Yemen in War

The US views more military support to the Saudi coalition as a way to challenge Iran’s influence in the region.

 Yemen Appeals to EU to Stop Saudi Aggression

Yemen called on the EU to pressure Saudi Arabia into ending its deadly military intervention and inhumane blockade of their country.
The Foreign Minister of Yemen’s National Salvation Government corresponded with the EU foreign policy chief as well as the Maltese Foreign Minister who holds the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union.
He urged the bloc to condemn human rights violations in Yemen by the Riyadh regime and its allies.
He also called for an independent committee to investigate Saudi crimes in Yemen, the reopening of Sanaa International Airport, and payment of public sector workers by the former president.
The UN Security Council should support a peaceful political process in Yemen and oblige the Saudis to end its imposed war and lift the blockade on Yemen.
He urged the need for humanitarian aid through Hudaydah port, under control of the Houthi alliance that handles more than 70 percent of all food, medicine, oil products and humanitarian aid sent into northern Yemen.
The Saudi coalition threatened to attack the port city and retake it from the Houthis despite UN concerns and Russian warnings.
The US and UK have turned a blind eye to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and continues to supply masses of arms as well as military training to the Saudi coalition forces.
The war imposed by Saudi Arabia and its allies seeks to reinstate resigned former president Hadi and have killed over 12,000 Yemenis in little over 2 years.

An Estimated 100 Saudi Fighters Killed 

The Houthi alliance, consisting of the rump Yemeni army, Ansarullah and Popular Committees, supported by the vast majority of Yemenis and most tribes, announced that more than 100 fighters loyal to the Saudi coalition were killed and more than 20 vehicles destroyed in the last 7 days.
Snipers killed 3 fighters in the Asr front and another 3 were killed when their vehicle was destroyed in the Al Ezzah mountain in Saudi’s Jizan province.
Meanwhile, Houthi alliance artillery targeted positions in the Al Saq area, killing and injuring many, including a military commander in Shabwa province, eastern.
They also continued striking military targets in Saudi’s Asr and Jizan provinces.
In the Al Mutun area in northern Al-Jouf province, 4 Saudi coalition forces were killed in fierce clashes.
Meanwhile, the Saudi coalition air force continued heavy bombing on Sadah and Sanaa, killing at least 11 civilians.
Elsewhere, they carried out airstrikes against Kamaran Island off Yemen’s western al-Hudaydah coast line and also targeted the Razih and Harad districts, in the northern provinces of Sa’ada and Hajjah respectively.

War in Yemen a PR Disaster for the US and Saudi Arabia

The war in Yemen is a growing PR disaster for Saudi Arabia and the US, yet the US considers providing more military support for the Saudi coalition. 
It seems that the US is fixated in its efforts to make Saudi Arabia invest as much as possible in the US arms manufacturing economy at all costs.
A never-ending war in Yemen is obviously very profitable.
The US views more military support to the Saudi coalition as a way to challenge Iran’s influence in the region.