Western Media on Xinjiang: Hard to believe!

There are conflicting news in the media regarding the situation in Xinjiang, China. Frankly speaking, I have not been to Xinjiang for almost three decades. But remember the days of student life in China in the 1980s, when I use to travel to Pakistan from my University in Shanghai to reunite my parents/ family every summer vacations. It was rather a long journey at that time as I use to take Train from Shanghai to Urumqi, which take four days. And then a long-distance bus journey of 4 days from Urumqi to Kashghar. Again two days to reach Tashgurgan and one day from Chinese border city to Sust in Pakistan. Finally two more days from Sust to Gilgit and Islamabad. I have been traveled on this route a few times in my student life, as usual, being the student I was lacking money but the abundance of time and always enjoyed adventurous traveling in Xinjiang. 
Xinjiang is full of natural beauty and diversification. Deserts, Snow-covered Mountains, Rich in fruits like Hami Melon, Grapes from Turpan, Pears from Korela, apple peaches apricots, etc are unique in taste, local food like Pulao, Kabab, Lamian, Kao Baozi, Nan, etc was my most favorite food. People were very friendly, peace-loving, and knows how to enjoy life, drinking, singing, and dancing is their culture, and hospitality is their tradition.  One of the most comfortable parts of China, where I relaxed and traveled frequently in the 1980s.
However, Western media is spreading unpleasant news regarding the situation in Xinjiang. Let me analyze Western Media. Most of the Western Media is biased and spreading fake news with evil intentions and creating unrest and chaos in the various parts of the world. Media is being used as a tool by the Western world to coerce, influence and achieve their ill-political motives. Unfortunately, Western Media is already dominating and controlling public opinion throughout the world. Of course some of the media houses are fair and serving the genuine purpose of dissemination of truth and facts (Appreciate them).
Let me give you a particular example of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), one of oldest and famous media organization in the Western world. BBC reported that the Saddam Hussain regime in Iraq possesses Weapons of Mass Destructions (WMD). America along with its NATO allies attacked Iraq, destructed Iraq, killed millions of people, damaged Infrastructure, Power Houses, Telecommunication, Hospitals, Schools, Churches, Mosques, Roads, Industry, Oil Wells, Refineries, etc. Finally noticed that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Later on, the British Prime Minister of that time, acknowledged that the BBC news was not accurate, and information about WMD was not correct. But after damaging a country totally and harming millions of people, pushing Iraq into stone ages, one’s mere apology may not be accepted and may not be forgiven by humanity, irreversible damage to Iraq may never be forgotten by the history. 
It is worth mentioning, Iraq was a very stable, oil-rich, and total welfare state under President Saddam Hussain. Education, health care was free of cost to its citizens, plenty of food, variety of food was available abundantly. Electricity was available in all parts of the country in abundance sufficiently. Fuel and items of daily use were available everywhere conveniently. The society was very much stable, satisfied and living a comfortable life. All factions of the society were enjoying harmony and was a tolerant society. It might be possible a few exceptionally politicians opposing the ruling party “Bath” or President Saddam Hussain, were victimized. They might be few in numbers or two digits only. But the vast majority of the nation was comfortable with the rulers.
But after the US war on Iraq, today, people of Iraq are facing a shortage of food, fuel, electricity, medicines, and items of daily life. No free education and health care are provided by the government. The society is extremely polarized, intolerance and factionist are very much common. Terrorism, lawlessness, and chaos are witnesses everywhere. 
Is publically apology is sufficient to cool down the suffering of millions of Iraqis? Can anyone ignore the dirty role of the BBC? Is it possible, people of Iraq forget the BBC? Can the victim forgive the BBC?
It is only one example only. The same trick was played in the case of Syria. BBC reported that the Syrian Government possesses Chemical Weapons and is using against rebellions. Western Alliance NATO, under the US leadership, attacked Syria, killed millions of innocent people, displace millions of common citizens, damaged the whole country, and pushed the Syrian into stone ages. Made the life on common Syrian a misery.
The same is the case of Libya, where ill-motivated fake News led to the destruction of a sovereign country. Afghanistan is also a similar example, where misinformation and fake news were major cause of damage to Afghanistan.
I believe the Western World is misusing Media as an unarmed wing of defense and diplomatic missions, to achieve their evil goals. To me, most of Western media is notorious for spreading fake news and the fabrication of stories, with few exceptions too, where they have served the humanity with dissemination of knowledge, truth and facts. They have lost their credibility at all. The intellectuals and people with common sense no more believe Western Media. The credibility of Western Media is challenged and lost recognition among the people having conscious. 
I believe Western media projecting the situation in Xinjiang is difficult to believe. On the other hand, China is a sovereign state and possess centuries-old wisdom and traditions. China is capable to handle its internal affairs without the involvement of the outside world. China is fully capable to resolve its all issues. Pakistan stands with the People of China and the Government of China on all its national, international and regional issues. The eternal friendship between China and Pakistan long lives.