kind of invisible dictatorship supported by solid cohesion strategies (mass manipulation and cult of the leader) based on absolute control of the media and the censorship and social discredit of individuals refractory to the leader's message, of what would be paradigms the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán that would have turned Hungary into the first European autocracy or “non-liberal democracy”, a doctrine that the rest of the countries of the Visegrad Group will adopt by mimicry (Slovakia and Czechia).

The authoritarian drift of both countries would be marked by violations in the separation of powers as well as non-compliance with judgments of the CJEU, which would have caused the opening of a file by the EU within the framework of Article 7 that prevents unruly countries from endangering the separation of powers or do not guarantee the rights and freedoms of their citizens The penultimate episode of the pulse of these countries with the EU would be the veto of the approval of the EU Budget for the period 2021-2027 that includes the implementation of the Fund Recovery estimated at € 750,000 million as said Funds are linked to the mechanism of the Rule of Law that guarantees the rights and freedoms of its citizens and that in the event of repeated non-compliance by a Member State, could deprive them of their right to vote in Community decisions, after the unanimity of its members. However, the blackmail of both countries will have its effect in the form of the suppression of said clause for the safeguarding of freedoms, since said Recovery Fund seems vital for countries like Spain and Italy, with which the European Union will sacrifice its once sacrosanct basic freedoms for the sake of to ensure the basic minimums of survival, which will de facto lead to the decline of the so-called formal democracies.

Is the Visegrad Group America's Trojan Horse?

The unequivocal objective of the US is to replace the Russian European energy dependence (30% of the gas imported by the EU comes from Russia) by fracking dependence, flooding the European market with LNG (natural gas fracked in the US and transported by gas tankers) to sink Russian gas prices. Another objective would be to promote the use of the fracking technique in all Eastern European countries, the so-called "European fracking arc" that would extend from the Baltic States to European Ukraine, passing through Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria and that it will depend on the technology of US companies such as Chevron or Shell.

With its two terminals, Poland aspires to become the main distribution center for imported liquefied natural gas (LNG) on European territory and after denouncing that “said pipeline could strengthen the EU's dependence on Russian gas and consolidate Gazprom's dominant position in the European market ”. would have managed to paralyze the construction of the aforementioned gas pipeline with the unequivocal aim of slowing down to a paroxysm the construction of the Nord Stream 2. This gas pipeline has a total length of 1,200 km with an estimated cost of about $ 11,000 million, it will transport the gas directly through the Baltic Russian to Germany and it would already be 80% built, so in a new attempt to prevent its completion, the US Senate approved the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act signed by Donald Trump on December 17. Said Law includes economic sanctions against the companies that participate in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and would be a missile on the waterline of the energy policy designed by Germany, for which Merkel has declared that we are witnessing “a declaration of war by the United States. against Germany ”, which will cause a late reaffirmation of German sovereignty that will have as collateral effects the strengthening of the Paris-Berlin Axis and the subsequent rapprochement with Russia.