Why should we support independent Catalonia?

Looking at the Catalan (and Scottish) way to independence - we should primarily be guided by the main Eurasian geopolitical interest.

Why should we support independent Catalonia?


The issue of Catalan independence has unexpectedly aroused enormous hostility in the Internet in other ethno-unitary countries.  That means above nations which believe, that they are and should be unitary…


Yes, that is true that (the same as in case of other Western European nations demanding subjectivity) Catalonian pro-independence parties are rather left-wing or even social-liberal, but if we are not ill for equality “right = liberalism”, and we are not blind orphans of General Franco, and definitely not Castile Ethno-Nationalists  - we should rather consider what efforts for Catalan or Scottish liberty can mean for the World geopolitics.

Ethno-nationalism threat

Both Spain and especially France - remain today relics of the system, which should be especially outrageous for every human being who understands the importance of traditional values for a healthy society. Centralist states, built on an arbitrarily invented Ethno-National formula - are not only the children of the Revolution (prepared by the "enlightened" absolute Monarchs), but simply a transitional step to the next stages of the World organization - present, supranational Governments, posed to “international organizations” and future ones -  direct corporate and Capital Governance. For all the countries of such diverse identity as the Spanish one - narrow Ethno-Nationalism is the way to nowhere, and even a retreat from the old Empire thoughts and the whole great heritage of the Hispanidad.


The destruction of the traditional distinctions, imprinted in the Centuries of the history of the Iberian Peninsula was carried out for more than three Centuries, successively by the first Bourbons, Bonapartes, liberal Monarchy, First Republic, Alfonsos’ governments, and finally by Francoism (which, as a political principle, was just straight Betrayal all who have trusted and supported it). There was a time, when farther decentralisation, and finally federalisation could be an adequate response to the growing centrifugal tendencies, but at some point the critical mass was overrun and the aspiring Nation and a local hegemon are in a situation when they are already not able to live together, but for some time separately either.

Separatism as a rebirth of the Tradition

This transitional stage must, however, at some point be terminated by a single, legible decision. Of course, healthy Spain should reformed itself in the direction, if not directly federal, so although more strongly recognizing the rights of the majority in their own historical territories. On the other hand, the interest of the well-known Catalan national elites (or, for example, Basque) is equally clear. Spain, however, is a sick country, its collapse may therefore be a foregone conclusion. The question is what is the interest of the rest of Eurasia, more original that conclusion “Catalan nationalists are leftists!”. Is the breakup of states (“national” only theoretically) so dangerous? On the contrary, after all, maybe truly national Catalonia or Scotland (both returning from the nooks of the history and Tradition) will be not proofs of weakening and diminishing the national idea but its rebirth. And not in the way known from small Eastern-European nations, aggressive and with hang-ups but much more recognising the Roots.

It is true that both the Catalans and the Scots against their present hegemonic occupiers often call for European help, what confusing all opponents of the Brussel policy. But this is not only a tactical operation and proof of the realism of these nations, but also an example of defeating the enemy with his own weapon. It is also true that lot of the Catalan or Scottish political leaders behaves as they sincerely believe in the terms like "Open Society", and other demo-liberal rubbish - but first of all the very emergence of new states is a denial of the linear vision of Ethnogenesis, in which nationalism and state sovereignty were only steps to overcome traditional Monarchy for the ultimate goal of creating a New Global Order, a new Master race and new proles on the rubble of former classes and national divisions. Entering the scene of the History by the old Nations  in a new view release could deny all this  scenario and proves that the National question ant Traditional values will again be the most important political topics of the 21st century.


World did not fall apart recognizing the geopolitical absurdity and robbery of Kosovo and its is not a little more integrated without recognizing the Donbas, Abkhazia, South Ossetia or Transnistria, undoubtedly independent and legitimate in their existence. So it is not that separatism is “an infectious Disease” that once dropped from the test tube suddenly infects everyone around.  However the independence of Catalonia and Scotland seems to be at hand, as well as the free Basque country, independent Flanders, united Ireland, empowered Wales or federal Italy, or even independent Corsica – because after all social engineering experiments – the main essence remains the issue of Identity.

Not remember, not understand, not expect

Especially in the East of Europe 20 Century mixed our population horizontally and vertically. Regional distinct was forgotten the same as the old class structure. So, some of us hardly understand the realities of ethnically complex countries, and we cannot identify ourselves with the aspirations of the smaller nations. We have forgotten what it is like to be in their place… Also National state is too often mistaken with centralistic one. In a Nation-state - the subject is the nation, in a centralistic – this role belongs to the alienating bureaucracy and the state apparatus. The essence of a truly National state must be self-government, because only within it, within the circle of a well-known healthy community can manage itself, delegating additional aspects upward, by an indirect representative system. The power that goes down, although sometimes necessary and pleasing to many Conservatives and Nationalists, has the essential drawback that it is limited in time, mostly by the vitality of the Leader. Of course, a permanent element that would combine both elements would be a Monarchy, but even the leading Korean science would not clone Kim Jong Un to cover all those who longed for sovereignty ... So if the nation can choose a self-government without state-centrism, or pseudo-nationalism without self-government - the choice seems to be simple. That why we, the Slaves, nations of Obshchina should understand the Nation of Fueros! 

In conclusion, looking at the Catalan (and Scottish) way to independence - we should primarily be guided by the main Eurasian geopolitical interest. And that means first and foremost, that we have to remember that the entire geopolitical system of the West is just a trap, so its decomposition, also by "new" nationalisms – is just a step in a right direction. Even if independent Catalonia and Scotland start as top of a demo-liberal class – they will come from a deep Past and give us Future more similar to the Traditional roots that any democratic or modern nationalist politic can imagine!