Western media lies

It is a well known fact that western main stream media is full of lies - their purpose was never to bring the truth to the people, no it was, and is, to keep the people mis-informed and pacified so they will not question or challenge the crimes their supposedly democratically elected leaders commit on a daily basis.
The western media is controlled by 5-7 coorporations that have nothing to do with democracy or information. They are purely propaganda channels for the ruling elite and the banksters in Washington and London. And the extent of the lies of the western main stream media is enormous - much greater than we could imagine. Here are a very few examples of their most blatant lies in recent years:
The Iraqi weapons of mass destruction: well, these weapons never existed but they were used as an exuse to invade Iraq.
The bombing of the Sarajevo market place during the war against Yugoslavia: this was blamed on the serbs, but it turned out to be a false flag operation conducted by the bosnian muslims, just to blame the serbs.
The supposed murder of "kosovar leader" Ali Berisha: blamed on the Belgrade government, and three days later he turned up - alive!
The "siege" of eastern Aleppo by syrian government forces: this turned out to be a liberation of the eastern part of the city, when 80% of the population chose to remain with Assad after the liberation - and those who left were foreign mercenaries and their families.
And recently in Syria: The neutralisation of a legitimate target - a terrorist gas-storing building - by the Syrian government, is described as a "bombing of civilians", with lots of fake pictures accompanying the lies, and used as pretext to bomb that country!
The american elections: Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by about three million votes, and about three million illegal immigrants voted without voting-rights!
The american gold-reserve: everyone knows that it does not exist anymore - but the main stream media will not acknowledge this fact!
And the worst lies in western main stream media are of course about Novorossiya and Russia:
The militant nazi coup in Kiev 2014 is called a "peaceful popular revolution".
The peaceful and democratic secession of Crimea is called a "russian occupation".
The Odessa massacre comitted by nazis with junta support is called an "accident".
The continous bombings of Donetsk and Lugansk civilians are called an "anti-terrorist operation".
The shooting-down of the Malaysian Boeing by ukrainian air-force is called a "russian/novorussian crime".
The russian liberal traitors in the "opposition" are "democrats" - but president Putin is a "dictator", and "the richest person" in the world, and a fascist-communist, and a fanatic-religious atheist....all at the same time!
"Russia has no free elections" - but has five major parties to vote for, compared to two parties in USA!
And of course "Big, bad Russia has invaded Poor democratic Ukraine" - but somehow still has not won or even crossed the borders...??
and so on, all the lies from western main stream media!


Well, this conflict is no longer about "Ukraine" or Novorossiya, it is about Russia and the whole world order. It is about if the world will let USA dominate the planet or if we will have a multipolar world with sovreign states, not slaves of Washington. So if Russia does not want to be a colony of the USA it is neccessary to liberate all of Novorossiya + Transniestria + as much of Malorossiya as possible. This must be done either by giving the Army of Novorossia enough help of all kinds or by direct intervention. The west are cowards, they give guns to nazi-ukrainians to fight against russians and against eastern ukrainians, but they will not go to war themselves! Nato countries cannot imagine their own soldiers being killed in another country to support nazis, much less an all-out war with Russia for the same reason. This is a fact Russia should use: Every time the west screams and threatens it means that Russia is doing something right! The defence of Russia starts in Novorossia, but the defence of Novorossia starts in the Kremlin. The USA wants to overthrow president Putin and to divide Russia. They will stop only if Russia shows force and actively helps to free all of Novorossia. President Putin must not sell out Novorossiya for half, or even whole, of Donbass, and not sell out Donbass for Crimea or sell out Crimea for promises (that will not be kept anyway)! In stead liberate all of Novorossiya, and there is actually nothing that says it has to stop there: All territory east of the Dniepr river, and Transniestria can be liberated together with Novorossiya!