What should Trump do? Crossing the Rubicon like Caesae, that is….

On January 10, 49 BC Julius Caesar, a veteran of the victorious Gallic wars, decides to throw the dice and cross the Rubicon in arms, effectively unleashing the civil war. Why does he do it? Because despite a regular cursus honorum and a spectacular victory that dismissed the threat of those Gauls who once sacked Rome, the senatorial elite would have killed him. The civil war was a self-defense for both Caesar and his followers, who would have ended up banned. The internal conflict between Caesar's people and the optimates was, in fact, inevitable.
This ancient history repeats itself today. The Right has been extremely patient and dialoguing, both in Europe and in America. In spite of the accusation of “fascism”, the right have fought their battles in a democratic way, relying on the polls, and have always won regularly. Yes, they fiercely argued with the adversary, but they never sought its destruction.
What is happening on both sides of the Atlantic, however, is worrying. Losing an election is normal, it is not the attempt by the “winner” to destroy the opposition politically, culturally and perhaps even physically. 
In Italy and United States, the Lefts took power through a South American coup. Here [in Italy], the even clumsy Salvini [1] has been ousted without going to elections and now a robespierre-sanitary government has been established that rules with unconstitutional decrees  blows, citing a pandemic with rigged numbers as an excuse. On the other side of the Atlantic, the biggest electoral fraud in history took place. But even the French elections that led to Macron's victory were not spotless.
Add to this the declared will to annihilate the enemy across all the board. The famous cancel culture dear to the stars and stripes Dems is nothing more than the de-legitimization and destruction of the conservative culture, while the Right has never thought of the disintegration and annihilation of opponents. There is already open talk of prosecuting Trump supporters. Those on the Right are considered not a political opponent, but a criminal to be eliminated.
Trump is right not to give up. His is a gesture comparable to the crossing of the Rubicon, even if there are all the extremes to be frankly pessimistic and to believe that Donald will find his ides of March more than his Farsalo. In Italy, the “conservative” forces adapt to the mainstream narrative. Claudio Borghi [2] has already expressed his endorsement to Biden, both League and Meloni [3] make a sterile opposition without grasping the point: the false narrative of Covid, the illegality of the decrees, a pretext for establishing a regime that will annihilate them too, who think they can save themselves.
And sadly, yes, civil war is becoming more and more inevitable every day. It is not about bloodlust, but about the need to fight to survive. As Churchill said, you can't argue with a tiger when you have your head in its mouth.
They wanted to win by stack the deck and are making it clear that they do not wish to have the opposition, as in a normal democracy. They want us dead and they're telling us to our faces. So now, either us or them.
[1] Matteo Salvini, the “strong man” of Northern League
[2] Claudio Borghi is Northern League’s main economic advisor
[3] Giorgia Meloni, leader of Brother of Italy party.
Original column by Andrea Sartori:
Translation by Costantino Ceoldo