Will Russia and its Allies Achieve a Decisive Victory in Syria?


It has been five years since the beginning of the war in Syria, and the Syrian people are still suffering. It has been five years since the start of the lie known as the Arab Spring on March 3rd, 2011. While the United States and its allies are plotting to achieve their strategic interests in various places of the world, the people of those targeted countries are forced to choose between two possibilities: resistance or submission to their wishes and allowing their homelands’ wealth to be looted. Resisting these schemes will cost an exorbitant price and will require significant patience, sacrifice, and pain to prevent the US and its allies from achieving their malicious goals. The choice of either one of these alternatives by the political leadership of a given country is related to many factors, including the personal character of the political leader, the culture and ideology of the people, and the conviction of willing sacrifice for the sake of the national homeland.

In the Syrian case, any neutral observer and any politician unaffiliated with the axis of the anti-Syrian world can note that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad possessed the personal characteristics which subsequently led him to resist and demonstrate great patience. Assad understood the fact that the price of resistance is nevertheless less expensive than obeying the will of the US and its plans, and he knew that the Arab Spring lie would not deceive such a cultured people as the Syrians. Understanding this case requires a comparison with the Ukrainian case, in which the United States and its allies worked to force a regime change in Ukraine which led within a matter of days to the fall of the government of President Viktor Yanukovich, followed by his escape and the formation of a new government which set to work implementing American instructions and therein destroying Ukraine.

President al-Assad and the majority of Syrians from different sects and ethnic backgrounds all understood that their resistance would cost the country a lot, but that Syria would not be destroyed, and would emerge from under the dust to rebuild and preserve the priceless, “undiscovered new wealth” found in the country over the course of resisting America and its allies.

This “new wealth” was the emergence of new concepts in Syria similar to the ideas which spread after the victory of the Russian people over the savage Nazis in World War II. In the Syrian case, these ideas are those of the co-existence of all Syrians, and the understanding that such a “poisonous revolutionary recipe” as the Arab Spring would leave Syria without a future and topple the values of the Syrian people and their beautiful diversity including multiple religions and different ethnicities. This “new wealth” is also the idea of belonging to heavenly values and belonging to a power which represents the values of freedom, justice, international law, the defense of rights, and the struggle against the axis which wants to exploit everything, even if this leads to the destruction of the planet on which we live.

The forces which are fighting alongside Syria, such as Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, and the rest of the “friends” in this world, have shown that they can resist terrorism in all of its intellectual, military, security, and media forms, all the while drawing lessons from the Syrian experience in order to win not only the battle of Syria, but many other potential fights.

As we have said in previous articles, knowing how the other axis thinks is essential to victory in the battle for Syria, because this is one of many battles which will have to take place in order to install a global balance composed of multipolar powers. The events scattered across Brazil, Macedonia, Ukraine, Armenia, and other countries are indicators of the resistance against the emergence of a multipolar system.

The US, its Western allies, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf countries, and Turkey, supported by Israel, desire to construct a new geo-strategic area extending from the Arabian Sea in the South to Turkey in the North and covering the Arabian Peninsula and the Levant region, which would be of one-color allegiance to the West and Israel, a region which could deliver oil and gas from the Gulf to Israel and Turkey, and then of course to Europe. This project would cut off the road to the other axis posed by China, Iran, and Russia via the Mediterranean Sea, and would end the phenomenon of resistance against Israel.

One of the main reasons for the war on Syria is the possibility of extending Gulf gas to Israel and Turkey, and then through one or both of them to Europe in an attempt to influence the supply of Russian gas to Europe. Perhaps the anti-Syrian axis’ understanding that their project is failing after nearly five years of war in Syria was what led them to urge Saudi Arabia to open the Sanafir and Tiran islands, and sign an agreement with the government of Egypt (rejected by a vast portion of the Egyptian people) on re-demarcating the border between Saudi Arabia and Egypt, bringing these two islands into Saudi Arabian territory and thereby setting up a land-bridge linking Saudi Arabia to the Egyptian Sinai. This was all explained by the Saudi king on his recent visit to Egypt several days ago.

This bridge is not a bridge between two parts of a large city as is the famous Istanbul Bridge, but a bridge in a semi-desert area intended to open access to undeclared strategic goals, most notably linking Saudi Arabia to Israel through the Sinai under the Camp David Accords. This will ensure the delivery of gas and oil from the Gulf to Israel and on to Europe, unopposed by Egypt who previously was the one selling gas to Israel.

The Syrian War has taught us and our allies a lot, as we have seen how the American axis and its allies turn on international conventions and treaties, fail to implement international resolutions, and continue in their machinations, switching to alternative ones if their original plans fail. Once again, this demonstrates how their values are built on interests, not on humanitarian values or international law. They do not take into consideration the sanctity of others, but seek to maintain their interests by any means even if this leads to the destruction of states or the universe itself.

