The year of Ethnicity in Pakistan 1971

Economic discrimination is the main factor to rise ultra-nationalism, when king maker perturb the equilibrium state goes to Chaos. And democracy is the only top dress on the soil of Pakistan for long term policy and peace in Pakistan. Pakistani federation can not be run through technocrat, autocrat and Muslim nationalism, but only democracy. 1971 was called the year of crisis or the year of ethnicity. Operation search light was started because Pakistani Napoleon “Gen Tekki Khan” ordered that we need land not people”. When Pakistani military start operation search light and bureaucracy neither externalize nor internalize state problems and a failed government of Autocrat. Ayub want an autocratic government, while Yahya believe on democracy although, he can’ot deliver.
It was the time of democratic power transition. They denial and cripple the people and parliament mandate. Although the escalation was started from declaring capital and imposition of Urdu on majority. And then the assassination of Soherwordi. It was the unique case in history where majority was demanding right from minority. Although Mujib was a Muslim leaguee and was running Pakistan campaign on bicycle. But when he demands right for his own people Holy Cow of Pakistan declare him as a traitor.
When military enter to Dakha University and murder 40 student in Rokeya Hall and most of them injured. While female of Dakha university was safe. The code “sent to Bangladesh” was made to kill him on the spot. And then they caught Mujib in his home “the elder bird is in cage while other is absent”. The mukhti bahni resistance increase day by day. To control the mukhti bakhni they made Alshamas and Albadar, but not succeeded.
This year if we recognize the ethnicity not use of violence and religious militia the fall of Dakha will not happened. Because the elected government and acceptance of people mandate was the need of time. Instead of religious nation building we goes to state building policy. For the solution of political problem Wali Khan and Ghoos Bazenjo was setting with Mujib to solve peacefully and democratically.  But because of policy conflict and power hungry junta  at 16 December 1971 became the fall of Dakha for us and liberation for Bengalis. 
Unfortunately where we stand todays and Bangladesh? On 14 August 1947, we thought that we found independence, Soverignity and freedom. But it has turned into client, rentier and slave state. Born as a soverign, democratic, independent and constational Country but today it’s neither independent, nor soverign, nor democratic and not a constational sate. Just a setalite of Petro-dollar, ill led, ill governed, ill secure and uncertain control by power hungry junta and a puppet installed government selected by Holy Cows.
Mr Jinnah founded Pakistan is gone and disappeared into Bangladesh and Pakistan. A Pakistan control by the power hungry Generals using solider as a political instrument for grabbing economic and political power. Neither want to fully Islamize nor secular but oscilate it between muslim nationalism and Islam.Where all the pillars of state became dyfunctional and sit the public between hope and fear.
And it’s the time for public to come out instead of finger use their feet, that Pakistan will be ruled by law nor by a single person or institute. We will be the citizen of republic will never prefer to some form of autocracy, in which one person will decide the future and destiny of 220 million people.The lines are drawn and the problems and issues are clear, because our faith is in our hand. That Pakistani demand rule of law, soverignity of parliament, independence of juduicary freedom of press and speech, ruthless accountability to end high level nepotisim . It is now and newer? Otherwise the present system is further on the steady of decomposition and decay like 1971.