Russia needs Novorossiya


Russia needs Novorossiya and Malorossiya - at least the part of Malorossiya that is east of the Dnepr river. These parts are not "ukrainian", they never were and they never will be!

(In)Subordination and Global Context


In your books “La Insubordinación Fundante” (“The Founding Rebellion”) and “Insubordinación y Desarrollo” (“Rebellion and Development”), you claim that rebellion is what causes the development and success of nations.

Brexit – A Particular Perspective


The recent surge in particular sentiments, anti-globailsm and authenticity politics betrays a longing for a politcal rapproachment between reality and representation or the way we think and the way we speak.

On Catalonian issue


 Following the October 1st referendum on Catalonia's independence, the announcement was made that the Catalan parliament would begin the process of secession from Spain on October 9th.