Zionist Aggression Against European Nations

We used to observe the Zionist policy on two main platforms: as the hidden power using its influence inside the governments and financial elites of the World main states, and as fully evident oppressive power terrorising whole the Near East region and realising genocide against Palestinian people.  But we should also notice one more way in which the Zionism aims to gain the lasting World domination. These are relationship between the occupational Zionist “state” in Palestine and smaller Eastern-European countries, as Poland, Hungary, Romania and also old nations, just emerging on independence, like e.g. Scots.

Poland/Polin/Judeopolonia – Land to be Stolen

All these nations have a long and very difficult history of co-existence with the Ashkenazi Jews (recognize as descendants of the Khazars), who for centuries have tried to use the same technics as now in Palestine to colonize the great areas between Elba and Dnieper River, and from the Baltic Sea to the Carpathian Mountains. As we know, immigrant from these lands coming in the 30’s and 40’s of the 20th Century began known processes providing to establishing the occupational Zionist “state” in Palestine. But for these leaders of terrorist colonization and exploitation of this new “Promised Land” – the Eastern Europe also remains a tasty morsel. Just because of its political weakness and geopolitical dependence mixed with existing economical potential, which can increase incomes of the Zionist Global Empire. If we want to hit this evil power effectively – we should act also in this region of the World to prevent all Zionist claims. Every billion-dollar earned by Zionists from Poles, Hungarians, Romanians and others less – that’s less to spend on new Zionist settlements on the Palestinian Land!
The Zionists demand billions of dollars from Poland as form of “damages and compensation for the lost property”, although that was although that was fruits of the Centuries long plunder, often ruined during the Second World War, and after that profitably sold or highly paid off by the communistic state. But these circumstances of course are completely not interesting for the Zionists, because they have powerful weapon against any European nation – the “holocaust” lie. Poland is now to pay for our contribution in preparing background of this giant sociotechnical manipulation, keeping, founding and maintaining objects known today as the alleged “death camps”. These old prisons for Polish, Russian prisoners and captives and even German opponents of Hitler – nowadays are symbols of the New Religion and New Finance Order of the World – the “Holocaust” Industry. And the wizards of this new rite decide who is only one victim, and who has to make sacrifices to these Zionist demons. 
As we all know – almost all the Eastern Europe (apart from Belarus and of course Russia) is under American (what means – Zionist) domination.
One by one all governments of these countries have agreed for all Zionist demands – except acceptance of one, probably the most important. They still have not taken full responsibility of their nations for so called “holocaust”. But otherwise– Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic (more or less enthusiastic…) support all main directions of American global Policy, all wars in the Middle East, all aggressions against Islam states and nations – although earlier we had been friends and co-workers for decades. Because of such a policy – governments and elites felt safe and comfortable, thinking that what they already had paid to the Zionist – it is a sufficient price of the colonial status. That was deadly serious mistake – and we found in just in last few weeks on Polish example.
Believing (truly or not) in “friendship whit the USA and Israel”, Polish government and society were completely confused when whole Zionist mass media, American Department of the State and Benyamin Netanyahu himself suddenly attacked Poland in last days of January demanding from Poland immediate withdrawal of new law bill, providing penalties for charging Poland with the blame for the “holocaust”. What is the “holocaust” and who is guilty for that – only Zionists can decide, and whole World must to understand and follow that only “Truth”! Every analytics agree that Polish elites would be more surprised by Martian invasion: “How is it possible?! We do everything what Zionists order, we pay money […stolen from pockets of ordinary Poles…], we give away properties they want us to give […belonging to ordinary Poles…], we support any villainy – and should an acknowledgement look like this?!” Well, yes. This is typical Zionist acknowledgements and gratitude. 
In the same way Zionists say “Thank you” to Palestinians, after receiving a guest appearance, when came to Palestine as beggars. That was and still is very important lesson for every not only European nation what must happened when we let Zionism in. For Warsaw and any European capital, that is also one more serious information. Even “our” extremely pro-American government did not support absurd and criminal Donald Trump’s decision about Jerusalem – and last Zionist activity is also kind of punishment for this disobedience. Of course – humble “leaders” of our weak states immediately understand what they prefer to understand and… announce changing new law for dictation of foreign power! But aggression is continued, because the consequences for Poland have to be both: expensive and humiliating. That is the last evidence that Palestine is not only one country occupied by Zionists, so if we want to liberate ourselves – we have to fight together!

