Yemen madhabs union is resisting occupation


Within five years after Saudi intervention in Yemen, western propaganda about Riyadh allegedly helping “the legitimate Sunni government of Hadi” in fighting “Shia separatists”, has finally failed. Attempts of showing a tragedy in Yemen as a “religious struggle between tribes for power”, also collapsed. Nowadays an average man who is monitoring the situation in Yemen and ignoring liberal propaganda, can`t be surprised by the fact that Houthis have allies from among Sunnis not only in the north but even in the south. Aware of strong connections between them and inability to sever Zaydi-Sunni brotherhood, from the very beginning Saudis organized a sheer terror of sufi scholars and religious sanctuaries through takfirists.

As for Ansar Allah, they never had any difficulties with other madhabs representatives. It's enough to study political carrier and treatises of great martyr Hussein Badr-id-Din al Husi, especially those in which he draws inspiration from Imam Khomeini and calls for participation in party of Zaydi and Shafi`i. Western analysts also mention well-known fact that Sunnis are presented in Houthi party.

Since the early 1990s Houthi are aiming at rapprochement and unity of Islamic schools for consolidation of Yemen and to drive out colonists. Despite the efforts of the United States and its marionettes to destroy Houthi, the allies are being continually replenished with new members of Yemen`s political space, laying the ground for establishment the renewed independent state.