We will not forget

Ukraine, Neonazism in Ukraine, Novorossia, Donbass, War
We will not forgive and in the end we will win!

Now in the middle of 2017 it is important to remember what has happened in former Ukraine and in Novorossiya.

It is maybe easy to forget why we are fighting in Donbass and Novorossiya - some people hope that we will forget the simple facts of this conflict. Well, here is a reminder for us and a blow against the traitors who want us to forget. So, remember these facts about the Kiev nazi junta!

The nazi coup in Kiev in february 2014 against the legal president was executed by 10.000- 20.000 nazis, secretly trained by the CIA in western Ukraine and abroad - it was not a popular uprising, even if it started with protests against the government.

The coup was executed 24 hours after the EU had helped the two sides to reach an agreement for elections - the USA gave orders to the nazis to break the agreement because they were afraid to lose in planned democratic elections.

The nazis shot at the demonstrants (and killed many) just to blame the legal president and government. Forensic and ballistic reports prove this beyond any doubt. The nazis even cut down the trees at the Maidan square after the coup, to prevent more calculations of firing positions (by examining the bullet-holes in the trees).

Some officers in the Berkut forces were bribed to betray their own people by the CIA. The names of the traitors are known to "special" people who in time will get revenge.

The first thing the nazis did after the coup was to legalise the nazi party/nazi propaganda and to ban the russian language from any use outside of the private home, from all media, education, official life and so on. And this is contrary to both the UN and the EU rules.

All "elections" and "referendums" held by the Kiev nazi junta after the coup are illegal because all real opposition politicians were either imprisoned, killed, banned, or had fled for their lives.

When people in the eight regions that are Novorossiya protested against the coup they were murdered by nazi gangs with the open consent and support of the new regime. People were massacred in Odessa, Mariupol, Charkov, Slavjansk, Kramatorsk, Konstantinovka, Donetsk, Lugansk, and other places.

In 2014 the local army units in Donbass sided with the people, many army units from the other Novorossiya-regions refused to fight, the regime had to bring in army units from western Ukraine (indoctrinated nationalists and real nazis), to kill the people of Donbass.

Crimea had a referendum where over 90% of the people voted to leave the new nazi Banderastan and join Russia. This referendum is internationally legitimate, especially as the regime in Kiev is illegal, which means that there is no valid constitution in the territories of former Ukraine.

The spontaneous and unarmed popular uprising that took place all over Novorossiya after the nazi coup in Kiev was drenched in blood by the armed nazi batallions in Odessa, Nikolaev, Zaporozhe, Mariupol, Charkov and other places except in Donbass where the people were quicker to organize their resistance than in the rest of Novorossiya.

Unfortunately there was no Russian "intervention" to help Donbass and Novorossiya and to re-instate the legitimate president and government. The reasons for this are unknown - but I am sure the responsible russian leaders have regretted this many times over by now.

The Kiev nazi junta shot down the Malaysian Boeing passenger plane to blame Russia and the Donbass - and the western media were quick to buy this propaganda trick, despite the fact that all evidence show that the Kiev nazis are guilty of this crime.

The west (USA and EU) were quick (and happy) to impose sanctions on Russia because of the liberation of Crimea and the (insufficient) help to Donbass, but fortunately Russia has become stronger thanks to the sanctions!

When Russia constructed the Minsk aggreement (with some participation of France and Germany), the Kiev nazi regime was forced to sign it because of serious setbacks on the battlefield - but they never followed any part of the Minsk 2 and now they openly say they will not follow it, and that they will re-start the war.

So here we are, at the middle of a new year, with soon three years of killings of russians and russian-speaking ukrainians at Russias front door, and we still wait for the liberation of Novorossiya and eastern Malorossiya. I hope Russia will help the Army of Novorossiya to achieve this liberation this year!