The west lies about Russia


It is certainly no news that the west lies about Russia, and about Novorossiya - they lied about USSR all the time so they continue their lies now.

But they try to be "clever" when they lie: they do not invent stories or news, they distort them, they supress them, they tell only half the truth or they tell nothing at all if the news is positive for Russia or negative for the west. Or they put things out of proportion so people get the wrong impression.

They do not provide any proofs to back their claims, like in the Skripal "poisoning" fairytale: we just have to believe England beacuse they say so - and we have to disbelieve Russia because it is Russia speaking and by default then it must be lies according to the western mainstream media and western governments.The brittish accusations do not stand up to scrutiny or logic. Russia had no reason to try to kill a worthless extradited former spy. If Russia really wanted him dead he would not have been extradited in the first place or he would have been dead ten times already. No, to find the guilty party you have to look at "cui buono" - who benefits from all this - and it is certainly not Russia.

No proof is ever provided by the west - because there is none! And when Russia (or Novorossiya) provides proof it is not mentioned by the west at all, just like in the case of the bus "bombing" in 2015 in Volnovacha, Novorossiya: it was blamed on the Army of Novorossiya and was circulated a lot in western MSM but when surviving passengers from the bus told it was the Kiev nazi regime that attacked them and also vitnesses outside the bus could show video recordings, this was not shown in western MSM, the story just dissapeared, no apology for their lies was ever issued, no correction, nothing.

And of course according to the west:

- The Kiev regime are just "peaceful democrats" - not murderous nazis.

- Crimea is "occupied" by Russia - not liberated.

- The Odessa massacre was "mass-suicide" - not mass-murder by the Kiev nazi junta.

- And Putin himself shot down the Malaysian Boeing - not a rocket from Kiev.

- And day is night and night is day.....

They lie with statistics of course: the small decline in russian economy and in average income in 2015 and 2016 is blown up out of any proportions, and they of course deliberately do not mention the remarkable increase in income and pensions by almost 2000% (twenty times!) from 2000 to 2014 - then people would see that the 3-4 % decline we had 2015-16 is nothing, and now the economy is growing again, despite the sanctions! The national production per capita (citizen) also rose eleven times 2000-2014 and the official gold deposits from under 400 tons to over 2000 tons, officially that is, because unofficially many believe the russian gold reserve is at least double this amount!

The western MSM also make a big number out of the protests in Russia against the planned increase of the retirement-age, the pension-reform. Of course people do not like to have to work for more years - this is true all over the world, it is not just a russian fenomenon! And anyway Russia will still have an earlier retirement-age than the west, something the west of course does not mention - but they mention the 6.000 protesters in Moscow last month! Think about it: 6.000 in a city of at least 10 million. At the same time they do not mention that a couple of years ago when France would increase their retirement age the protesters in Paris numbered 500.000, in a city of about the same size as Moscow. Anyway, the pension-reform will be altered and the taxation in Russia is as low as 13% so an increase of that with 1 or 2 % will easily cover for a smaller increase in pension-age than originally proposed. It looks like the western happiness with president Putins temporary drop in approval rate from 80% to 70% was premature - and any western leader would wet his/her underwear with joy if they got such domestic rating as Putin has! But of course the west wants to show "how bad it is in Putins Russia" at any cost, they do not care about the truth or how bad it is in their own place.