They will stop only once their way of thinking has been shocked and they will be forced to understand that they are not alone on the international or even regional arena. We are not calling for war, but rather for serious consideration of a minor surgery necessarily conducted by such a “witty doctor” as President Putin to save the patient’s body. This surgery must be done at the right time and at the proper place, as “Dr. Putin” actually did successfully in his intervention in Syria, an ambulatory surgery which saved the patient’s Syrian body, now only requiring completion and time to heal.

The “cancerous tumor” which has spread all over the world and which caught Syria off guard is terrorism. As everyone knows by now, terrorism does not appear by chance, but is fueled by major countries and invested in in order to achieve their interests. It is sponsored by money, arms, and ideology by regional countries when it matches both their interests and the interests of the great powers, an exception being some of the regional countries as the Gulf states which are not in fact seeking to achieve any long-term, self-serving strategy. These states are functionally artificial, founded basically for the implementation of US, Western, and Israeli interests.

In my opinion, this cancerous tumor which has begun to spread everywhere throughout the cosmic body, can not be treated with surgery alone. It must be driven out of the body itself. As scientific studies have recently proven, our body’s cells listen to our internal conversations and actively resist disease through our convictions, values, and belief in our own ability to expel a disease. The ideology of Wahhabism and the Muslim Brotherhood have been unleashed upon the world and are spreading between human beings. Each one of us, as a cell in the cosmic body, is responsible for the spread of this insidious disease, and getting rid of the ideology of Wahhabism and the Muslim Brotherhood is one way to bring wellness to the world as a whole. Of course, this can be accomplished only if we are able to promote humanitarian values and the values of justice and international law instead of them.

The Syrian experience in particular has taught us that Saudi Arabia, the government of Turkey, and all the countries and parties that rely on the same ideology, are the causes of the scourge of Syria and other countries in the region and the world. It is true that they are manipulated by the American alliance in order to achieve major interests, as was explained earlier. But it is the international community and other countries of the world’s shocking of Saudi Arabia and Turkey with embracing human values and international law that will be the real key to changing the international map and stopping the mad expansion of terrorism.

The conditions on the ground in Syria today, especially after the exposure of the true face of the armed opposition in Syria which the US alliance has attempted to describe as a moderate opposition, involve the killing of innocent civilians by this “moderate opposition” in the cities of Aleppo and Damascus by random shelling of civilian neighborhoods. For example, on April 26th, 2014, the number of civilian casualties in Aleppo rose by 16 martyrs, most of them children, women, and the elderly. In addition the destruction of private property such as homes and cars, this “moderate opposition” is killing such innocents in front of the world’s eyes, all the while claiming to be fighting “terrorism.”

Russia was able to reach an agreement with the United States and other countries due to the pressure of public opinion in Western societies, which began to suffer from such terrorism, and sought international resolutions (resolutions 2253 and 2254) to resolve the Syrian crisis, allow terrorist organizations in Syria such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and other organizations associated with them, to be fought against, and prevent certain countries from financing or supporting terrorism with money and weapons. However, the current situation in Syria confirms that these decisions were not adhered to by the countries cooperating with the US alliance. Saudi Arabia and Turkey in particular have increased their support in terms of arms and funding, as is clearly evidenced by the Delegation of Riyadh’s remarks in Geneva when they pulled out of negotiations and announced that they would return to fighting. It turns out they have received new weapons including anti-aircraft, shoulder-fired missiles.

The truce agreed upon by the Security Council and various armed organizations was an opportunity for these organizations to mobilize their forces and increase the coordination of fighters. This is equivalent to allowing someone with an untreated disease to be rotated out for a period of time. The disease is only exacerbated, and any further stalling will only lead to larger problems in the Syrian and cosmic bodies. The suffering of the Syrian people and the world will not end until the Syrian body undergoes surgery and this malignant tumor is eradicated. Later, international institutions should be established which can criminalize anyone maintaining Wahhabi ideology and the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, as happened with the Nazis after the Second World War.

Russia and its allies among the region’s countries are today called upon to carry out a large-scale military operation involving the Syrian Army, Hezbollah, and other military forces from Iran, Russia, and other freedom-loving peoples of the world to eradicate terrorism from Syria. This is the only method that Takfiris understand, as they will always deceive and utilize truces as new opportunities to achieve gains. There is now the opportunity for the free world to stand with this alliance which is fighting against terrorism, and support it in order to achieve a decisive victory against terrorism in the Syrian arena. All the factors at play point to such a possible success and the achievement of such a decisive victory. Such a victory would be a clear message to all those who are still lighting different parts of the world on fire. The world has changed, and the United States is no longer the unipolar power. A multipolar world is emerging, and there can be no doubt that the decisive victory inevitably destined for Syria will form the foundational stone for a genuine multipolar world.