Waiting for the Domino Effect (Europe after BREXIT)

​The BREXIT become a symbol of the fall of the European Union

That's a popular mistake to see all the political changes and centrifugal movements we can observe in today's Europe as some parts of the same processes with the same general purpose. But indeed all we can be sure as witnesses of the BREXIT, elections in France, growing in strength far right in many European countries – is that some natural and healthy instincts of defence of the old European nations are controlled and focused in interests of non-European centres. Not coincidentally majority of this occurrences are completely misdirected in making right, proper and useful diagnoses of present crisis – and especially in finding solutions. The main problem is that the lot of the new political movements in Europe mistake causes and results, methods and goals, propaganda and ideas. So that's why it is so easy to rise e.g.. the Islamophobia and so difficult to tell the truth about the global American hegemony, aggressive Zionism and financial, banks and corporates system.

The BREXIT become a symbol of the fall of the European Union and indeed in some aspects it could be an impulse for possible changes of this organization (actually the European State) - but not necessarily it would give the same results as is expected in some groups, dreaming of the return of former national states, the principle of sovereignty and identity. Taking a part in the campaign before the 23 May 2016 Referendum, and now in the election campaign before the general election 8 June 2017, I see clearly what the new UK, "liberated from Europe" probably will become. The Tories' program is clear: UK is still going to be a US land-carrier, main part of a military chain around Europe and all the World. President Trump's "New Order" is even more controlled than ever by global financial centres, with greater corporate rights, with weaker workers protection, with limited political rights (especially this dedicated to poorer and immigrants, also Eastern European), with growing inequalities and economically advantageous for financial elites. According to this new (?) Plan, London is to be the centre for organizing the most needed US background, primarily to prevent the consolidation of BRICS countries and economies. The European Union in this situation is pushed to the second line, although EU still has its own life and still seems to be useful for the international centres of power.

We must also remember that (apart from American and Zionist interests), the European Union has its own narrow political and even social background. These are the centres among the financial and political elites that carry out the social engineering experiment: creating a new political nation, without history but with fully created consciousness, and pushing the remaining masses of Europeans into the role of the "Proles". Among other things, thousands of immigrants were brought to Western Europe by counting on the one hand for their eradication and easier brainwashing, while on the other, it is easier to manage the atmosphere of fear and threat to the masses. At this point the interests of Brussels, Washington and Tel Aviv are completely convergent. After all, the influx of immigrants and the Islamophobia behind it are a comfortable alibi for the "Arab Spring" and the Zionist-Saudi attacks on sovereign states of the Middle East (as e.g. Yemen). Let us remember: Westerners have forgotten the logic, no longer distinguish the effects and the causes, nor see who uses their fears.

Fears, however, are the hard fact and therefore they must be organized somehow. In the elections in France, earlier in Austria, also in Italy, and even in Germany, people felt that the European Union now is more a problem than a solution. The positive aspect of the Marine Le Pen's and Jean-Luc Mélenchon's campaigns was a question about the France's membership in the NATO, but as we can see - the system has defended itself once again without much effort, referring to the content and slogans that have been fixed in voters' awareness during last few decades.

The essential element of the American organization of Europe is that it can do without the UK, (directed to the other tasks), survive without France but will not exist without Germany. If we are talking serious about the liberation of Europe, we must liberate Germany. But also what we know, that is the most difficult process. The hardest problem, I think, that is the slavery of thought and identity, fact that Germany is the most advanced in the social engineering, and its political system is most strongly controlled. In addition, the global financier cares for the Germans not to wake up with social problems (as it was in the 1930's). The economy called "the German Economy" (and indeed being a part of the global corporate system) has absorbed the economies of the Central European countries (for example, Poland), including the masses of migrant workers. And at the same time, it strengthens the crisis, so factors of growth and survival turn out to be factors of disintegration.

We started with BREXIT, so let me add that one of its most interesting and so small effects is also the growing emancipation of the smaller nations of the UK: Scots, Welshmen  and Irish. They demand further devolution, emancipation, in Scotland even an independence and in Northern Ireland full unity with the Southern part of the Green Island – that all can (but that's only a possibility) be a real harbinger of the New Europe, using existing structures as needed, without imprinted fears and referring to the original identity, without the power of the present masters. Will this opportunity be exploited and will it also be followed by others: the Catalans, as well as the nations of Central Europe? It is a problem we resolve in the coming years, although systemic change for Europe, recovery of its own subjectivity is still necessary and also extremely difficult.

Position held on the 4 International Conference NEW HORIZON, Teheran 14-19 May 2017