Why Washington Walked Away from Moscow-led Afghan Peace Talks

We all know that the US wants to keep Afghanistan as the vassal country to encircle Russia and China and as it has already spoiled peace process proposed by china and Pakistan.

Moscow has formulated a diplomatic mechanisms aimed at seeking regional stability through solving the Afghanistan crisis with the help of regional neighboring countries. Indeed, stability in the region is directly connected with peace in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, NATO troops under the umbrella of the USA have provoked hostility in Afghanistan against regional powers by blocking upcoming positive integration. Continuous American attempts to sabotage the peace process have persuaded Russia to come forward and seek alternative solutions. Firstly, President Putin’s envoy for South Asia, Zamir Kabulov proposed a trilateral talk format between Russia, China and Pakistan and later it was extended to six-party format and now Russia has invited the member states of Collective Security Treaty Organizations (CSTO) which is the consider most powerful military alliance of Central Asia as alternate to NATO. In short, Russia takes entire region on board to seek Eurasian Solution for Afghanistan by gathering all neighboring countries of Afghanistan. Washington as one of stakeholder was also invited on a regional table chaired by Moscow but it has chosen to boycott it because the US is considering another “troop surge” in the heart of Asia so that by using geographical strategic location of Afghanistan to invade Iran and to counter rising Eurasia. Russia as the architecture of “Greater Eurasia” has fully well-informed of this game plan that’s why it has accelerated all efforts to seek alternative solution for peace in Afghanistan. That’s why Moscow is going to host third Afghan peace conference in the past four months.      

Russia is back to Afghanistan

There is no doubt that Russia’s geopolitical success on the world stage has made Moscow again the most influential diplomatic center on world affairs. In fact comeback of Russia on the world stage has changed the whole scenario as it has appeared winner against unipolar proxies from the Muslim world to the Eastern Europe. Victory over Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria has given a charge to Russia in fighting terrorism and provided the opportunity to Russia in leading the Muslim world to overcome the radicalization of Islam.  Russia has become the hope for all war torn countries which were destroyed by the USA and its allies on the name of so-called War on Terror, especially in the Muslim world.  Actually, the situation in Afghanistan is directly linked with Syria because ISIS claimed Afghanistan and other adjacent areas as the province of Islamic state while growing influence of Daesh in Afghanistan under the umbrella of US and NATO troops has become alarming not only for Russia but entire region. 

Truly speaking, Moscow is the responsible of the worst situation in Afghanistan because Islamic militancy came in the region with the intervention of the USSR in Afghanistan as the part of the Western game plan against the Moscow.  And since that time to up now, Afghanistan's soil consider very fertile for the growth of Islamic terror groups. Hostility in Afghanistan is very favorable for the US and NATO to counter rising Eurasian superpowers Russia and China. The American presence in Afghanistan is facilitating three evils, extremism, terrorism and separation against all neighboring regional countries, especially in Tajikistan, Pakistan China and even in Russia. If we look for a while in all neighboring states of Afghanistan, we can easily unearth the US role in injecting this triple evil mixed with extremism, terrorism, and separatism in regional countries. Russia as the main stakeholder of this region was aware of this US plan. Hence why after defeating US proxies in his own country, it came forward to rescue central Asian states so that “Heart of Eurasia” would be saved from the US sponsored Chaos and destruction.

Therefore at this moment of time, Russia comes again in Afghanistan to fix the situation using all diplomatic means for Afghan solution by taking on board all stakeholders and regional countries on a table of peace because only Russia has the potential to repair the damages dealt by the US and its proxies to the region with acceptable Afghan solution. The situation in Afghanistan has become worst and posed a great threat to regional stability under the umbrella of ISAF/NATO forces. It is true that Peace in the region is directly connected with Afghanistan situation. Therefore to seek the alternative solution has become the moral and regional responsibility of Russia. That’s why Russia is doing every effort for peace in Afghanistan by inviting all regional countries on a peace table. Even Russia has also invited Washington but it given a preference to walk away rather than cooperating for peace in Afghanistan.