Hand in hand. Zionist and Imperialist Pression on Scotland

As we can see - Zionism will be able to be both a rat, a fox, and a poisonous snake against smaller nations, acting in solidarity with its tried allies - American and British imperialism. And together with them must be defeated. 
Jewish society in Scotland introduces itself as rather young, just 200 hundred years old and small – like everywhere, where they don’t want to arouse vigilance. And they have reasons for that – because there is no historical, nor contemporary possibility to use the favourite weapon of the Zionist - “anti-Semitism” – against Scottish people. But on the other hand, the Zionist circles know, that all main political and social powers in Scotland, local authorities, students and universities, and most Scots stand firmly in the post of the Free Palestine, and against Israeli terror. That clear statement makes the Zionist act with specific caution – but equally definitely against case of Scottish independence.
I hope we all know pictures with Palestinian and Scottish flag waving together above the Glasgow City Chambers, over West Dumbartonshire Council building and of course on the Celtic Park, stadium of our pride, the one and only Celtic Glasgow. That’s not only examples of our friendship with Palestine, not only between some festivals. That’s straight line of Scottish support, consistent, unambiguous and cross-party. But nation of the Braveheart, William Wallace well knows, that we are to fight for freedom, we must bleed for that. And Scots take part in this part, as it is possible for them. 
In 2013 r. main religious congregation, the Church of Scotland published report to mark 95th anniversary of the infamous 1917 Balfour’s Declaration, titled "The Inheritance of Abraham: A Report on the 'Promised' Land”, where clearly opposed conceptions of so called “Christian Zionists” and criticized any attempt to use “religious” argumentation to justify the Zionist occupation of Palestine. The Church authorities were hard attacked by the Zionists and their co-workers from whole Britain, including their official representation in Scotland - Scottish Council of Jewish Communities and the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council. Pression was so strong, that in 2017, in the centenary of the Declaration new document of the Church stated although that “Christian theology should not be used to justify or perpetuate a situation of injustice” and that “we must also acknowledge and reflect upon the role that the Declaration played in denying the Palestinian people their rights. There are well-founded fears, stories of profound loss and pain” – but in general this new statement has been significantly mitigated, holding the position of the “two-states” solution for Palestinian crisis. But even that has not satisfied the Zionists, who in practice froze relations with the Scottish religious organizations.  
This is only one, small example how the Zionist use their propaganda instruments against any symptoms of criticism. We should also remember, that British conservatives from more than century are trusted friends and servants of the Zionism, so in Scotland they have common enemy – case of independence of both countries – Scotland and Palestine. I am nearly sure, that in any other European country boycott of Israel is not so consistent, as in Scotland. Our friends tracking not only “Israeli” products in markets, protest and block any attempt to make deals with “Israeli” companies, block the Zionist propaganda in our universities and academies, and even during the famous Edinburgh Festival – what was quite successful in 2016, but in 2017 pression again – was much stronger. Two very active lobbies - the Confederation of Friends of Israel Scotland (COFIS) and StandWithUs organise in August 2017 a series of lying events presenting “happy coexistence of nations and religions in Israel” – and this time some establishment politicians, including leaders of Scottish Labour accepted invitations, showing themselves with the Zionists. That shows how weak and superficial is anti-Zionism of the main stream powers, always afraid of “anti-Semitism” accusation. 
Much stronger is the ordinary people voice, e.g. in form of The BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement. The consumer boycott of “Israel” plays an important role in stimulating the awareness and sensitivity of Western societies to the Palestinian issue.
We can be delight seeing weekly demonstrations in the centre of Glasgow, outside branches of the Waitrose and Marks & Spencer chains, calling upon shoppers to boycott them until they stop selling “Israeli” products, or when in Edinburgh, pro-Palestinian campaigners have lobbied the city council not to hire French utility company Veolia, due to its work on the Jerusalem light rail system etc. Even the “Israeli” Embassy in London agrees that the BDS actions in the whole UK – there are “worst in Scotland”. However, it cannot bring calming down: “I did not buy oranges from "Israel" and that's all I can do”. The economic pressure on “Israel” must be much stronger, and especially on matters with high priority to Tel Aviv's policies, like defence and financial services. Previous First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond strongly hold the position, that independent Scotland would never accept any trade or political treaty with “Israel” and never let for any military commercial cooperation with this Zionist creation. But result of this statement was, that in 2014, during Independence Referendum campaign – Scottish Jews in general followed the Zionist propaganda, that free Scotland could “makes life harder for Jewish community”, and subliminal – of course that Scottish nationalists are “worse than Nazis”. If that humbug helped – we’ll never be sure, the same as we will never know the real results of this referendum. But what we now – is that under the rule of the British Tories – the Zionists raise their heads. Present First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon felt compelled to meet with delegation of the Israel Engagement Society (IES) from the Edinburgh University to hear complaints against Solidarity with Palestine campaign. As we know, another independence referendum is to be hold in 2019, and the Zionists also understand how dangerous its results for their business and case in the British Islands could be. 
The more so because we also have successes. Despite the huge pressure, after Procurator Fiscal accuses activists of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign of “racism” and aggravated trespass for a protest against “Israeli” company Jericho Cosmetics, and after three years long trial – the e Glasgow Sheriff Court in July 2017 ruled: “opposing Zionism is not racism”. And that is clear line of precedents in Scotland. Of course, for all us here it’s not a great discovery. But for people in line, burning “Israeli” flags and actively opposing Zionist propaganda in Scotland – that’s really important.
As we can see – history, present and future of Poland, Scotland, whole Europe in general and Palestine - are intertwined and crossed. Palestine was British colony – Scotland still remains that, Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe has become marginal colony of the USA.  We have the same enemies, because they also know, that independent Scotland, and either liberated Europe and the whole Eurasia would be strong support for our Palestinian friends. They hate us – because they are afraid what we believe and what we represent: The Truth.