Will Danish soldiers be deployed to Syria and the Strait of Hormuz?

In a recently conducted meeting by the Danish Foreign Ministry it was revealed that the USA has asked Denmark, and other countries, to send soldiers to the northeastern part of Syria in order to relieve the American troops positioned there. There has also been a move by the USA to create a new ‘coalition of the willing’ with the aim of a naval military presence at the Strait of Hormuz off the coast to Iran.
In Syria it is mainly the Danish Special Forces from the Jaeger and Frogman Corps that the USA are requesting be send to the Kurdish YPG-controlled areas now supported by US troops. The official reason for this move is to take over advice and training duties of the Kurdish militias currently fighting Turkey and the Syrian Armed Forces.
Turkish scholar Harun Yahya have comprehensibly proven that the YPG has ties to the PKK, as well as other hostile Kurdish militias, and is nothing more than a proxy created by the West meant to spread chaos and instability in the region. According to Harun Yahya the YPG is involved in terrorism, ethnic cleansing and a range of other human rights abuses in northeast Syria (Yahya: 21st April 2017). The apparent goal of this militia is to establish a Kurdish state based on Marxism wedged in between Turkey, Syria and Iraq. This would serve the interests of the USA since the creation of a Kurdish satrap state would allow Western capital and oil firms to exploit resources in the area (like ISIS before). For America’s regional ally Israel the creation of such a Kurdish state in constant conflict with their common regional enemies Turkey, Syria and Iran would give them more breathing space to operate and expand.  The USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia have for years worked to bring down and break up Syria in a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy, not unlike what happened to Yugoslavia, and their continued funding and training of proxy warriors (whether they are called ISIS or YPG) can only be described as utterly malicious. That Denmark or any other European state should be lured into getting their hands dirty assisting these Atlanticist proxy warriors in Syria is beyond all critique.   
Bjarne Laustsen, spokesperson for military policy in the ruling Social Democrat Party, has stated that he is ready to follow the instructions given by the USA although he stresses that it must happen as part of a coalition and not alone (JP: 9th July 2019). By going into a ‘coalition of the willing’ led by the USA it is almost implied that those participating will never be held personally responsible for violating the national sovereignty of countries targeted for attack. How many politicians in the West have so far been called to answer for the disgraceful acts of destruction and destabilization against Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya? Just to name a few.        
Denmark should reject the American request just like other countries have done. All Western forces currently in Syria are stationed there against the will of the sovereign government of Bashar Al-Assad and Syria’s allies.
In order to legally deploy foreign military to Syria an invitation from the Syrian government is required or a resolution from the UN Security Council (Arbejderen: 10th July 2019).  
Besides the possible deployment of Danish soldiers to Syria the spokesperson for foreign policy in the Danish Peoples Party, Søren Espersen, has called for Denmark to join the USA’s request to patrol the Strait of Hormuz with warships in order to deter “Iranian attacks on freight ships”(Lindhart: 14th July 2019). It should be pointed out that the Danish Peoples Party officially brands itself as “Israel’s voice in the Danish Parliament” and therefore their foreign policy objectives should be viewed and analyzed with this in mind. Again, the term ‘coalition’ is being used as the USA is trying to get its allies to send warships close to the coast of Iran. The Strait of Hormuz is a key area for the world’s oil trade and thus there is an economic dimension that can be used as a cover for military mobilization and action. On the other hand, in case hostilities should break out (by a false flag attack?) the US controlled coalition would be able to quickly attack and blockade the Iranian ports. It must be continually stated that neither Denmark nor any other European state should allow themselves to be used in this fashion. Luckily, as the USA is no longer the undisputed world hegemon many of the countries which would formerly have followed without question are now holding back. 
This is illustrated by the many traditional allies of the USA which have already declined the invitation to form a ‘coalition of the willing’ against Iran in the Strait of Hormuz. The UK, France, Japan and Germany have all refused to join stating the counterproductive and provocative move such an international deployment against Iran would create (Irish: 19th July 2019). This shows the power of the rising multipolar world order headed by Russia and China which is now able to effectively contain and suppress the USA’s ability to gather accomplices for their geopolitical goals against their allies. We in Denmark and Europe who no longer wish to be the pawns of Atlanticist aspirations salute the dawn of a new order based on multipolarity and must insist that those in charge in our respective countries will realize this as well sooner rather than later. Carthago delenda est!  
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