Enemies become friends

Kremlin high-rank diplomat and President Putin’s special envoy for South Asia, Zamir Kabulov voiced to assist Taliban against foreign fighters by convincing Kremlin to rethink and review Russian policy about Afghanistan. Being the Russian ambassador in Kabul, he observed closely the US double down game against the region. That’s why he supported openly for Taliban’s demand that the US and NATO forces withdraw from Afghanistan. Beside this once Russia was ready to work with NATO and ISAF forces to bring peace in Afghanistan with using the potential of regional military alliance of central Asian states; Collective Security Treaty Organization known as CSTO and Afghanistan is also the part of this regional organization. But unfortunately, NATO refusal to work with this regional stakeholder CSTO persuaded Russia to bypass America and the west through exploring alternative ways. Here one thing is clear that the US-created hostility in Afghanistan has posed great threats to the entire region. Therefore Russia is gathering all stakeholders of Afghanistan and regional countries on a peace table. Moreover, America has not only refused to leave Afghanistan but now Trump’s new  administration is considering to send more American boots on Afghan soil in near future. This American double game indicates that America is interested in continuing its war legacy rather than folding it up. In fact, this strategy is the part of American game plan to encircle rising Eurasian superpowers Russia and China in the heartland of Eurasia aimed to disturb China's Silk Road global strategy and Russia's great Eurasian approach.

No doubt that Taliban are the political stakeholder of Afghanistan while they are only resisting force against US/NATO and Daesh fighters. Because NATO facilitated Daesh in Afghanistan aimed to disturb regional integration which is under construction by Russia and China in the neighboring of Afghanistan while Taliban perceive Daesh as their rival group supported by the US/ NATO and funded by drug money. So this scenario brought Taliban and Russia together against common emery of region. Russia, China or any other regional country can’t send troops to Afghanistan. Hence why, they all agree to support Taliban against NATO proxies so that American game plan against region would be defeated with the help of Taliban.

Here one thing is very clear if Taliban the old friends of the Washington can become the enemies of America then why not enemies of the USSR can become Moscow's new friends. Same as Pakistan the allied ally of the USA is now on the way of regional friendship with Russia.

In fact the Afghan situation has become very clear because the US wants the encirclement of Russia and China with NATO and Asian NATO like project to prevent multipolarity of globe. For this purpose, Washington does not only want to keep its forces in Afghanistan but it also strengthening its proxies in shape of ISIS terrorists to alter the sovereignty of Russia and China as it is injecting extremism and terrorism in China's Xinjiang region which is the hub of Silk Road.  Therefore it not only declined Russian request to be the part of Moscow-led peace talks but now it also attempting to derail the peace process by using its influence over Kabul ruling regime.

Workable solution without Washington

We all know that the US wants to keep Afghanistan as the vassal country to encircle Russia and China and as it has already spoiled peace process proposed by China and Pakistan. Washington absence in Moscow-led peace initiatives is good for entire region to seek alternate solutions because American presence can become problematic. This is good decision of Moscow to invite Washington. It reflects the wisdom of Kremlin to work with White House for the larger interest of the regional peace but luckily, Washington refusal has given the opportunity to seek alternative solution because American participation means no peace in Afghanistan as the previous record witnessed that how America has spoiled four countries peace talks with Taliban. Those talks were headed by Washington itself with the participation of China, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Taliban but when the US observed that China is taking advantages of these talks for its Afghanistan's Silk Road vision so it chose to sabotage peace process by killing the Taliban Chief on Pakistan’s soil near Iran border.

Washington’s walk out hinted that it will try its best to derail Moscow organized peace process so now Russia should have to adopt preemptive measures to save the alternative solution of Afghanistan. In my view the workable solution without Washington presence is there. First Russia should have to convince entire region for the peaceful solution while it has also taken on board political ruling regime of Afghanistan for the better future of their country in the larger interest of the region. While a bridge of confidence between Taliban and Afghan government would also be built so that together they can build a mechanism against emerging threat of Daesh.

Most Afghans have the view that only Taliban can save them from the threat of Daesh.

But here Russia can face a little problem because the limited Kabul government is Pro-America and it is very hard for Moscow to encourage Kabul against the US and NATO interests but for this purpose, Russia can use diplomatic and regional influence on Kabul government.

Here it is also necessary to mention that government in Kabul has very limited control on Afghanistan while Taliban has much influence in all over Afghanistan than the government. This is true that Taliban have the actual shadow government in Afghanistan. In case Kabul does not agree with Russian solution then Russia is free to use plan B, as it has already in contact with the shadow government of Taliban. Beside this when Moscow with all regional stakeholders will reach on joint mechanism or solution of Afghanistan then Washington should have to intimate for that purposed regional solution. To keep the pressure on Washington for accepting the possible Moscow–led solution, Russia and China can use the international institutions and organizations and even they mobilize all regional countries to force Washington to accept that solution.